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Ray Elbe Talks Penile Fracture

to i_d_ sports we are incredibly
fortunate to be joined by ray albee ka literally skyping from malaysia i think
these are uh… renee there has been allot of columns in articles that have been put
out do you need it without a youtube video about this corrective surgery that you suffered basically it was a
penal fracture many are saying that u uh… roll to your penis and there are
many people that are making uh… jokes about it and you know why i
think about it but uh… i mean can you can you sort of tell us and what
happened and what’s been going on with you since the injuries retinoic it’s been a the ruler experience tomorrow’s bangsar
that really is like when a lottery get struck by lightning went to the
doctor and unfortunately there’s still a there’s
still small general size terror and uh… urinary tract so the reality
of it is you know i’m gonna wake up christmas
morning the capital support okay so it’s ok along to the had the catheter
and as of right now uh… the owners december third the artistic director web pages you know at his seagram’s allot tricare yeah so irritant contracted aids for me is the opposite
and i count how many days into the market is accounting when i can be he’ll begin his story that you told through your
used to danielle uh… surrounded horrific uh… and uh… i mean we are
were hoping for the best for you i know a lot of people are a lot of people to
express their it’s off the twitter at their face book i mean what what does
that mean for you last night i received your email amin americans say
the guy’s name is the email was exactly why a republic about s and he was
embarrassed about it just like i was in which the doctor just like i did but unfortunately the doctor but he’s exaggerating about pain that exit add reading about the amount
of blood that there was and his misdiagnosed wasn’t treated
properly self-abuse for several years was unable to read repair the
relationship with the girl that he was with the time ever having to go through the entire
process again to have additional scar tissue removed because it was a treaty at the end for
the day absorbed or terrible fucking tired percent of the doctor’s office obstructed courageous understand it’s funny flock to unite with that i know it’s funny but those in simi emails that you guys help me with the financial
cost those you guys does he doesn’t care you know if you have to have a little
bit of humanity you would never wish this accident on anybody ray how in the company will
help you it held in the early uh… adam and i a i’m not bacon anybody
financially guess this is this is put me study back curly people bentsen in pay
pal singh etc reshape the guys are going to have a spare some cash i’m not making any money off of this
story i can guarantee that what i’m trying to do is bogus charlette my wife
now puyallup you have tried to get back in practice and try to make sure i could
have kids i’m jenn without yum apprentice might ditch break uh… she ate you’d be doing cross your
legs would you read this fucking story when you watch this video some litigation rained out doctor says i got another six weeks as
should make a full recovery that i keep a blogger picky but a blog you can’t you can get a little bit of a
sense of humor whatever here i have i’m very familiar open about what that could
read dot com people to reach that fall that you know i i i try to reply to most
workers are i’m a real person you go with the real face to the real
family there were several future that once they have kids like is definitely a pocket funds to the stomach contents count of
china’s stand up leads a wildly behind me will really look we know really
appreciate you manali coming on our airwaves becoming on other people’s airwaves and being so openly courageous about your story
because a lot of people when they work in the near they don’t
like the way their nose looks at their yearly works and they don’t even want to
talk about that but what you’re doing with this is certainly the most courageous stuff
i’ve cc’d because it’s uh… obviously a lot of people would
not be so forward with it and they would try to hide it as best as
possible they may not even tell their mom there shouldn’t be eliminate elder
significant other uh… the situation was like years but it isn’t courageous stuff man were
really really rooting for you and we hope that you get better soon it correctly stated like i said a action ish it’s funny you know that’s our
hanging out my buddies at a california i’m sure these days can you give me a
better kal cannabis kharab sure web others could be upset about iraq
confirms that the public threads the bed what session side by how i got this card
because i don’t have the fourth mcdonalds a fuckin the igloos flat right round which it is not
floating unity them it then plug your email
wal-mart and working people get in touch with you uh… enough magical rose along arm-in-arm

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60 thoughts on “Ray Elbe Talks Penile Fracture

  1. Wow, the amount of respect that I have for this man is unlimited. As an 18-year-old girl who has had sudden illness dropped like a bomb upon her life in much the same way, (but obviously a different problem!), as what's happened to Ray, my heart breaks for him. He's seeing all of his dreams go on the line right now, and there's nothing more terrifying than that.
    He's more of a man than any of the macho-alpha males who laugh at this. He's responded in the most honorable & brave way imaginable.

  2. But, what's the big deal really? He got an injury like millions of other people do every day, and suddenly he's on every media outlet, time to move on, 8000 children die every day because they don't have enough water and food.

  3. this is hard to watch, the physical pain makes me cringe, and the emotional pain is heavy, and yeah this funny, when ever you hear a guy got a groin injury, the 4th grader in all of us kinda go "huh huh, he said groin" but this is a penis injury… and its bad. get your club card, laugh it off, stay strong, stay hung, don't push your recovery. I hope you get better soon. Everybody give him a "ZIGGY ZAGGY ZIGGY ZAGGY OY OY OY!"

  4. hope hes gonna be ok. i cant even imagine how bad it would hurt to break your dick.
    -prayers and respect for you

  5. Crying about his healing process. Jesus fuck man shut up you'll get better, pay your debt, welcome to earth, you're a real person who can adopt and who broke his pee pee. Stop crying like a girl you broke dick drama baby. Its called people have it worse than you but we dont cry as sissy boys you weak ass!

  6. Crying about a fixable dick and a healing process and fixable things. Stop the sissy tears you're a MAN. Stop crying you're being pathetic.i see you never dealt with trauma, weakling?

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