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Sexual Assault: YouTubers That Have Been Accused

you guys stay weird cover the topic youtubers that have been accused of rape because if you haven't searched it yet there are actually quite a few this automatically mean these individuals are rapists of course not however they also might not be innocent who knows there's black Shane Dawson in some white girl trying to narrow the gap between races what a lovely gesture here we have someone asking what's all this about Shane Dawson raping a girl apparently Shane Dawson has been accused the prison says it's not true a combination of 4chan and hackers went on wiki pages YouTube channels Facebook pages and repeatedly spam this quote news oh the indecency of the Internet is it true Shane Dawson raped his cousin who saying they saw the screenshot of a video it's actually real there was a screenshot of the video before got taken down for underage I saw the video but I just couldn't watch okay so here's a clear accusation that Shane rapes his cousin here's the person saying Shane did not rape his cousin the same rumor happened in 2011 it's all the rumors started by people who have nothing better to do who are people supposed to believe anyone could type random shit into a keyboard let's move past Shane there's someone accusing PewDiePie of rape saying you raped three children six-year-old boy an 8 year old girl and a 10 year old boy pretty unlikely here's a post saying if you're still supporting v1i you were supporting rape and then they repeat themselves v1i apparently it's this dude his last post was 23 hours ago he says nights out with friends but I feel so lonely well I mean if you actually committed rape which I don't know if you did or not I'm sure you won't be as lonely in prison with someone else's penis in your body I'm just saying this person is saying are we forgetting the fact that is considered to be statutory rape but lol people quote make mistakes right oh when you have sex with an underage girl and it's illegal to do so right totally get it by definition that's a rapist not identical to what most people think of when they think of rape but from a legal standpoint you could be completely correct so I encourage you to take your evidence and go to the police unless of course you have no evidence in which case what are you doing apparently this accusation is so intense it deserved a BuzzFeed article woman accuses YouTube star Sam pepper of rape they're saying the woman never filed formal charges because she thought it was her fault just to be clear if you're raped it's never your fault there is literally no scenario in which rape is the victims fault that should be common sense in reality if you don't consent to being sexually touched or having sex and it happens anyway that's a sex crime person who is always at fault for raping is the rapist sad reality but some of you watching this might be a victim of sexual assaults in the future and I want you to remember this is never your fault anyway as far as Sam pepper goes I've actually heard quite a bit about him raping people I don't know if it's true for sure it could be I hope if anyone has evidence of anyone raping anyone that they take it to the police I mean the last time he updated his Twitter was 45 minutes ago obviously there's not enough evidence out there or the right people aren't turning that evidence and so why are people sitting on social media talking about people being rapists when they could be sitting in a police station want justice to be served yet you're not willing to go to the people that can actually make that happen that doesn't make sense we all pretend like nothing happens starter pack and I guess all four of these guys were accused of rape please go to the police take all that time you invest in accusing people of rape and actually go to the police about it person says I confronted Jason 2013 about his actions his response it won't tell anyone what he goes on to say I've lost sleep over the fact I knew about rapists but couldn't go to the police because I'm not a direct witness well that's why you get the person to admit it seriously I'm pretty sure you can just put a recorder on your body and then say hey so you raped somebody they say something like they won't tell anyone you could probably take that recording to the police maybe depending on the laws it won't be accepted as evidence but at least get them to start digging right I don't never have or Wilkins owned any form of sexual abuse we asked Jason to move out which he has done so I'm going to comfort my friends wait you knew someone as a rapist and you didn't beat the shit out of them mind you I'm not saying anybody should beat the shit out of someone I'm just saying that I personally would have a difficult time you know like okay like rape is one of the worst crimes a human being can possibly commit one of the very worst if not the worst the reason a lot of people feel like rape is the worst crimes because a lot of times murdering someone is just a squeeze of a finger and then a gun goes off and you know when it comes to rape you actually have to physically force yourself on someone and that is insanely fucked up I don't even know how you can get a fucking hard-on with someone's like ah you know it's just there's something so attractive about a woman wanting you and something so unattractive about or not wanting you I don't know I've heard about those fetishes where guys get hard because girls make fun of their penises or something and then there's foot fetishes and