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Rank Me From Most Attractive to Least Attractive (Amalia) | Lineup | Cut

– I would say a five. – Whoa!
– No! – Oh my god!
– I’m sorry. – A five?
– A six. – Oh don’t change it you gave me a five. It’s fine, it’s fine. (laughs)
– No wait, wait, wait, no. (screaming) – My name is Amalia. I’m a computer programmer – [Crew] Do you find yourself attractive? – I am not a dumpster fire so I think that overall,
I’m okay with what I got. Are you choosing a boyfriend
for me or something? – [Crew] Today you’re going
to rate how attractive people are on a scale from one to ten. – (sighs) Oh my god. This is going to be such
an awkward video. (laughs) Okay fine let’s just
already fucking do this I’m already here. – I’m Parker.
– I’m Amalia. I like your tattoos.
– Thank you. – Yeah I like that you have dark hair. I like facial hair, for sure. If I was at a bar I would
consider you as like you know a good best frat like the buddy and stuff like that.
– Oh dude I’m friend zoned. – No. (laughs) A five. – Okay.
– I’m sorry. You’re so nice Parker. – It’s okay, my mom says I’m a 10 any day.
– Yeah exactly! What is going on? – Hey I’m Karsten.
– I’m Amalia. – Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you too. At a first appearance, remember looks aren’t everything. You might not be my type
and that’s totally fine, and I’m not probably your type. – Why not? – Cause I’m crazy. But like a four. – Okay.
– You seem nice. – I haven’t said anything. (laughs) – Oh. Hey. – I’m Jade.
– I think you’re gorgeous! – Thank you.
– I would be super intimidated if you were at bar. An eight. – Thank you.
– Yeah. – Pleasure to meet you. (sighs) – Hello
– Hey how’s it going? – I’m Amalia.
– Amalia. Eric. – Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. – You look cool. Like you’re not my full type. – Not your type, okay.
– Yeah, not my type. – Understandable. – Five. – [Crew] Ask him if he
finds you attractive. – Oh god, do you find me attractive? – You’re an attractive person.
(yells) – Thank you. Okay that’s great. Thank you for your time.
– Alright. Do do do do. (crew laughing) (coughs) – [Woman] Are you allergic to me? – Oh no, it’s just.
(laughs) – Hello
– Hi. – Hi, I’m Lydia.
– I’m Amalia. Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. – Do you model? – No.
– You don’t? – I don’t.
– Okay, I just assumed. – That’s really exciting
that you would think that. – Yeah, just go take it with it. Like a seven and half. 7.8. Can I do a 7.5? I’m sorry fuck. I feel like a fucking
douche canoe right now. What’s up?
– Not much, how are you? – Good. I’m Amalia.
– I’m Brayden. – You’re tall! And I like that you have facial hair. You should, if you had like. – I can’t grow that.
– Why? – This is like literally all I can grow. If I could do a full beard, we’d be. I would be just riding your
face off into the sunset. I’m just kidding.
– Tight. – I would say a five. – Whoa!
– No. (screaming) – Oh my god.
– I’m sorry. (screaming) – A five?
– Wait it’s just I. – You’re like I love the height, your black hair.
– Six! – Oh don’t change it, you gave me a five. It’s fine, it’s fine.
– No wait, wait, wait, no. Oh no.
(laughs) This is literally I have this in my fucking – [Crew] You’re doing great. – How’s it going?
– Good, I’m Amalia. – Hi I’m Biore.
– You’re beautiful. – Thank you!
– Look at her fucking teeth. Did you have braces? – Yes I did. (laughs)
– Yeah. Like when you came in,
you were like bouncing and I’d be like I wanna
kick it with that chick. – Thanks.
– So because of all that like an eight.
– Oh. Whew she feeling good she’s
going to get a big head. Yay! – I’m like so stressed. Oh my god I can’t do this right now. I’m Amalia – I’m Kenneth.
– Nice to meet you. Oh you have a deep voice too, oh fuck. You seem to have done
very well for yourself. I would oh my god.
(sighs) No, no, don’t look at me like I.
– I just wanna. (laughs loudly) I think you’re very
attractive but I don’t want to give you a 10 cause no
like only God deserves 10. – Alright.
– I guess. I don’t know. – I don’t want a 10.
– Like a nine. (sobbing) Can you leave me alone? (laughs) Did you see him? Yeah. – Hi.
– I’m Amalia. – Da-Hey, nice to meet you. – I think you’re beautiful.
I mean do I prefer. Yeah, that. Yeah.
(laughs) I would say she’s like a seven. Can I just be straight up? You took off your glasses
and then just sort of like put on like tight ass shit, I would be like she knows what’s up. Like that bitch, fuck that bitch. – We all got our styles
– Yeah. – You got yours.
– Yeah I got my style. I actually wore this.
This is my nightgown. I literally woke up.
(laughs) and just put on jeans and I
was like excellent let’s go. – [Crew] So a seven? – Yeah a seven.
– Seven. – Hi I’m Pete.
– I’m Amalia. – Amalia, nice to meet you.
– You have beautiful eyes. Fuck, you know people
would probably put like you know use contacts to
have that shade of blue. – Oh.
– Maybe if you didn’t (laughs)
dress in the way. – With like style or?
– Perhaps, yeah. – Like less style?
– More style. – I’d say this is pretty stylish. – Yeah. Some would say. – Yeah.
– You would say. Six.
(intense music) – [Crew] How was that? – I didn’t like it like at all. I didn’t like it. – [Crew] We’re going to make it worse. We’re going to bring everybody in, and then you have to rank
them one through ten. – Are you, you, no!
(yelling) – [Crew] You ready? (shoes clapping)
(screaming) – I’m having like
fucking stress right now. – [Crew] Now I want you to
rank them in the order of – What did I do in a past life? – [Crew] Who you want to make out with. – Well obviously man at the end. – [Crew] Who’s nine? – Go over there.
(coughs) To be straight up, you seem spicy as fuck I’m so sorry you look like you’re having a good time (laughs)
you know like people reserve. Do you take slaps in the face? Probably not.
– No. Don’t touch me.
– Well like okay. (laughs)
– Yeah. Down to clown. – [Crew] That’s the order
you would make out with them? – Yeah, I’m just going to
leave it just as it is. I think everyone’s a beautiful person and like appearances are just appearances. – [Crew] I have one last
thing I want you to do. – What?
– [Crew] I want you to put yourself in this line.
– Oh you piece of shit. I think.
– There’s a space right here. – Yeah.
(laughing) – Right here. I deserve that. I would say, I don’t know. I don’t know, just here fuck it. – [Crew] How was that? – It was one of the most uncomfortable experiences I’ve had, in a very long time and I’ve done like really weird shit. (clapping) – Can I give everybody like a group hug? I’m so sorry. Oh I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry. (everyone talking)

