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StarCraft 2: NON-STOP Terran Aggression!

inside for not a professional match of starcraft 2 what I got for you today is a terran vs zerg played on próxima station le between two of Europe's greatest players spawning in the southwest corner playing with you blue Terran pieces we have none other than you thermal and its opponent spawning in the top right the cross position he goes by the nickname of nur geo and it is matched and it pretty much all of the matches that you see in play he's going to be playing with the drones you're going to be playing with desert pieces now nurture of course doesn't really require an introduction at this point I mean I've been featuring I've been featuring him and many times already on this YouTube channel the guy it's an absolute beast I love watching him play just because generally speaking is early and late game styles are absolutely sublime usually plays a little bit like I love watching him play mostly because he plays super safe and sometimes even a little bit too much so apparently he's also great at typing emojis right there with with mustaches and you thermo can type poo between brackets but regardless I mean I love watching this guy play because for the longest time I mean for example in surface esaron he was the only player really as a professional scene that was opening up with a spawning pool first and voice I've always sort of had to fight with with nurture that he's sacrificing a lot of potential early game economy just because he wants to be save and just because he knows that he can out macro and out produce his opponent later on into the match now of course he's not up against the bad player whatsoever you thermal a bio-based Terran player probably the best in Europe right now I'm actually trying to think here who could potentially you know come against that title as well I mean there's a bunch of good Terran players but I think you thermal definitely has to crown to you know the best Terran in Europe right at this point in time the guy's an absolute beast as well I actually recently just last weekend went through your thermals housewarming party he also lives in the Netherlands he lives about an hour ago or an hour away from my place and yeah we basically are we basically hung out so he recently moved in with a bunch of other nerds that also play a lot of Starcraft 2 and he's now actually got like a practice you know effects displays right around the corner I mean it's about an hour of traveling or so and I actually ended up talking to him for quite a while really nice dude and of course very is very good with the Terran pieces now here's the thing right your chill is great at defending early game pressure that's very very conventional one of the things that our students struggle with in the past and one of the things that you thermo is most definitely capable of it is like sort of like unorthodox styles okay the most standard strategies right now for Tarrant do involve either a Hellion based opener which seems to be the one that we see right now from the thermal but also the sixteen marine drops and again those kind of styles I feel like neuro is not going to really be taking a whole lot of damage however you serve as one of those players that is not afraid to mix it up generally speaking I mean I've seen them go for like that elusive Russians against really high level players and well that will be very uncommon against someone of the caliber of nergi Oh generally speaking he's not afraid to go for those kind of styles and that's sort of what makes them unpredictable here as well now nerds here generally speaking will be focusing on circlings and roaches and refuges in the earlier stages of the game usually switches to some you know Ling bean style a little later and eventually it's not afraid to go for that ultra light attack and sometimes even brute lords depending on what its opponent is going for but I would really like to see new trio or rather you Thermo mix it up a little bit I mean maybe go for something that is not quite as common because I feel like against pretty much all of the conventional openings from the Terran players nacho is just going to be like an impenetrable wall of course it is to be seen here he does have a tendency to squeeze out a lot of workers in the earlier stages of the game sometimes a little bit too much so but usually it's going to be the Terran here that will be deciding the early pace of this game Queens will be able to shoo away the Italians for the time being two more will be joining here very very shortly and we do indeed see that follow up right now as well tech lab being added on so very shortly you thermo can switch out for for example Benjy but maybe even a raisin here as well I'm seeing a lot of gas here already we'll keep an eye on that if you potentially go for that Ray for an au pair which has become a little bit more common but that's the kind of style that I would love to watch him play right now just because it's something and there we do indeed see it that is something that is not quite as common from a Terran player in this matchup so far Larry going down three additional gases being added on we don't see a roach born on anything just yet there are quite a few heli is here already and two more just about to join in these queens need to be careful they're already starting to take quite a little bit of damage six more drones all the production's up of course there are still a lot of Zork needs here ready to defend as well but these Queens are slowly starting to take more and more damage knives micro here back and forth though both players trying to micro back their weekend units but this is a this is a very slippery slope for playing a lot of dirt myself and one of the aliens does end up falling for playing a lot of dirt myself sometimes you get into these kind of scenarios your zerglings get roasted and all of a sudden the Hellions make their way to the mineral line and it seems like that's exactly what's happening right here right now these Haley is very low in HP but of course they are more than capable of keeping up that drone barbecue already nine workers do end up falling and at the same time we do see that first Raven moving across the map with the second one on the production tap right now as well and while these aliens will eventually end up falling they do not go down without taking a lot of drugs with them thirteen drugs do end up getting killed the Viking has been patrolling around these bases for a while too searching for any kind of potential over woods looks like it managed to kill only one does far a Uther Mona also is in the main base of his opponent putting up that Auto turret all the turrets now actually