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Domestic Violence and Abuse

Suicide and Self Harm Crisis Interview – Educational video (enactment)

For just over two [years] now a dedicated group of Clinicians from across adelaide have been working with Dr. Andrea, Gordon, and I at the University of South Australia on the [shared] Learning and Clinical practice initiative The group has developed a series [of] symposia that explores risk assessment and risk management in Mental health This film is one of the outcomes of our collaborative the film is introduced by Julie Morrison Clinical Practice consultant Eastern Mental health directorate This film is a scenario of a review of a consumer Steven by [a] consultant psychiatrist Dr.. Conrad Newman our Consumer Steven is played by Philip [gulley] Steven has presented the previous night after his parents called the ambulance service and police after finding Steven with a noose in the shed Steven was intoxicated and was placed on a detention order by an emergency department doctor We [asked] you to watch and listen carefully and to consider what you believe to be the best approach an outcome for Steven in doing so reflect on the signs or cues that alert you [to] the depth of Steve’s despair and The counter science that steven may Demonstrate in order to indicate Dr.. Newman that is he is in fact okay? you So soon as I said my name’s conrad, [so] I’m one of the [psychiatrists] that works here in the emergency department I understand he came in last night is that Ryan I think it must have been him because it was after I got home you know from being out with my mates that everything just turned the custard and Everybody overreacted so yeah, [I] was to be listening like yeah Not I’ve heard a bit [about] what it would had happened Because I know you saw a couple of doctors you might not remember much of that from last night I definitely saw a doctor a lot much more than okay. Okay. If what I was down sounds like you’ve been having a rough time Are you able to tell me what’s happened for you to end up in hospital last night no How long do you want me to go back? I mean just last night or or You know the last week or how long just it’s going to be what’s been happening for you like why? Have you ended up in hospital could be as long as you like last week or the last month? I suppose you know marriage broke up about three months ago now when Sarah made it clear that she felt I was I was too angry around the place, and I was drinking too much and everything else like that and you know I like [to] think that I did the right thing and you know I’ve never had anybody or anything like that and just work stress really and So you know I just left and mom and dad great as they normally are and they let me move in there but [hearing] [got] in his self [whew] It’s a bit like a kick in [the] pants really you know he’s sort of like you’re 42 years of age and you’re back living with your parents and everything and Work has been bad you know I’m a sales rep [for] a roofing company and Last two years prior [to] this year. I was you know bonuses would just come in thick and fast There’s [been] no bonuses for the last 12 [months] and and you know I’m a bit and I’m in a bit [of] [shock] there to be honest and So you know I’m kind of like. I’m not in my family anymore. I see the kids when I can see the kids But what do you do? What do you do? What do you do when you finish work on a Friday night? what do you do when it’s like weekend, and you you live in back at home with your parents in every eye and it’s just So I went out for a few drinks last night with Moritz and I Drank too much or what but I got [home] [and] [I] yeah I just felt everything was just blank everything was just kinda like well. What’s the point and Now I find myself out in the garage took a few cans out the fridge stupid thing to do when you know has rope in there and next thing I know my father’s all over all over me as a chair collapsed on the floor and and and then the next thing I know there’s all these ambulance drivers and ambulance personnel and things and You know I feel a bit stupid this morning to be honest okay, so that’s really it in a nutshell okay? So what’s happened? What’s happened? It sounds like in the past few months you may be wife’s name Sarah’s okay? How long have you and Sarah going together for? I’m pulling on each other for about 15 years and I’ve been married about 13 years we’ve got two kids David it was ten and Charlotte who’s seven did you? Okuno yeah. Yeah, you must be missing the kids. Oh, I imagine we’re not being there. Yeah, that’s dicey because You know Sarah’s a one-level We separated on another level you [know] she doesn’t work for [a] living or anything else like that [so] you know still financially dependent on me and So at times she like Oh, you must see the kids and we see the kids on a regular basis now and all the time She’s just totally the opposite of that and kinda like she doesn’t want me to see them and she’s like the way our parent David Because she reckons. I’m too hard and too firm with him and everything else like that. So what I would like oh David David laughing David. I think you know the risk with David. He’s [ten] Is that you know people are [just] a bit too soft with him and she took him to this service some [health] [service] thing and and they diagnosed him with something a while ago and and from my perspective you know my father would just [have] said these are the roles this is what you do these are the limits and If you overshoot those limits you know you’re in bother and and Sarah just doesn’t want to say it like that She seems to fail all we need to be more supportive [of] and all of that and to me you know you with a body particularly they just run the risk of [mollycoddling] him okay. [I] can’t remember what they said he’d got how we’re supposed to be so I was going to ask you, but yeah Oppositional something-or-other okay, maybe oppositional defiant disorder [is] that ring? Yeah? That sounds like okay? It’s [it’s] another tuolumne [it] [gives] your lip. Oh, you [kinda] like says [no] It just ignores her on the morning when she’s asking the things to do and the times he gets angry and standing over and I mean I know what my father would have done [like] faithfully for if I’d have been in that kind of scenario at the age of 10 what would he have done was just like picked me up and sat me down and [you] know Told me that that wasn’t acceptable the next time I did it. It would have been more than a pickup. [I] mean ever heard Every day you wake up, and it’s just like ah failure failure failure Because a man of my age should be caring for his family a man of my age should be able to live independently [my] name. I admire his mother doing his washing for him okay, and You know isis toggle on topically so how are you coping with all the steven? [what’s] what’s it? What’s wrong most of the time I would say? Reasonably well and and you know last night whatever happened last night just I think just Just dollars more than a blip But it was stupid thing to do you know I? Worry that I’m just worrying my parents now unnecessarily, and they’re going to be more worried like this morning And the [first] thing I’d [like] was older day really you know is Get out of here and and just kind of go and [say] [yeah] look mom knocked out out I’m sorry that I’ll never happen again [and] It was a foolish thing to do and I Got probably need to watch the the drinking really okay, because you mentioned [swimming] so you’re out last night Do you remember roughly how much you had to drink? I was mixing things a bit [whose] beer some shorts and I? Don’t really remember, but no it was probably more than I would normally drink and I Know when I got home I wasn’t going to sleep so I just like I said the

