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Slim, Sexy, & Strong #5: Outdoors Hamstring Video

Hey everyone, this is Samantha here with
EFX Sports bringing you another video from Slim, Sexy, & Strong with Samantha Roldan. Today we’re going to be
talking about hamstrings. So it’s super simple to
target your hamstrings. It’s usually an area that doesn’t get a
whole lot of play unless it’s focused on, right? Like we typically focus a lot on our
quads when we’re doing isolation. So I’m just going to show you some
things that I use to really target them. I hope you guys enjoy coming along. Okay, so whenever I exercise I
like to throw in some plyo work. So the first exercise that I’m going to
show you is going to be a jump squat with a squat in between. What that’s going to do
is really fire up my legs. Get my hamstrings nice and moving,
nice and warmed up for the rest of my exercises. So the next thing I’m going
to show you guys is a Sumo Deadlift with a kettlebell. So you’re gonna want to face your toes
outward, kind of have like a wide stance, shoulders back, and I’m gonna get straight
down to depth to get that kettlebell all the way to the ground and right back up. So you’re really going to
feel this on your hamstrings and your glutes. So my next exercise is going to be a
Straight Legged Romanian Deadlift, and I’m going to be doing that with
these dumbbells here. So first thing I’m going to do is just
make sure that the shoulders are down, arms are locked out. What I’m going to do is hinge at the waist
and go backwards, keep soft knees, and really stretch out those hamstrings. Squeeze the glutes at the top. So, the next hamstring/glute exercise I’m
going to be doing is a step-up, well, alternating step-up. And so I’m just gonna focus on being
flat-footed and coming up with my opposite leg, stepping down, and switching. So you want to make sure that you’re
keeping a decent pace, this is also going to accelerate your heart rate
and double as partially a HITT workout. So the next exercise I’m going
to do is a Bulgarian Split Squat. Now, I like to place my foot flat or push
up against the bottom ledge instead of going flat. I just feel like I have a little bit more
stability, and I also get to feel it in the front of my opposing quad. So, I’m going to step
out here, and just go all the way down, and back up. Hey guys, that was it for my hamstring
video for Slim, Sexy, & Strong with Samantha Roldan. Make sure that you ‘like’ the video and
subscribe to the page so you don’t miss any more of my content, okay? So we’re going to be covering a lot of fun
stuff; diet tips, pro tips, as well as a lot more exercises. I’ll see you guys soon.

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