Solingen 93

Domestic Violence and Abuse


*TIPS : Landing Faster ?
Jump and Dive at 800-750 m from your mark* Most of you will pick mid Building for
landing, it will make you die quickly *TIPS : Land at the edges of
Bootcamp, example in This 3 Shed Area* When you landing at the edges, you can
find any weapon w/o panic of die quickly If you think the 3 shed area is too
far, just land at small house around the mid building, even in a small
house like this you can get any weapon besides avoiding die quickly
and losing so much point, from this view you can easily shoot
enemy at the mid building *TIPS : In this situation,
SMG like UZI is very Reliable* *A step on rooftop, in front of me* *Another step at stair going to 2nd
floor dan another one from rooftop* *Another step from my left* *the step inside the twins house* *there is 2 step at 2nd floor* *TIPS : Better if you push
from outside like this* *There is a step inside the right shed* *Step at 2nd floor is a bot step* *the bot is knocked by
me and i go to rooftop* *2 Step from 100, Containers* *TIPS : rotating after you released a shot* I Need Throwable (frag,
smoke, molotov, flashbang) After you rotating, enemy will
not know your exact location, they will just focus at your last
location when you released a gunshot *Step inside this mid building 1st
floor, he stole my kill* *TIPS : Don’t push straight, find another
spot for shoot your enemy like this* Knock-End *Another step front of me, from twin house* *Same step* Use frag for make this enemy
hp lowest before you push *TIPS : Go push,
2nd frag already reduce the enemy hp* FYI : Frag Blast radius and impact
100-90 Damage (0 m – 3,5 m) 80-30 Damage (3,6 m – 8,5 m), 25-10 Damage
(>8,5 m ), everything depends on range Gunshot from 160 *A step inside this house, 1st floor* *TIPS : Use Peek* *TIPS : Remember to rotate
after release a gunshot* Don’t stuck at 1 position, MOVE ON BRO !!! Make sure you make it like
you retreat or run away Rotate through the enemy blind
spot, so enemy will not expect you
coming from that spot Example, like this, take this lower ground enemy can’t see me because
this is they blind spot when you do a rotate, make sure
there is obstacles (tree, rock, etc) around you so when you get hit,
you can take cover to the obstacles enemy will not expect me
here cuz they can’t see me Budayakan Knock-End RIP AIM Remember to Rotate Gunshot from my left *TIPS : Use smoke as cover from Behind* If you ask me why i throw frag
at the rock in front of me Look at 09:22, there is a foot
at the rightside of the rock M24 Suppressor steal my kill *TIPS : When you pushing enemy,
always find a cover first* 10 s past, maybe the last
enemy i knocked already revived Let just throw nade Are you guys wondering how i
know there is an enemy here ? look at 10:14, before i throw the frag,
someone just crossing inside the smoke Bad Positioning I already lose Disini saya kira yang baju pink udah knock
makanya saya langsung banting hipfire What server and what rank i play ?
Just check on my ID

Cesar Sullivan


  1. WOOOOOOOOOY Action Empire lagi OPMEM . skuy cek ig nya. Action.empire… siapa tau diajak ngonten bareng2 chiter act 😂

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