to show these workers you can see a lot of damage does get dealt right there as well and of course that is only an energy-based kind of ability you can keep up this arrest for a very long amount of time and nurture indeed is going to be forced to put up that spire in the earlier stages of the game third command center is done right now as well your thermal did sacrifice some early game research here only just now is he's starting up the +1 +1 upgrades but I would say that his early game strategy most definitely paid off I mean he's going to be able to contain the Zerg here for quite a bit of time and that's you know the kind of style that nurture will struggle with you need to get your early game economy up as a Zerg player that's not going to happen against someone of the caliber or few thermals you're just not going to be finding any kind of wiggle room anymore in the later stages of the game and he knows that he's making no stop workers right now and while at this point he's in a bit of a deficit of course he's not sure you can see supply wise he's still looking very very healthy he's even ahead of his opponent but still you need to be very careful here because in just a matter of seconds this game can be ending right here with just a properly timed dropship now speaking of which two met effects are currently in a production tab here as well they're going to be coming out here in just a second six mutants Ark however also come and I think that these you know these Ravens will probably end up falling here very very shortly more and more gases being added on of course liquid thermal did just scout that as well in case by the way you are wondering I actually asked them last Saturday or I think it was Saturday anyway I asked them last last week why his nickname was liquid sir me and a literal answer for that is just because the character limit I mean he's on Team Liquid all of the team liquid players start their nickname with liquid apparently youth thermal does not quite fit the character limit right there which is the best reason to shorten up your nickname – liquid sir me I could imagine regardless though these mutants are going to be able to do quite a bit of work there's actually no defense is in the main right now for you thermal and this is the kind of chance that nurture is looking for he's going to be able to pick up a lot of worker kills of course these drops are going to be able to contain him but at the same time I mean the Ravens will be able to continue the Arats for a little while longer but they're gonna end up paying for this with their lives here in just a little bit still slowing irassman going down now at either ends of the map Marines are swimming forward but the you know the mutilates are killing so many workers here twelve suvs do end up forming thirteen one being added on at the same time though marines here trying to make two wards or make their way to watch that natural mineral line and they've done a good job so far roaches just about to come out as well but the nonstop arras here from nur trio will make this a very very tough game to hold on to very solid play here of course just a couple of missile turrets would have made this you know a much easier feat to do but you can see your trio keeping those units to life for such a long time will be able to pick up a lot of worker kills microing back and forth while eventually i do imagine all of these viewers will end up falling they did not go down without a fight atsc vs do end up getting killed then actually at the same time on the other end of the map as well you thermal ended up killing a total of 25 workers so really like even blows being dealt here I'm going to make the assumption that eventually these Ravens will also end up going down look at that 12 kills in total that some of those will indeed be zerglings but these units are definitely very very powerful and I mean I wonder how they are going to look in just about a year from now or so players are getting much better at figuring out these kind of pretty game openers but this is the kind of style that you Thermo really enjoys to play it's got to keep the some harassment going I mean right now we're nine minutes into the game I wouldn't be surprised if we're still fighting like ten minutes from now okay I've seen many games where Terran players like this will be able to keep up the Arats normal slope this will all come down though to the corrosive vials and there are a ton of roaches and ravages here they will be able to pick up one of these siege tanks with ease beautiful bottles they're by desert player in red he doesn't really want to engage inside of that siege tank radius and for the time being he's going to be able to back off we do see that bailing less now also just now finishing up there's also the chance here that we see investors come out here in just a little bit with that infestation bit already up and running dropship did get split off here so they're going to be able to move to watch that fourth base location at the same time though beautiful corrosive vials will pick up those siege tanks and more importantly shoo away all of the Terran units that are right there one of the Marines apparently does get picked up but the rest of them will be able to get on out of there could drop another day eleven more workers going down right now I'm not sure desperately trying to scramble up more and more of them I mean currently it's 70 or 70 workers against 61 that is the kind of style that you do want to be in as you or if you are a Terran player in this match I mean at this point in time right let's have a quick look he's researching + 2 + 2 he's done a lot of damage to his opponent but more importantly he's containing the zurka as well zerk is not really capable of moving out at this point I think that nurture might be looking here to check up to watch the height very shortly but the thing is it's a very expensive you know piece of tech to get to and while you will be able to get quite a lot of layer units out as well once the Terran starts up 3/3 and finishes it as well and there we do indeed see that research getting started this becomes a very very tough match to beat if you are just simply stuck on to to yourself now once again these matter of X being dropped off into the main as well as into the fourth base currently a few of these Marines will have to try and run towards that matter of X and eventually they do indeed get picked off not without you know at least some of them taking a bit of damage but basically what nurture is just trying to do right now is contain this opponent on the basis that is that now of course if he is capable of finishing up 3/3 and its opponent is stuck onto two his army will be significantly more powerful but