Solingen 93

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Cesar Sullivan

20 thoughts on “StarCraft 2: PLANETARY FRUSTRATIONS!

  1. Scotticus being supply blocked at 30 supply almost all game long while having more than enough minerals kills me.

  2. 8:53 he is gonna rally the drones from the main base through the nydus in his opponents main base to the opponents natural where the hatchery is waiting.

    I can't breathe! :DD

  3. "It looks like Scotticus is going to kill the base he already killed."

    Just the little things xD

  4. omg wtf the no mining for zerg was painful the terran could have wrecked the main so early on as soon as he got the tank.. the zerg was horrible denying the main mining… wtf? i would have had broods and lurkers way before anything really happened in this match.. quite a strange one.. must be tier 3 this was the most painful match that i have ever watched…

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