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School Bus Accident Attorneys Kennesaw Ga| WILLIAMS ELLEBY

Hi, I’m Chase Elleby, attorney here at Joel
Williams Law. I’m going to talk to you today about a situation we see pretty
frequently at the firm and that’s car wrecks involving County school buses. Now,
wrecks involving County school buses are not like your typical auto wrecks. The
number one reason that’s the case is because of the doctrine of sovereign
immunity. Essentially, what sovereign immunity
means is that individual citizens cannot sue the government unless the government
has chosen explicitly to waive their sovereign immunity. For public school
systems, that sovereign immunity is waived up to the extent that they choose
to purchase liability insurance to cover their school buses and their employees
who may cause wrecks. School districts aren’t required to purchase insurance
and some of them choose instead to be self insured or not to have insurance at
all. If a school district chooses not to purchase insurance, then they have not
agreed to waive sovereign immunity, which essentially means you cannot bring a
claim against that school district. Alternatively, school districts can
choose to be self-insured as opposed to purchasing insurance, which allows them
in some situations to make the argument that they have not waived sovereign
immunity. As you can tell, school bus wrecks can be very complex. That’s why
it’s important if you or a loved one have been injured by the negligence of a
school bus driver to give us a call here at Joel Williams Law at 404-389-1035.

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