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Starcraft 2 Challenge #5 – Psionic Assault

hey guys science are crap back with another challenge episode for you this is gonna be a highly requested challenge walkthrough for the challenge psionic assault and this is gonna be how you achieve the gold status of this mission which is to get 225 kills you're basically managing 9th centuries and 6 high templars against different waves of zerg units that come from different directions or geena's Protoss units Terran units anything you're going to be using force fields hallucinations Guardian shields feedback psionic storm and you might even need some archons this challenge is normally done on normal speed but that would take forever for you guys so I've actually started it on faster speed in the replay I'm gonna keep it on the side cam so you can pretty much see what I'm doing here so we are underway I've got my sentries on one control group my High Templar on the other control group and the first wave is going to be a bunch of zerglings now almost every single one of these waves you can just beat by force fielding and then either side storming or attacking so you'll see wave 1 on these Earthlings I do site or I do force field and just take them out very easily with the sentries and actually you know this player cam might get a little bit jerky so I'm just gonna manage it myself now with these Marines you can do two things you can try to force field at the bottom of this ramp and then attack them from the top and so they can't see you and shoot up but it gets very tricky because it's tough to get in attack range without them seeing you you'll see I do get a little bit close and take a few shots so it would be just fine if you decide to size storm in this situation because you'd get your energy back now hydras hydras are the most difficult energy in these challenges in my opinion just because of their range and damage so this is where I did choose to size drone twice after force fielding and then finishing and finishing them off with the sentries next wave is going to be marines and marauders this is another way of that I'm going to size storm just because the Marauder can get in range pretty easily and it'd be tough to shoot from the top of the ramp without them seeing me so there's another size from one side storm should be enough Marauders don't do too much damage to sentries so I'm gonna go down and finish him off his AI is very clumsy all the AI on this map is so darn clumsy so the force fields do do a great job and these were some accidental hallucinations I didn't actually make to make those I actually found in this walkthrough you don't have to make any Colusa nations at all and you can beat it just fine with proper micro so 3/4 goes going down and a lot of Zerg units so I'm gonna replenish those force fields just to make sure the banelings don't breach the wall just because they do so much damage to High Templar Han two sentries next wave is just gonna be some more mmm you're just gonna want a force field and size storm once again because Marauders do have six range and I don't want to risk getting in range with so many ranged units to shoot away of me so one size storm to size storms going down and another little tip if you can manage it it's to try to spread the energy use of your high templars and sentries you'll see I'm doing an okay job with that but these guys are at full energy this guy is this guy is I'm probably gonna want to use force drills with them first I don't really do that in this video however another very simple tactic with enemies coming down from this direction just clump up all your sentries right here to force fields to do the trick and they cannot shoot up here as long as there is nothing up this ramp they will not be able to see you and they will not be able to shoot up next wave is very simple as well just centuries and zealots a couple force fields and just attack away you don't even need to use your side storms I try to save as much size storm as I can just because there are so many centuries force field is much cheaper than size storm and there are only six high Templars so I'm not even gonna replenish my force field just because it takes them so long to walk up now this is the tricky part you need to keep an eye on what waves are coming while you're defeating one wave so while I was defeating this they actually sent some Reapers up here and they started walking and I almost got caught up off guard you'll see my sentries are barely gonna make it barely gonna be able to size from a force field that stuff so now I'm gonna side from these Reapers and take them out with one storm meanwhile in the bottom right more Reapers most tricky part and kill these Reapers as fast as you can you might even split up your sentries have some up here have some down here just in case because Reapers hop up and we'll snipe your sentries in about five shots so I switch directions I go down and just plant tons of force field so they can't hop up if one of them hops up that is very very bad because he will give sight to the rest of these Reapers down here and they will just shoot away at your sentries so be very careful not to let any of them hop up block this entire wall and then just throw it on a side storm if you need to and notice no hallucinations no force fields and no archons right now this is all jizz force field side storm and sentry auto-attack another simple group just a couple force fields will do the trick and if you notice the energy on my centuries I've got plenty left don't get caught off-guard by these banshees coming up from the top though this is around 150 kills feedback on each of those banshees will do the trick 200 energy on those banshees 140 life it'll do 200 damage to each of them when you feedback them very very simple just keep an eye on the mini-map and notice it does tell you when each wave is coming so already I'm at 150 out of 225 haven't lost a single unit no damage whatsoever for stalkers coming up this is gonna require some more size storm and force fields and actually these stalkers are pretty weak you could even throw down a guardian shield and just Auto attack them in micro a little bit like I'm gonna do here I'm not gonna waste another sized storm they just do so little damage to centuries especially with that barrier up so not a problem at all now another tricky wave this wave catches me off guard a little bit one of them actually manages to sneak up and give sight to the rest of them so what I could do here is just in case I could feed back both the ghosts and kill them right away that way if I do actually get discovered by one of the Reapers they'll do less damage to me see that little hole right there I think one of them's gonna jump