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Ron Artest Two And A Half Men Tweet

what was your mind that maglis rich
drama produce in the fine program wreck a doing o’beirne hollow bad so we’re doing this segment called a
twice fleet it’s very successful still to be made in response to it the tweets about fleets sometimes
they’re ridiculous sometimes i have no idea what they’re saying and then uh… some athletes like branded phillips of cincinnati reds
owner using them for good so logan more certain of the uh…
florida marlins he’s been that we’d like crazy was he had a many followers ias you have already has over twenty eight
thousand yet so he’s got a lot of followers he is
uh… lobo was that is a handle bobo marlins for wal-mart edit like
logan morrison life somebody got it but i think first place there is if you go solo mobile and ab he’s got the
president of the marlins david sampson for word berber word sentences that he’s not a dinosaur but
he’s not thrilled about all tweaks that the logan morrison is engaged in he says that it’s scary to me have told
logan people are waiting for him to make a mistake they’re going to beat him on
twitter to say something inappropriate many says that uh… moore said of
course can ever take that back gritty overall with picking stuff back on
twitter and then that’s it for that it takes an
entire career to build a reputation we want we to lose that reputation as long as he
understands that it’s fine respectful of that finish it doesn’t
matter whether understands it could still takes only one tweet to lose the
reputation but so lobo doesn’t seem to carry tweets
about the restaurants that are good or bad evening what was the restaurant in
number that we did about that was a now i a lease or some new york
restaurant and ashley said was horrible that serb like inter filter fish maryland crab cakes writers like it was like crab cakes and bank x the bad next um… at wharton says if you don’t want to
follow me don’t follow me between about sex body parts the miami heat humidity humidity
all-race cabins the phillies and the injury had that
sidelined as a police back like very well is the best player on the team just
everyday life you know just it’s just about everyday life and history it’s five so far been inspired the will
of course of action we say something stupid because he’s an athlete but it’s so anyway but so good for logan
more so i’m glad he’s tweeting he’s he’s not a typical athlete that’s good but
the plenty of athletes tweak tomorrow up stuff abut element we good things like brandon
phillips drive a fairly tight and for the green
bay packers missed a lot of time last year i’ve got a very nicely was that was
enough to say was tribal finley up sir to michael finley street is who’s coming
out to the donald driver softball game charity event it’s going to be a great
time hash tag you can get there right good alright good for us right off
and we do a good thing this is interesting regime and ready watson but need
assistance translating a chinese website and setting up an account related to our
red cross initiative please reach out to me if you can help guilty laugh leads asking for help
translating a chinese website good workers immigrate but then we get into the athletes be in
the athletes by although ron artest is a little funny uh… he’s got that one that says that’s what’s up with the picture this picture nato that ron are testicular place a
charlie sheen alongside ron john pryor and the kids two-and-a-half men with you
watch it if it was wrong or test over ashton kutcher wouldn’t watch showing a
billionaire of signature i don’t understand you know jiang close the show jenks thinks the show’s friggin magic i don’t understand but uh… that’s funny god bless roark
test notes we from ron artest damn your breath smells like teams and
cavities not a response anybody just on the ground artist art itself but you thought this was funny and i
think you’re right briar hopkins was for conception say everybody in philly tomorrow come of twelve o’clock at art museums that he
faces life in miami is honoring me there come support me so i’l f dot the e
income any left out the g_e_ an honor in honoring battering me how many i
characters that they have left their forty eight and forty eight characters
left but it couldn’t be bothered with that you are the jeep business markey’s daniels israel marquez daniels
is planned for that courting me is the only place for the
kinks anthony finished with the celtics asilomar he’s daniels i would be a
sacramento kings are and what’s his tweeter distribution out don’t mean you know
what you talking about past tag click believed that believe that make elites but i would not
a guy uh… we start weaving uh… said that the goes on alp towards page said spelled out like a hai anything milan italy they are to me and so so more details as got attached egg but
lead at www good stuff again finally the best
way i think speedy claxton former n_b_a_ player a speedy claxton whose uh…
handle is speed demon or a speedy set if someone is in hating on you that means
you make doing shit threat saturates the words to live by if someone eight hate non-u dot means
you ain’t doing shit those are that’s the rush limbaugh credo if people say your african more on that
means you must be sent something right it just means terrible

Cesar Sullivan

11 thoughts on “Ron Artest Two And A Half Men Tweet

  1. I get the feeling that Ben and Rick are not the best of friends………. but it makes it hilarious.

  2. "he will say something stupid because he is an athlete." The layers of irony here are staggering, since Ben (a) is not an athlete, (b) says stupid stuff in so many pieces that it is apparently in his job description, & (c) is doing commentary about Twitter – perhaps the only subject he knows less about than hockey. Total lack of self-awareness? Priceless! Holla atchaboy#troodatt!

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