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“STOP SKIPPING LEG DAY” Leg Workout Without Weights – Bam Baam

Aight Bam,
talk to the people, man. Let ’em know what’s
getting ready to go down. Woo. What’s up guys? I’m out here with Good Money and I’m about to show you guys a good calisthenics leg workout. We don’t skip leg day. Bam doesn’t
skip leg day y’all. And I do calves too. Aight.
He does calves too. Let ’em see it again, man. See, see.
He does it. No steroids. No steroids, natural. – Natural. Okay.
So, yeah. So, the first workout
I’m gonna show you guys is explosive lunges,
on just one leg though. Okay, Bam, from there. First one right here. Woo. You do 10 on each leg. You do 10 on each leg. Go for three rounds of that. Three to five. Three to five, depending on your level. Yeah.
And maximum rest of 15 seconds to 30 seconds in between. You guys wanna raise the intensity, ’cause it’s legs without weights. So, second workout is gonna be explosive, still explosive lunges,
but you’re alternating. You can mix it up a little bit. If it gets too easy, you can like walk with it. Here you go. So you do, like I said,
three to five sets, go for 10 reps each, so
that’s five each leg, and you look to do your five sets. Now, this one is for the hamstrings. Bam does hamstrings y’all. Yeah.
He does hamstrings. All right. Explain to them
what leg is working in here, ’cause a lot of people might
not know about that movement. Yeah, this is hamstrings right here. This is working right here. Little bit up the lower back and glutes, but this is the primary
muscle that’s working. Okay.
Hamstrings. Next leg or 10– 10 each leg. Okay.
Go for five sets. That’s intense, I bet. Phew, now we’re gonna
bring the bad boys out. All right y’all.
Pull the bad boys out. Aight, what we got now Bam? This is where the workout, all of that was just the warmup, that’s to warm your leg up. This is where the real
leg workout gets crazy. We got
here some resistant bands? Yeah, you can get these at Modell’s if you live in New York. Aight. or wherever.
Yeah,, look up resistant bands. Yeah. Or Good Money will
make some for y’all too. Yeah, You should. But the
thing inside the tire.(laughs) Okay, so we need two of them? Aight Bam, let ’em know what
you getting ready to do, are we going down here to start? About to get some
isometrics while moving. It’s gonna be intense. So, we’re gonna walk
sideways from that point all the way to that point, and then walk backwards from that point all the way to that point, and then walking forward
back and back to the side. I might stop in between if I get tired, just keeping it real, because the workout it gonna be intense. Okay.
But, you gonna keep going. All right. Face me Bam. You sit in the squat position. Chest up. Move. That’s 30. And then walk forwards. Walking forward is the easier part. And backwards too. Sideways? That shit’ll hit you. Phew! It’s hit like almost every angle. Side, glutes. Phew! Make sure you’re breathing. Phew! Back in the shade. (laughs) Shit! Almost there. Woo.
Same thing guys, go for three to five sets. Aight. I really recommend
three ’cause. Show ’em that pump, man. Show ’em that pump. This is a full leg workout. I can’t get fully naked for y’all, but it’s like, it’s also working– – Pause! (laughs)
– Pause. It also works the glutes too though. Yeah.
Which is good for you. You know?
Okay. Men talk about they don’t
want to work their glutes, that’s kinda weird. Nah, you wanna have a
full strong lower body. That’s right. What we got next, some squats? Yeah. Not squats,
different variations or something?
– Yeah. He’ll let you know. Aight y’all, this is calisthenics
leg workout with Bam. It’s a hot day too, so y’all know, man. My fault. Side to side squats. Side to side squats. If that’s not what it’s called… Do your five reps, three
to five sets, excuse me, three to five sets. Now we’re gonna hit the calves. Last workout? Yep. Aight y’all,
y’all talking about Bam You wanna finish,
you wanna always finish the leg workout with calves. Okay. Y’all see, show ’em that pump there, man. See he got calves, man, what are y’all talking about?
I got calves, aight. He got calves. Stop hatin’!
Not using steroids. That’s right.
That’s why it don’t look like all these big other bodybuilders. That’s why they
don’t look like Mr. Olympia’s (laughs) calves.
Yep. Not pumping steroids. So, what you want to do, so we’re going like three to five rounds, but this is the first, this will be first set of the first round. Let me show you guys right now. So, you do 10 regular calve raises. You can hold on to something
to get the balance. Slowly. That’s 10. You come on the ground. You go fast now. Do 20. Now you do the close. Close one, and slow. Keep the
toes close together. Don’t even rest in between. This is a super short routine,
do not rest in between. Come on the ground. Go fast with it. This is gonna be a hard one, you know you gotta save
the hard one for last, that’s how you challenge yourself. Toes in between now, y’all. Y’all see the calves poppin’ out, what you talking about
he ain’t got no calves? Do three, so that’s a
whole set right there. Okay.
Go for three to five rounds. I would go for three personally, if you don’t want to be here for long. But if you’re advanced
and you’re watching this, you go for five rounds. Okay.
Hey guys, you feel that Aight man,
so show ’em again, flex, show ’em the pump after that workout. Look at it man, look, look, look, what you talking about, Bam don’t do legs, he don’t got legs, man? Show ’em the calves and the hammies again. There you go. Just pump. There you go. Aight, man.
You don’t do steroids, all right, that’s why the calves
don’t look like these bodybuilders. Right. Aight Bam, good looking. This is calisthenics leg
workout with my man, Bam. Yep. You always knew, That’s Good
Money, Good Money leg workout, so subscribe to Good Money,
leave a comment below, let us know what video you
guys would be interested in us posting next. And also, check out my channel. Links will
be in the description box for Bam’s Instagram and his YouTube place. Subscribe to his YouTube page, man, he’s getting close to that
10,000 subscriber mark. Man, y’all been
subscribing to the channel, supporting these videos. Thanks for everybody,
for leaving your comments on the squat video that he
did, 100 squats a day joint. Thanks for the love, we
appreciate all the comments, man. Y’all see the back, y’all see it, man, full body, full body. Good lookin’ Bam. Aight.

Cesar Sullivan

39 thoughts on ““STOP SKIPPING LEG DAY” Leg Workout Without Weights – Bam Baam

  1. I was really surprised
    why does your butt look away?
    every time you are practicing whichever part of your butt is the focal point of my vision
    I don't know what happened to me?
    It seems like I'm starting to admire every detail of yours
    especially the beautiful part of your butt

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  3. It's okay to buy a bar with the Weight and start doing squats …I don't think you can build bigger legs just with body weight , it's much difficult when you progress …you have to do 300 to 600 just to feel the burn …'s turned to be cardio and you lose so much calories …sorry for my English ❀

  4. This makes me motivated thanks πŸ™πŸ½ brooooo keep up the good work πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―

  5. Good work Bam. Reading some of these dumb ass comments and just smh. Can't do this, can't do that, steroids. Motherfuckers who talk all of that shit just don't put in the work and feels like everyone is lazy fucks like them.

  6. He got calves you especially see that when he did this harmstring exercise,but he got those long kinda calves but I think he could increase their size and thickness and width even more if he works them intensely and more often also time under tension and a variation to increase width and thicknesss even more

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