up right there yep see that so now one of them jumps up looks like they were able to snipe a high templar but luckily i had killed most of them before that guy jumped up so now I am down one High Templar and one of my centuries is weak but considering that the blunder they're not too bad only losing one unit type for some UTA's some Guardian shields should do very nicely against these muta and here you can choose to size storm if you want right under the Mutis or you can even make an Archon if you're really that worried this guy is pretty low on energy this guy is pretty low on energy they only have one size storm between them so I could choose to make an Archon and that would aid a lot in the meters but Guardian shield is just so strong notice they're hardly taking any damage microing this one away microing this one away but I sent him back and he actually gets killed by one of the balances so a little mistake right there but I've only lost one century and one High Templar and I only have about 53 kills to go so looking pretty good another tricky level here you can't just hang out on this edge because these Vikings will give sight to these ground units so you need to force field off these ground units and then back up and let the Vikings come to you kill the Vikings and so they lose their sight and then just walk up and kill the units that are all clustered here by the force field and you'll see me do that here in a second backing up blocking in those ground units now Auto attacking the Vikings with a storm I lost one of my sentries just because I had neglected to micro it and now I'm gonna run up against these grounds which don't have sight and just I clean them up with some renewed force fields here where are you guys going now time for some of the easiest waves right after that at 186 kills you're gonna see some zerglings try to break these rocks these rocks aren't normal destructible rocks they only have 1000 life instead of 2,000 life so they won't get busted down a little bit faster against this first wave of zerglings you can just auto attack them split some centuries on one side some centuries on the other side and even these roaches as well with a little bit of micro you can prevent them from attacking you and you won't even need any sized stone so you'll see I will take a couple acid shots one two three four four shots couple more backing up a little bit and looks like I do use one sized room but notice I'm just kind of dancing around with them that roach getting in a shot so moving my men a little bit further back but pretty pretty efficient overall now in ultralisk you're just gonna want Auto Attack this ultra list hopefully you'll be able to drop it before it takes down these rocks if you're kind of worried about these rocks being destroyed when the ultra list comes get an Archon archons can tank the ultra list forever so so easily twelve more kills needed next wave is going to be a baneling wave from the northeast and again just some force fields still have plenty of energy look at all the energy on these centuries I should be using the energy from this one and this one next because those are both full and finally the last two kills I'm gonna need two tanks I'm to 23 out of 225 and look at this I was anticipating that I wouldn't even need any force fields because the AI so bad and because they can't see up this hill and I was correct I didn't even have to waste anything on those tanks so now I've got the gold achievement it's now just gonna be for fun just to see what I can pull off here and I'm gonna speed it up just a tidbit for you guys since you've seen all you really need to see more force field against these ghosts and Marauders one two storms and clean them up with the sentries now we've got some men in the North West hydras very very strong hydras are a pain in the ass on this part you can't really shoot them with the centuries you just have to try a storm but when you storm they get in range storm another storms lots of thumbs for storms or so and how many centuries it was like three or four centuries so that wave is just killer you just kind of have to bounce back a little bit and storm maybe even use an Archon if you made one earlier another simple wave right here zealots and stalkers block them off shoot down a couple storms second I might have done three stones right there so I am running out of energy I'm gonna go down pretty quick here hellions against some rocks with only about a hundred forty life left one storm but I just can't get close enough to storm without those aliens eating up my high-temp are another force group going down and oh man this is not what you did sentry is taking a beating Hellion is very strong against both sentries and high temp ours now my first Archon going in and you know what earlier when I was taking a beating that's where a hallucination might have came into play I did have a lot of energy on my sentry so you never know you guys can tweak this to your liking as usual maybe some hallucinations you know maybe have an Archon or her up some zealots would be well fitted to get a little bit farther on this achievement but we're gonna mop up these banelings and this final wave is gonna do me and I just don't have enough energy for two force fields only one able to go down oh we've got two centuries they're chasing me I'm gonna run up the hill and Booya I get out of here get out of here yeah you guys got nothing on me oh there's more coming okay I'm playing alone but I guess I decided to add some comedic flair to it GG cough but that's it you guys that's pretty a pretty simple way to get to 25 kills notice I did get 277 so I cleared it by quite a bit let me know what works best for you and I hope you guys enjoyed this more one on one to come thanks for watching hey guys I Starcraft here with a highly requested challenge strategy guide thingamajigger this is gonna be for the challenge psionic oh so I'm oh my god

Cesar Sullivan

21 thoughts on “Starcraft 2 Challenge #5 – Psionic Assault

  1. 8 years later, thanks for the guide. Used to love watching your vids and hearing you yell at your cat Isaac. Hope you're doing well.

  2. I don't know who u are BUT 4 THIS tutorial I ready 2 something u blow, follow, like or something like dat. (if u not Korean, Japanese or Kazakh) I thought at this challenge I spit fkng out my guts. SexUVeryMuch mister Psy :3

  3. This was the one what was hardest for me. I couldn't micro as well as you, but I got to gold thanks to you. Much appreciated.

  4. This mission is impossible. Can somebody help me with 1 thing that wastes alot of time for me. Whenever I cast psionic storm most units just walk away from it, how do I make them stay like in this video?

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