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Saramona Said – Violent Soho

Cesar Sullivan

37 thoughts on “Saramona Said – Violent Soho

  1. Inedia is the best modern grunge band as of now. Violent Soho is the greatest pop grunge band that we have today. So far

  2. Ah, these are sad days where bands like this don't get any success. Bring back the nineties and Kurt Cobain and keep the good music alive.

  3. If anyone is interested in the lyrics to Violent Sohos new album "Hungry Ghost" send me a message here or my inbox! Mike sent me copy of the lyric sheet from the CD. Cheers!

  4. I bought on Itunes too. I messaged them on FB a few days ago and they replied to me today asking for my email. Hopefully, they will send the lyrics soon. I'll hit you up as well.

  5. I messaged them asking for lyrics on FB too and they answered me. They asked for my email, hopefully they will be sending them to me soon. If so, i'll hit you up.

  6. I've bought it on iTunes. No hope to find lyrics on iTunes. No hope to find the CD in Italian record shops.
    What a pity.

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