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Reaction To BLACKPINK 블랙핑크- Kill This Love MV *Making Film

hey what's going on everybody it's your boy Jonah Joseph and I'm back at it again in another way you feel me today yeah we're checking out a behind the scenes of kill this love by black pink really hype – check this out man like I have so many questions about this video especially like that giant bear trap like was it real today really construct a freaking bear trap like was it like made out of something like I'm really trying to figure this out also that don't play cereal wall whatever collection they had the beginning – that was cool and I'm trying to figure out if like all this stuff actually happened or if it was all CG guy in the doodoo video like it proved that pretty much none of it was frickin CGI and I'm honestly like a loss because I'm like girl like why are the wise and wise are so much money in Italian behinds girls like this is incredible bro like to produce a video that look like come on man like it takes a lot of work and it's crazy but like they really are doing this like I'm not gonna lie to you guys I really thought it was all like evolution like I'm not really that was all CGI like all that was like green screen in and after-effects that you know I'm saying like that's all they did it but bro they really be building these sets let's get into it no one is Vance Saturdays for ladies don't forget to like subscribe don't forget to follow the channel man I don't get to share with a friend let them know man they might need a dose of me – you feel me let's go baby bro that that really is the best partner song burly the chorus bro oh my god they get the camera up and then a pans back down then it goes a little bit so come on so I think it's back and then it's full word and it's like what the user serious who are you to make who made this and then heart okay honestly doesn't the way is bright too hard a lot of you but it looks crazy bro there's not a bunch of people on set it's incredible wait who's making this magic where is the studio they just have a studio just for all these I got a bunch of giant rooms in it like that I'm so lost what [Applause] yay [Applause] that was real why don't you put this much working the videos bro like like it's like watching them now I have like such a high standard when I like watch other people's videos like they would be spinning no time on these videos we're like this right here there's a lot of work bro like the director I actually had it bingo they even made that was amazing red so brilliant thank you guys so much for tuning in yeah thank you guys so much for recommending the behind the scenes content with them I love them so much you know thanks man thank you guys so much I got yeah I can I can mean so much it really does like it means a lot when someone like wants to push you on with music you never even like it means a lot what someone wants to share something with you so thank you guys so much for reaching out of your shells and like commenting so much like you guys are really enjoying it and thank you guys so much honestly like these videos bro like I've never had watched on before like these videos like when I post these black King videos you guys go crazy okay you actually watch the whole video man it's kind of crazy to me honestly like a lot of them you guys really don't really pay interest you like some of them like you guys are more interested in others but just thank you guys like if you guys make it through the whole video if you made it through the whole video if you're still watching right now comment kill this love Joe no Joseph okay the first person to comment that go ahead and drop you cash out for your PayPal I got you alright

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22 thoughts on “Reaction To BLACKPINK 블랙핑크- Kill This Love MV *Making Film

  1. I got to unusual reaction request for you to do they have to do with two mash ups I think you’ll enjoy them they are really good . They both have to do with BLACKPINK and BTS .be prepared to possibly cry when you watch the first one. 1. BLACKPINK & BTS – Hope Not / The Truth untold Mashup made by : jyeoms 2. BLACKPINK & BTS – DDU DU DDU DU / Fake love made by jyeoms you should really check these out I think you’ll be definitely surprised

  2. watch these for the bts music videos too! its really insightful! make sure you search 'eng sub' with it tho.

  3. Korea has some of the stop MV director and studios in the world right now. This video is actually typical of YG groups.

  4. Which girl group has explosion behind them and they have to continue dancing & wire down onto two giant swans from great height. These girls are freaking brave.

  5. KillThisLove JoeNoJoseph! Love your reactions! If someone told Ariana Grande that she was going to get covered in dust and debris when an explosion goes off right behind her she'd be like "EXCUSE ME?"

  6. They're rich. I mean rich rich. 😂😂 their youtube channel alone can pay the expense of their music videos i guess.

  7. Please react to Jennie’s and Lisa’s rap compilations by STARXY Production for English raps, raps from covers, and Jennie’s predebut raps

  8. great video you should react to Blackpink: Journey and Friendship

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