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Rhian gets injured while escaping | The General’s Daughter (With Eng Subs)

Sir, were you the one
hiding Rhian Bonifacio? Sir, did you have contact
with Lieutenant Bonifacio when she was spying
in the military? General De Leon, is it true Rhian Bonifacio
is your daughter? How long have you been
hiding the truth? Excuse me. We will release
an official statement regarding your questions. Thank you. Sir! Thank you. Sir. How did this happen? Our daughter, Arabella,
is alive. Tiago took her
when she was a kid. He trained her to be a spy
and used her against me. But, sir… You still went against
the protocol. You’ll be subject to military
discipline, law, and order. According to the information
we have gathered, Rhian Bonifacio has escaped with the help of
General Marcial de Leon. The military are still looking
for Bonifacio amidst the– Nanay, let’s find Rhian
and save her. I want to find her, Elai,
but I don’t know where she is. Rhian’s not picking up. Why is this happening to us? I thought our family
will finally be complete. Corazon, maybe this is God’s will. We’re in the right
so we have nothing to fear. The truth will
come out eventually and everyone will say they sent
the wrong person to jail. But we can’t just stand by
while my family’s in danger. Isabelle, please let me know
if Rhian contacts you. Of course. I need to find my daughter. Excuse me, miss. Hold it right there! What is it, sir? Aren’t you… You are– Who was that?!
What happened?! In other news, Gen. Marcial
de Leon defended himself after harboring Rhian Bonifacio. If the AFP proves that
he was helping the fugitive, he will be court-martialed
and detained in the camp.

Cesar Sullivan

71 thoughts on “Rhian gets injured while escaping | The General’s Daughter (With Eng Subs)

  1. Mawawala muna sa The General's Daughter si General De Leon kasi babalik sa Kadenang Ginto.

    Kaya madedemote muna sya!

  2. Rhian mag darna kna kc..para mahuli mo na si tiago at mga kasama nya! sigaw na darna bilis!

  3. kaway kaway sa mga ndi namn nanonood s TV pero nakaabang ka s youtube episodes🀣

    Hug to hugs na din tau😘

  4. Ethan now alam muna please lawakan mo kukuti mo tolongan mo nmn si marcial. Linisin pangalan ni rhian

  5. Sana bumaliktad na c Franco para may kakampi na si RhianπŸ™ang gagaling nilang lahatπŸ’–πŸ‘

  6. Ci jessie's nga ehh traydor darating din ang araw nah ci jessie at tiago mag kakampi …balhahahahahahha

  7. Ksalann ni dyosa ng mga ahas yan..kng hndi sya nag sombng ky maximillano hndi sna nhap si Arabella ng mga sna mlaman mo corazon si jc lng ang nakka alm kng saan si Arabella..just be minded

  8. Walang maka intindi sa lugar ng ISANG TUNAY NA MAGULANG lalo na sa isang director na utak sundalo..mas tinatawag pa ng tama ang PUMATAY NG TAO! Nasaan na ang PRINCIPYO sa panahon ngayon?? Kya maraming problema sa mundo dahil naging tama at normal na ang pumatay!

  9. Naku robert bumalik kana lang sa Kadinang ginto kasi inaabangan ka namin na bumalik dun..ay naku rhian matigas ang ulo mo sana makulong kana lang hindi ka nakikinig sa magulang mo at pinapahamak mo pa sila….

  10. Rhian ang kahinaan ni Tiago at Amelia ay c Santy,gamitin mo rin yung bata para mapasuko mo cla,give them their own dose.

  11. Kalerky pamilya di pinag usapan ang gagawin at nagplano sana kaso tahimik lahat nag papataasan ng ego. Alam nman anak c rhian at ginamit lang ni tiago so di alam ni rhian na pamilya nya talaga pinapapatay sa kaniya. Asan yung considered nila yun.

  12. Ang galing tlga ni nilang lahat lav u all guys 😘😘😘😍😍😍❀️❀️❀️

  13. Nababaliw na aq d2 sa the generals daughter…ang gagaling ng mga cast d2 ang galing din ng pagka direct..i love u direct muah muah solid pa din aq rhian and martial haahaha galing tlga ni terso cruz bilang contrabida ang gagaling din ng mga bida..sana pahabain pa nila e2..kagaya ng probinsyano

  14. Hind nmn s gusto ko makulong c rhian.pero lgi n lng b gnyan n nghihide and seek xa?puwede bng mejo dgdagan niyo Ng new character development .she is lacking of mind tactics and no backup plan.lagi xa sugod Ng sugod.sana sumuko n lng muna hbng NASA selda,dun n xa mgiisip Ng plano.and alm ko n mas mkkktulong s knya at c Ethan.kya Sana Pati c Ethan,Merun bug change s storyline niya.mlamn niya Ng c Tiago pumatay s ama niya tas xa n tutulong k Rhian n palayain at secreto nilng mgplano at Paano mhuli c tiago.pero Sana xa nmn proprotekta k Rhian..Yung d nmin nkita n Ginawa niya ..

  15. Bakiy Hindi nlang hahayaan Ni rhian Ang mga military Ang haharap Kay Tiago?nadamay tuloy pamilya niya

  16. Ethan no need for you to remind Gen Marcial about his duty as an officer. How about his responsibility being a father to Rhian?

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