you thermo is doing you thermal things in a sense that is going to keep on pushing of course you got to be very careful with so properly timed bailing to some good connections with those corrosive vials and baling this are emery could easily end up falling but there are a ton of teach tanks right now we've got sort of like a semi contain at this point in time I mean does user more really want to push onwards right here right now the drop ships still trying to do whatever damage they can of course mutants will be able to intercept those quite easily high stack does get started up right now as well because nurture knows what's going on here he knows he needs to be careful but apparently he wants to move in all of these huge tanks are clumped up together so that does mean that the corrosive vials can hit several dough's at once two of them immediately doing the falling marines shopping forward to try and do whatever damage they can but nutshell overpowering his opponent here he somehow someway managed to clean up the majority of those units preventing really his opponent from containing him but the reinforcements have already arrived the mute us in the top side of the map do end up getting killed their medivac just barely in the nick of time picking up the last of these marines and once again he's continuing other words but harass and exactly that is what nacho is you know trying to prevent i mean we see these missile turret goes up right here at the front of his base the creep spread has been the night the gold base cannot be taken at this point and happily over at the ford base location here for the terran player and CBS are mining right now and once again we see that engagement going down huge tanks will be able to do a lot of work here from a distance and this is the kind of fight that is a lot more difficult to take mostly Ravagers in this army composition right now there will be falling behind here in upgrades very very shortly three three is just about to finish off but remember what it said right these fights can last for a very long amount of time because for the last five or so minutes we've been basically seeing no stop aggression from both of these players trying to keep up with all of these units and somehow someway neuro is clearing that one up there was an absolutely insane fight those are the kind of engagements that are very difficult to take if you are desert player making it a decision to shove forward with your ravages to try and let the corrosive vials but getting some additional hits in from the siege tanks can be extremely scary now of course the majora feels desert army is roaches and beverages right now and death you know that army competition can be a little bit deceiving I mean sure the supply counts are heavily in favor of Zerg right now but the upgrades are not 3-3 research is absolutely incredible you thermal for that very reason is going to continue piling on the pressure couple of the mutants trying to make their way towards that fourth base location they might be able to pick up a couple of these SUVs here that R&D building on additional barracks dropship now also going down trying to pool parts of this dirt force to watch the fourth base location so that the rest of the main army can it beat advanced onwards here as well you thermal though going very far here on the creep the corrosive bottles once again will be able to land in between a bunch of these siege tanks a lot of them will end up paying for that with their life dropship still dealing damage here at the back of the fourth base you can see the 3 3 research is doing so much work investors are now also being added on the fourth base here or rather the fifth base of the zerk does get Sloan down here for the time being but the longer that you thermal manages to put on the pressure the more difficult this is going to be eventually the owner Trillo will be able to finish up some height upgrades here as well we do see that adrenal research being being researched right now here in the spawning pool that is a very very important upgrade as it makes the circlings so much more powerful however it looks like Norco may very well try and move here across the map right at this point in time siege tanks Dolph on that high ground doing a lot of work torching those coryza vials here with those marines and with some properly timed fungals this could still be anyone's game I mean if somehow someway nurture can lend a fungal in the middle of a group of those Marines right the corrosive BIOS will clean everything up and of course that is not all so what do thermal is a little bit worried of he's building himself a missile turret just to sort of like confuse the AI once the fight here inevitably happened he's still piling on the aggression here a lot of additional units now on the production tab here as well and he's also getting up to +3 physical attacks here to make those teach tanks even more powerful baiting a bunch of these Zerg units towards the siege tanks now as well just by trying to make all of this happen but a dude's flank did get something set up right there by desert Slayer in red you know fungal growth very very nicely but once again I'm starting to wonder here if the upgrades the upgrades here for the Terran player are just simply not a little bit too high supply counts somehow someway went in favor right there over desert player but still Terran is pushing onward and it's starting to look closer and closer and closer and apparently nurture wasn't feeling that one and eventually he decides to tap out whoo that was a very long a very aggressive fight thereafter like the a two-minute mark I feel like all of that was sort of the result though from the early game I mean keep in mind a lot of workers were lost here too just a bunch of Hellion so while you know nurture managed to move across the map as well with those new design ended up picking up quite a few of these SUV kills and of course you thermal could have defended against that a little bit better as well but I mean still he was forced to remake a lot of those workers in the earlier stages of the game and you thermal just did not give away that advantage even though the supply counts we're looking very very scary there for just a bit three three upgrades for the Terran pieces and in particular for the bio units is just absolutely incredible anyway I hope you guys enjoyed watching this video if you did make sure you hit that like button down below if you want to see more make sure you hit that subscribe button so you get a notification as soon as I upload more and honor that I want to thank you for watching have an amazing day do not forget to smile alright and I'll see you in the next one

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