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She Took It Way Too Far *you can't say that!*

comment below whether you think Brennan could beat up a beer watch me dip I challenge you guys good morning it is morning is it it's like 6:15 I know I did tell and we're getting ready to board our flight to Denver which is then gonna take us to Palm Springs we'll see you on the plane you want to go fly the plane recycle I'm very cool but this is suppose to be my seat see to the kitty boys over sheep she's the one way I'm upset I didn't make these fun but they gave me the windows so I'm gonna tell the flight fingers back you're sitting in this and I'm gonna be like Rick me off the seat all right after that takes a little too far system I can see all right we're all gonna sleep in asleep the whole time we're going out to what there's for a ring then katie is a member of the lego heart squad and we get to finally go out and do all the other members of the heart spotters are pretty jazzed about Lucy if I go to rob up cool Sophie and obey oh and Michael alright we'll meet a guy simply lock them in the Bible is a okay good morning it's another day wish to excel we're gonna have another great day today what day is this Ryan day 3 that crazy adventure actually no if we count the days before this is day 2 on the road trip okay turn the road trip day 4 on that I'm not yeah please do haste so we're getting out of here today is it gonna be a great day we're up here at Glacier National and you got a pair of one taking gas just great vehicle did beautifully very comfortable got us here nice and safe riding up to the lodge a glacier we're gonna see so we settle for the hotel or should we just go for it what'd you say great we'll just go for it so just how does the right decision so we're looking forward to a great date Brendan's gonna take you out front to show you the light debut it's unbelievable and our sunrise rock and run it it is 808 Glacier National Park there's 10 lead back home and it is sure 508 and Kyle from this rides good morning glacier good morning Brian and Brendan trying to decide whether they could beat a No I'm seeing a bear running with the Bears by height or shorter standing up like this stingers legs could beat a baby bear okay here's the thing comment below whether you think breading okay here we are the glacier Lodge is beautiful we just walked in right right after the plywood palace we walked in here it's beautiful this is right on the lake like in the bear see yeah cuz I don't think you can see John Cena what's still invisible John Cena okay absolutely I'm saying Randy Orton could be the bear all right let's jump back into that chrysler pacifica and head up the going-to-the-sun road what a cool name for a road going to the Sun Road the beach that absolutely unit what do we decide it was didn't go high so we're trying to set up a good picture of this ray this mr. Hooper check out that beautiful waterfall yes it's perfect actually that's perfect let's practice a little bit yeah doors open is good okay snack run just outside of Missoula midday so you have the snacks for just tubby purposing life Brian ray yes we stacked up gassed up no and we're out we good let's get out of here south to Idaho damn horn horn right okay there's a thing this is Ryan's been in the left side of track that is my Shack the train comes by it just actually fled to some balls so train we were like why not so we wrote the charts only got two miles we've got really far ahead of it and now we're putting pennies on where's waiting for the Train should be coming up there you could either be waiting for second so he could be with ya oh it's coming down the tracks minutes usually the trans coming [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] what was it are you guys great job so we got one sorry kidney and I arrived you guys saw the beautiful resort we're staying in and it's time for lunch it's a baja salad which I said Baja it mean to say it like that it's a bad Baja salad with chicken we each got one this is a huge salad holy cannoli but it is what three o'clock for us at home already I'm not gonna keep playing that game but it is it's three o'clock for us I don't know I do fun with your I don't know stick what song I'm gonna dip mine cuz I don't want to use all the dressing dip yours yeah cuz look how much dressings in there look how much dressings in there that's a lot it so if I take a bite I might dip a little bit into the dressing we might not even need the dressing look at all these stuff that's on it I do it all the time I don't think that you can watch me dip I challenge you watch me dip watch me nae nae watch me dip watch me nae that makes me so happy he's like Cafe Rio mm-hmm okay holy cow here we are the Pacifica and mr. Cooper driving now performing beautifully these gentlemen very comfortable in the back we are out in Idaho right now we're going out we just checked into the hotel resort and going to the grocery store right we have a kitchen in our beautiful room so we're gonna I think go to the grocery store and have men prepare dinner which could be interesting so stay tuned and wonder what they're doing at Palm Springs all right you guys it is now the afternoon Katie and I we didn't vlog at all our laying out at the pool because it was like eight million degrees in the camera order it was really hot look I actually have clothes on there we go it was really hot out there it was it was a hundred and one degrees which is nothing compared to us could be tomorrow 105 I'm liking it though it's cool you should go the other way all right so this is our room would you like to see our room is our room it's a little messy we've got some kt2 outfits laid out you okay here we go here we go here we go notice I'm wearing the same outfit that I wore home to the wedding and I open the curtain bar broke the little thing mom breaks through the time part eight look our tie that bow isn't it cute we get down everyone to watch people walk in the yeah you a here Kate here we go are you getting this yeah in the mountains that uh golf course and the trees are going up more Mountains behind your big head oh there's one of the pools there's three pools it's beautiful so yeah Travie 30 time and we have not yet met the other members of keys heart spot we're gonna meet