there's that fetish where you wear a diaper or whatever so there's a lot of things I don't understand on top of everyone else if you guys don't know quite a few years ago I was actually in the dating pool I was 26 and the girl I was dating at the time was also 26 after dating a short while I bought a ticket and went out to see her and went to a hotel together once we got in the door we started making out heavily taking off each others clothes I then said the infamous phrase suck me where she spit on my penis which was the first time I ever experienced that and then she took her hands and did that so you know after she did that we had consensual sex and then the next morning she jumped ship on me because I was crying because she want to cuddle with me it was super awkward it's really odd being told you're not a man because you want to cuddle with the person you had sex with the morning after certainly after she left I got a plane ticket to go home one day early and then she called me up acting like I was crazy for wanting you home early despite her walking out the hotel I mean so she actually came back and stayed another night with me watch like Star Trek movies and shit and then I flew home once I got back seer was my roommate so he overheard a lot of this stuff specifically the part where I was constantly talking to her on the phone about how she was out drinking with her friends I felt like I wasn't prioritized over friends yeah I know I'm a bitch okay that's why I used to break up with people so much because I didn't like drugs I didn't like alcohol and like people prioritizing the friends over me I'm a bitch today anyway I broke up with her again and then I begged for her to come back to me it's stupid I know anyway well she never accused me of rape a shitload of people who run hate blog thing going on and on and on about a spite no rape ever occurring so after going through this experience of being accused by people I've never met a things I've never done can flix me a bit when I look at other people being accused as well like a sad-ass I posted one hour ago I say so now people are accusing Basheer verse of rate rape accusations have become such a joke online if you're legit go to the cops that's how I feel because it seems like every other week it's a new youtuber who's accused of rape that's like guys you really think that every other youtuber is some kind of psychotic rapist like really Bachelor says I never raped anyone but I feel like I have that is not a good thing to say if you haven't raped someone it makes it sound like you might have raped someone I'm just that's what I got immediately reading not how many you two were saying that they were ruined me because I'm lying never been more scared about something I didn't do if I rape somebody I would be on a sex offenders register that doesn't make any sense there are plenty of rapes that go unreported and he says I'm not because I didn't it's not an instant thing it's not like the moment you take your penis and put it in a non-consenting vagina you'll automatically be added to a sex offenders list if only the world were that efficient so the worst I'm not a rapist because argument goes to bash your verse I'm not saying he raped anyone I'm just saying that's a terrible argument ladies and gentlemen believe it or not most rapes go unreported just because Sam pepper is not in jail doesn't mean he's innocent and again I'm not saying Sam pepper is a rapist I don't know all the facts I'm just saying people get away with crimes every single day it's up to the good people around those people the people who observe those people to report them as soon as possible to the police hopefully with some form of evidence so yeah long story short those are quite a few youtubers that have been accused of rape any of those accusations are real I hope justice is found and served because otherwise what message are we sending rape victims really we should all be supportive of rape victims immediately going to the police after their rape for the sake of that person being put in prison so they can't continue to hurt people like they hurt that individual that's just how I feel regardless I hope you have maybe not boob squeeze today it's a consensual you know at high five yeah nation

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21 thoughts on “Sexual Assault: YouTubers That Have Been Accused

  1. 0:50 Acutally pewdiepie came out and admitted that he is indeed a child rapist. Have you not heard his hit song? "Pewdiepie is a child rapist."

  2. You should do a video on Exurb1a and the rape of Pieke. DM me on twitter @heatherboggs1 if you're interested.

  3. Why are all people accusing inocenc youtubers and why is it all ways rape I mean they have money so they can just get a prostitute and why would they be raping people

  4. Thank you, Greg, for being such an honest and protective person. It's rare to find people with a mentality like you. Thank you so much.

  5. I was sexually assaulted 3 years ago… I understand where the woman was coming from, I thought I had done something wrong, & didn't tell anyone till about 2 months ago…

  6. You are so right. I have been sexually assulted and I used to think that it was my fault. Now I know it's not

  7. I feel like Greg would be an awesome guy to just hang out with for a day or two. We share a lot of the opinions in which he has expressed.

  8. I just spent the better half of an hour trying to remember who Veeoneeye was. I guess there was a reason I forgot it.

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