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your pain think that I'm sober oh I missed it and bam brag I think I missed it the fair might be difficult to play they have a batch in one shake so I'm gonna try it I let me normally need a mercy any was they're going mean oh they're trying to rush the point they turn rush the point we stop them No all right I'm gonna I'm 99% sure left on the screen typing which is why you looking up Widow maybe not bluffing is Scott maybe other never Scott from yesterday it's really the talk to the kid that we're gonna read auntie Widow got me manage mister widows has sites on all of you guys you guys got to turn their shelter Widow play in the right corner there you go nice but move past it move past it we've had special don't say in front of it by the way their widow is Scott I don't know if you guys remember him Scott the one that got hardware ban for like a year that's not Scott okay pretty sure it is cuz he was playing with ku yesterday who's told me Oh Scott [Applause] I got their widow they're resting in the middle by mini hayride the widow is by the mini in the middle oh you actually hit the head shot it was bad all right I think I'm gonna waste tire for you zero yeah I'm hiding behind the mic Hilda wit uh I put on walls where did the little grapple two-shoes man she's managed she wants me I'm just hiding behind I hear walking around over here she's gonna grapple of top on their top they're building I think yeah she went on their building actually went above point maybe above the edge my point I'll kill her I'll kill her I got the mercy plus the disco did this fucking lamp drum bongo disco what frisbee don't forget to avoid sausage while we have our little intermission break in between rounds apparently you know who that is Huck seems like it acts like them and he was playing with blues there's no way that's Gator little top man I love I love playing a sausage so much dude it feels like I'm winch reading I give up on guesses dude I literally don't know any of the people in their front group my person I can think of is the entire whatever news okay plays a lotta Ginja either way they're all wrong I got that Baptista Hanzo let's go fire red agate keep sausage from top 500 don't rush limbaugh's drum resolume res are they can't Rose I'll play doll exhibition play sweet playing with you guys play of the game I can't wait for to-to-to to come to rank and they get sausage on my team it's gonna be so fucking good you ruined my play dude I killed five see that's kgs you got so styled on what the fuck

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  2. The legend of PVPkrueger! Some say he can enter the dreams of his opponents and continuously spawn kill them without interference from the cruel bastions of the world.

  3. See? This is how you make your team immortal. Not by winning APEX in SK, not by being an OWL champion, but by creating a meme everyone will use long time the team is gone!

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