them in just a few minutes but what you should do is if this is our beautifully clean hotel room yeah that's a joke oh sorry but I want to make guys if you just want to see the rest of Katie's like Katie's video of her vacation am I too close of the heart squad and what she's doing here take a look there but I'm not her there but I'm not sure if it'll be up yet so if it's not a pea I apologize if it is and it'll be a little link either there or there you can go see the rest of my throw hurts time take some medicine please yes you name it I'll be the first medicine she's taken all day that's good news so she's getting better on the mono thing we're gonna go have dinner with our friends bye did they know we're here I think so okay so anyway we went out of that hotel it had the basic view but it was not that great so we came to a bit of an upgrade so obviously Roberto's like this pro golfer and he owns this like Missouri and we might have gotten this suite for free and we might go golfing tomorrow so I'm super excited for that anyway uh here we are well I'm right inside so here's the here's the room hey Dad so oh you're the kitchen in here full kitchen beautiful absolutely beautiful uh this countertop with a bunch of high chairs around it so Brennan I also do you guys like this wall it's pretty it's pretty nice wooden wall right wait what what's this what's this Oh bang it's a bed did not see that coming did you so obviously being there also there's everyone mr. Cooper's gotten into the ropes I beat me to it don't it uh so everyone has their own Queens like there's five Queens or pretty sure and the couch if we need it so uh yeah anyway we have Super Smash Bros hold the TV right there fireplace is Rea uh we have a really really nice deck overlooks oh yeah sky it's amazing there's two hot tubs down there there's a pool tennis courts and a basketball court just a little pool house and then here's our other deck so I'm if you can see that well so it's also in here two queen beds and that goes out to the other deck that I just showed you those TV bathroom eautiful bathroom amazing there's another door so we got I think and then we have in here this is actual is actually part of the suite so there's another I mean it's a king bed closet here and we absolutely love it here so I think I'm gonna stay here for a while uh tomorrow or we wins the grease tour so we got food for the whole like nine yards and anyway yeah so super excited uh with that last clip we're just gonna do it would be happy today was definitely getting here safely we drove around the Latian National Park a little bit this morning and that was lovely oh we had a really good breakfast rhymin AC AC yes first you're gonna have AC and I Lassiter and the wonderful food today yes amazing daddy-o what made me happy today was Hayley boys I love our players isn't just everything we do we just kind of hang out and talk it's really good yeah it is good fun just miss the girls but yeah yeah you know this hotel and yeah yeah it's beautiful kill us thanks driving let's go Mike alright alright I don't know if you guys know this about Katie but she has a particular voice that she uses that everyone in her family melts whenever she does it and it makes our dad know he does too sometimes so when she talks in that voice we do whatever she wants it's like it it's like kind of a you know on it's a trance right I'm gonna say you know um it didn't like I was sort of phineas and ferb with MEAP Oh like it's so me / so cute yeah oh and everybody does whatever he wants them to do I was going to say it's more it's like um the Jungle Book and remember call the snake and he would talk in his eyes would go like this and you do it yes are you guys have we finished up with our dinner and LEGO Friends oh I'm so sorry yes Kitty's very tired not only she jet-lagged but she's also still I think has some mono fatigue so what made you happy there baby girl oh my gosh Kimmy what made you happy it's meeting the other girls was really nice they're super fun and I could do their stuff my face twice today oh my goodness but I need healthy stuff today which I'm good I'm glad about yeah see you here's the thing actually I'm not gonna tell you look good night everybody good night but maybe happy today you guys it's the same deal I got to meet so many new friends I got to meet the moms of Katies friends so that was super super duper fun and we get to spend the day tomorrow together as well so I'm really wanted very much looking forward to that and it made me happy that I'm traveling with Katy is always fun so we had such a good time traveling out here and being together at the pool and at lunch and on the plane and all that stuff that was super fun and hearing again with the boys doing out in Montana and Idaho is so fun as well so hope you guys had a wonderful day please comment below what made you guys happy today and we'll see you tomorrow thanks for watching be sure to thumbs up and subscribe see you later you

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28 thoughts on “She Took It Way Too Far *you can't say that!*

  1. Would be funny if after Mike and Ryan eat seafood, they blow air at Brennan filming his reaction to the fishy wind 'aroma' haha keep making such awesome and funny videos

  2. Brennan can't eat the bear. If it's a baby, the mother is only 10 feet away and ya gotta wonder how she'll react to someone trying to beat up her baby.

  3. Hi Mike, Brennan, Jill, Katie and Ryan !! Really enjoy your videos, especially this one. I love the background music. Very catchy guitar. Please tell me where can I find it and what's the name?

  4. Bear vs. human? … I'd say the bear for sure. Even a black bear (smallest of the North American bears) has claws as long as the average human's fingers and they're as sharp as razors. I think Brennan and Connor McDavid are smart enough to stand well back from that challenge.
    I live less than a mile from the plant where the Pacifica is built! Very nice vehicles.

  5. What happened to the competition between Brennan an Ryan about bulking up which was made before England?or did I miss a video?

  6. Yes you can beat a bear in a fight easily, in fact you should make that your next video because I really want to see that ๐Ÿ˜‚

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