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Smoking Homegrown Weed | Tangie Strain Review by GreenBox Grown

What’s up Cannabis Growers and welcome back
to GreenBox Grown.  Today I’m super excited to be doing another
strain review for you guys have some of this Tangie, and this was actually grown at home
by a first-time grower using the GreenBox Grown videos. As well as our one-on-one growing advice. So as always you can check out
at the link down below to sign up for our one-on-one grow advice, and I usually do reviews
on extracts but as you can see today it’s going to be some flower. I’ll be using my waxmaid bong right here,
and I’m excited about this flower not only because it’s grown at home using the videos,
but you’ll see when I do the close-up this is it’s an extremely purple and orange haired
bud.  Super Frosty and very Citrus you smell,
so when you guys get that close up you’ll see what I’m talking about. All right so now that you guys know what we’re
doing let’s get start the video. So as I mentioned I wanted to give you guys
a close-up of this bud before I do the review, and a little smoke test. But as you can see it’s super purple, along
with those very nice and orangy hairs and very frosty, covered in tons of trichomes
as you can see. I ground some up to for the close up so you
can see it gets even more purple once you grind it all up. Let’s get that out of there, and maybe you
can see in the smell is super citrusy once you grind it up it just explodes with even
more flavor and smell. I’ve tried some of this out smoking wise already
and it’s just super tasty and it tastes just like it smells. And it’s super strong head high, so let’s
go and pack a bowl and take her it. Alright folks, I got my bowl packed with some
of this Purple Tangie and I’m going to take a rip.  Cheers!!!  So like I was saying, super smooth I’ve
had some of this before and it’s immediately I feel it right here strong head high. Super relaxing, and you eventually feel it
throughout your whole body but it first it’s really just focused up top. Tastes just like it smells, super Citrus and
really tasty, and it’s really hard to tell from this because I didn’t smoke all the way
through, but it’s been really well flushed. You can tell by the color of the ash whether
it’s grey or white and if it’s. You can tell by the color Ash if it’s grey
or white after you smoked it all the way through it that means it was properly flush. So big shout-out to Rick see for sending this
in and for following the green box Room videos. Really appreciate, and again guys this is
the kind of results you can get guys when you are following the green box grow videos
so check us out. Alright folks, that concludes my review of
this Tangie flower that was grown by a first-time GreenBox Grower. Again I’m very stoked to have this for a review
and to just see the results that someone can get as a first-timer using our videos. If you guys want to see some of our other
product and review videos just visit and you’ll see under the videos tab there’s
a strain and product reviews Button. As always thank you guys for watching the
video and please don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and and a comment below with your
feedback. Also feel free to subscribe to the GreenBox
Grown Channel and to turn on notifications for updates on my latest grows. I’ll be starting my Tangerine Dream LST Autoflower
grow in the next couple of days as I’ve been mentioning. So be sure to stay tuned for that, and as
always… Happy Growing!

Cesar Sullivan

25 thoughts on “Smoking Homegrown Weed | Tangie Strain Review by GreenBox Grown

  1. Glad you guys like the bud. The Tangie was my first time attempting to grow cannabis and as you can see, by following the Greenbox Grown videos and getting one on one advice from Dylan, I was able to grow some superb bud. I got six ounces from the one plant that was started from a clone I picked up from a local dispensary here in central cali. Very sticky and frosty and smells like orange sherbet after curing for a month using the Greenbox Grown curing technique. Very thankful to have found Greenbox Grown!

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