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Relieving the Strain and Pain of ‘Tech Neck’

Are your kids suffering from ‘tech neck’? Could be
quite painful, and we have some suggestions from the experts at The
Joint Chiropractic. And what you need to know on how to protect and treat your
kids from so called ‘tech neck’. We’ll explain. More and more kids are
developing severe neck pain caused by looking down on screens for too long. The
experts call this ‘tech neck’, whether it’s that, carrying backpacks, pain can be quite
troublesome. So Dr. Halina Krupa from The Joint Chiropractic joining us now with
some information and some tips on avoiding some of these issues. So ‘tech neck’
it it’s not surprising that this is an issue, what is kind of surprising me is
that younger patients are experiencing this. So what is causing this ‘tech neck’?
Well what is causing ‘tech neck’ is the repetitive stress that we put on our
spine by handling our devices. Okay so what are some of the things that you
guys are seeing at The Joint Chiropractic in terms of injuries or
complaints that people have because we may be suffering out there and not know
that this is the cause of it. Exactly so we’re seeing neck pain, upper back pain,
even headaches, sometimes. Really? Wow okay. So what should we be doing? You brought
your smartphone in to kind of indicate what we should be doing to avoid it,
because obviously these cellphones aren’t going anywhere. They’re going to
be a part of a permanent fixture of our lives. So what can we be doing to avoid
this? So one of the things that we can do with our phones is that we can pay
attention to our posture. Posture is really important so that we don’t strain
our neck when we’re on our devices. So what do we tend to do, we tend to go and
text with our thumbs and look down. Right. And we flex our neck forward, so. Wow, okay.
Right because we’re looking down and we’re texting. So that flexed position
causes us to have extra 50 pounds of pressure on the muscles in the back of
our neck. Wow. And so that’s ultimately what causes the
pain and the strain on the muscles and the ligaments. Okay. So what we want to do
which is most of us you know have to develop this new habit, is to pick up our
phone to just below eye level. Just below eye level. And text with our index finger.
Why didn’t what is what is the difference between using the thumb and the
index finger? Well, it’s easier to to hold it this way and also it forces you to
bring the phone up. Okay. Okay, and you know there’s strain and the arms as well
when we’re using our devices. Right, okay. So bring it up a little bit.
You’ve also brought a backpack in because one of the other things, and
we’ve known about this for a number of years, is that maybe putting too much
weight or maybe not the right backpack can cause back pain. In children, yes this
is one of my favorite topics because I have two young children, and so I’m
always advocating for a backpack safety. Okay. So there are three things that you
want to look for in a backpack so that it is safer for your child.
Because it distributes the weight more evenly in their delicate and still
developing spine. So what are those things that we should be looking for? So what
we want to have in a backpack is wide straps. Wide straps. Wide straps, and we
want to have adjustable straps. Okay. Because some kids are taller, you know,
some of our little ones are shorter. We want a strap that would come around the
waistline. Okay. To support the weight. Okay. And one of
the things that you want to remember is to weigh your child and the backpack
should not weigh more than 10 to 15 percent of their body weight. Okay 10 to
15 percent of their body weight, okay. So loading up that backpack be very
mindful of what you’re putting in there. So I know my daughter she’s got now
folders, she’s got notebooks, her lunch all of this stuff that goes in there, and
then a water bottle that can add a lot of weight to it. Absolutely, and what also
helps is having compartments, little pockets all over the backpack to
distribute the weight. Okay now before we run out of time, doctor, I want to get
this in because I’ve used The Joint Chiropractic before I had great service
there. If we find ourselves in need of your service, we got the ‘tech neck’, we’ve thrown our back out for some reason, r backpacks, how do we set up an
appointment? Can we just walk into you guys? Can we can we give you a call?
You can absolutely give us a call but we are on, we work on a walk-in basis. So you
can just stop by one of our clinics and we’ll be happy to okay take care. Okay,
they do guys, I can advocate for this I went to the Westside one right near the
Sprouts, great staff there, took care of my problem.
Great stuff and the rates are very reasonable – I got to say I absolutely
loved coming to you guys. If you guys want more information on The Joint
Chiropractic and you want to revisit some of these things to avoid a bad
backpack and bad ‘tech neck’ head over to

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