Cesar Sullivan

100 thoughts on “Rank Me From Most Attractive to Least Attractive (Amalia) | Lineup | Cut

  1. Someone actually shut her the fuck up, holy shit she seems like the most thot like, jealous, female cuck ive ever seen

  2. Yoooo yellow shirt was so mad (you got a bowl cut what'd you expect from life you look like a child molester) And miss pretty with the short hair said "I'm gud" to the group hug.

  3. I feel so bad for her because I also get loud and vulgar when I'm nervous, and I can feel the discomfort deep in my soul

  4. I think she is such like a bitch and curses to to much and is very jealous and kinda mean the lady judging

  5. My opinion: (even though no one asked)
    person 1: 7.5
    Person 2: 7
    Person 3: 10000
    Person 4: 7
    Person 5: 8.5
    Person 6: 9
    Person 7: 9
    Person 8: 7.5
    Person 9: 10
    Person 10: 4.5
    Amalia: 6.5

  6. She's the kinda girl who doesn't know what "hooking up" stands for and keeps calling you the day after hahahahaha

  7. The rates were on thing but I can’t believe where she put herself on there smh that girl in the olive was by far the most attractive. She had to boost her confidence up by sliding infront of her

  8. To be honest, yes, Amalia is really loud and her voice is high. But I don't see why everyone has to bash her voice and personality. She was clearly trying to be nice to them. Like, why watch the video if you are just here to talk trash about her in the comments?

  9. The girl who was ranking everyone was ugly, annoying, disrespectful and overall just had a shitty personality. If I had been the one ranking I would have put her the lowest of them all. I do not find her body attractive nor her facial features as they straight up looked scrunched up (not symmetrical). This is just my opinion but I would date any other one of the lady’s before this cow.

  10. yoo she’s out here thinking she attractive but she’s rlly out here wearing her pyjama slip w jeans and flip flops and unbrushed hair,,, girl get a wash

  11. honestly all of them were beautiful in their own way & they weren’t bad looking. so when she was getting them bad ratings i was like .. what ?

  12. What you guys don't get is it seems like she had a panic attack and was super nervous, and asthma, she had to use the inhaler.

  13. Everyone is so fucking mean in this comment section. She was so nice to them and apologized so much for giving her honest opinion. What the fuck did y’all think was gonna happen? It’s a video of people rating attractiveness, the whole point is to give your personal opinion, and you can tell she felt bad about it!! Everyone was so nice on Karlos’ video about him being honest, but when Amalia does the same shit and apologizes profusely for it you guys say she’s rude and annoying. She’s not annoying, I think she’s adorable. You guys really need to stop being bias, because there’s really no reason to hate on her.

  14. 3:09 okay see this scenes funny I can see why its the intro to the video and it makes her seem fun and childish but when shes like this screaming throughout the entire video it just seems a liiiiiittle much

  15. The f*** is she wearing? Slippers, jeans and a nightgown in her pants… I Guess she was still sleeping while putting on clothes

  16. “There’s a space right here”
    Her, slowly walks there: “I dEseRvE tHaAt”
    Then goes to the most attractive end: “I would say idk idk idk just here”

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