Solingen 93

Domestic Violence and Abuse

Sixer Movie Emotional Scene | Pallak meets with accident | Vaibhav Reddy | Sathish | Ilavarasu

(Chanting mantras) Where did you bring me? Come, I’ll tell you. Why did she want to
give the first invitation here? Oh, no! You see the doctor is coming there He is my relative Don’t punch on his face
as how you punched on my nose Your relative?! I am mad, you know? How dare you punch on my nose? Die man You have forgotten me
because of your love shock Sorry, dude. What happened to your leg? How are you? What happened to your leg?
Tell me. I lost a leg in the car accident
two months ago. Your wife? She left me citing
she can’t lead the life with a lame. My life was ruined. Will you leave me,
if I become lame in future? Hey goof, that’s all you
understood me. I won’t leave you for
losing hands and legs. But, I’ll leave you
if you lose the eyes. No one is in home. They all went for a function. I’ve to sleep alone. Will you come? Now? Tell me, will you come? Shall I send my mom
to be with you? She will sing well
and make you asleep. Hello! You no need to come. – Hang up the call.
– Hello! Don’t be in a hurry
I’ll help you This way Steps ahead Hello, uncle Just for fun, I lied – Was it a comedy?
– Didn’t you like? You can go. How long to watch the DVDs? Will watch once, ‘on llive’. Hey, go away. – He got it.
– I must hear the bike sound. Hey, what’s this? I shouldn’t lose my chastity
before marriage. I might lose if I see you. Take me to the sofa. It’s an awesome feel, isn’t it? In the night, I must hold your hands
and lean on your shoulders… …throughout my life. The neck will sprain. Making fun? Why should we roam outside
in the night? Come, let’s go home. What’s there to afraid
when you’re with me? ‘I love you’. Hey, no! – Give me that.
– Open your eyes. Give me.
I won’t open my eyes. Open the eyes. I won’t open my eyes. Already, I’m feeling guilty. Krithika! Please. Don’t play. Die, man Krithika! Is anyone there? Krithika! Speak out. Where are you? Is anybody around here? Krithika! Please talk Krithika! Hello, someone help me. Krithika! Nothing will happen. Don’t get panic. ‘What’s there to afraid
when you’re with me?’ Nothing to worry. Doctor said she’ll be
discharged in two days. Don’t toil your mind. I don’t want this marriage. Stop it. Why? What happened? The utmost expectation of
a girl from a guy is,’safety’. I can’t assure that, dad. She met with an accident
in my presence. But, I was helpless. Someday, we’ve to say her
that I’ve ‘night blindness’. I’ll say that right now. I can’t see after 6 o’clock. She can’t live with me. This reason is enough for her
to deny me getting married. I feel agony. Leave it, dad. I’ll tell her. Hey, sit down. Sit down. Why are you agonised
about the ‘night blindness’? Whoever ignores the pain
of others is ‘blind’ only. If we love someone truly,
their faults doesn’t seem to be important. In your case,
you loved her very much. That’s why,
you’ve hidden all these. What’s wrong in this? You did only in want of her. You think there is nothing
in this world after dusk. But, she lives thinking
you’re the world. Don’t spoil that belief. This marriage should happen. It ought to happen. Shall I tell you one thing? You won’t get any other bride. Kin-in-law, what’s this like a child? I can’t tolerate my daughter’s stance. I brought her up without a scratch. Now, to see her… It’s all because of me Okay, don’t worry. I feel disheartened. Okay, leave it. Shall I get alcohol? Uncle! It’s the hospital. Where to get it? Son-in-law! Take care of my daughter. He’ll take care. I know, he’ll take care. Take that snacks packet. Give him. You don’t have vision, isn’t it? Yes, uncle. Dude, he is getting furious. Blind fellow. Do you want my daughter? Oh, no! He remembers everything when drunk.

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