[distributor] space and quiet And we got a fridge in there, and probably have a few more beers in there really, okay, roughly. How many do you reckon? Just got Kevin Cameron, but that’s okay. That’s okay. Yeah, did you feel drum did you feel like you’re a bit out? No, I think I would say that I I just probably felt very very clear-headed Almost like [in] [a] song really, and it’s kind of like what why haven’t I seen this before? You [know] it’s kind of like just He’s David the Charlotte They deserve a better father than me. There’s my parents. I shouldn’t be worrying them. I mean me [Dad] [72] I don’t know whether I said that, but you know they don’t need this at this age, and I didn’t even [say] [hershey’s] can I You know she’s young and often attractive enough to [keine] it. Just fell all very clear it just kind of felt well Yeah, why haven’t you seen this before? just get rid of this get rid of this lincoln patient is it I guess that’s what you think you said it seemed clear like That you needed to to do something or you needed to take some action or what what was well? What became clear Steering I? think Like I say I don’t know it was a crazy stupid thing and it’s not something. I’d ever do again but you got to put an end to this was what was clear [and] because You know I just feels like the head is pounding all the time and Whatever, whatever decision. I make that I cannot concentrate at [work] I see the kids that I enjoy seeing the kids, but the feeling of dropping them off in my own home You just kind of think well. You know what’s the point, and that was the point in a few nights I was in the park [or] [around] at their grandparents or whatever and so wherever I turn It’s just like that pounding is there look if there’s no choices. There’s no options and after though it was a Nice night that just felt like an option okay. Oh, and what did you think what do you remember what you thought you would do? well the first thing I [remember] when I got home was that it was pointless going to bed because I was just going to lie there awake, all night and I thought you know I just [gon] have a few more beers and and you know help me sleep a bit and Then I can remember sitting down and then not being able to sit down and just think [you] know like you sort of pacing around And I bought this rope Here we [are] know when recently just more they kind of like. I don’t know really why it’s just kind of suppose why what it might feel like to cut it you [know] and I guess Last night was about well. What would it feel like then there’s the garage. There’s the beams in the garage There’s the che Let’s just say what it feels like people liked it to [trot] into what is that what you were thinking, or yeah, I mean I don’t think I was serious about it. You know at the end of the day I was so drunk that I just fell over anyway, and that’s when my father found me and all of this started, but Can I what would it feel like to kind of? Not to have this thumping in my head no options and no choices and everywhere I look I see failure failure failure even when I look at [people] that You know still care about [Micah] so a lot of pressure stone. You’ve been under a lot of pressure on yeah, this is a full pain that you said you wanted you said something correct me, if I’m wrong, but something like There was a lot of pain, or do you feel like you’re in pain? I guess not not physical pain, but kind of like emotional pain yeah, I mean when Sarah first asked me to go Our pain, here is like in here. You know I was in your guts It was kind of like all right. I give her a bit of space and maybe you know settle things down a bit [hmm], but then down one of a second warning at work, okay, and I mentioned I think just now I know kind of like bonuses for quite a while and You know [they’re] [just] [rung], and I’m not performing and I know I’m not concentrating But then you think to yourself Well you need the job to clear the mortgage even though you’re not living there anymore and still your family and so You know the pain of the marriage was here The painter recently he’s just bring up here, and he just feels relentless Absolutely relentless, and then I got done for Dui now picked up for Dui rather we cut our go and I’m going to need the car for work. I’ve got called coming up and You know that’s what I mean. I just first I’m running out of options Things are real a minute is everything you meant you’ve got got a lot [on] your plate in a virtual supposed to talk are you worried about the court [cases] a What do you think the outcome [of] that’s going to be like? I don’t know I mean I Don’t know the worst thing [would] be To not be able to drive because I [think] that would give work The [kind] [of] [the] excuse that they’re looking for I can’t even make it to work. [they] Given the pressure you’re under it’s not unusual for a guy to feel Very depressed or even think you know, what’s the point to life? Is there anything that’s keeping you going I? Love my kids okay yep David and Charlotte mean the world the world to me and and you know like I said [Sarah’s] been very good at times when she’s not you know looking [for] excuses to block my access to them and You know that’s why I say what I did last night was [just] kind of like well, how would it feel hMM and? It would it be possible just to block the pain out for a period of time because I would never do [anything] like that Seriously, not with two children like that. [I] mean the kids would have a recall from that. No one I leave them with that [you] [know] I’ve let him [down] enough you were Trying anything like that before we got to the point where you thought it. Just wasn’t worth going on Wished you were Dead [Steve] No, I wouldn’t say Ever wished I was dead I mean it has to be a reason why I went you don’t just find yourself in a hardware [store] buying five meters And that’s one of the things of worried miss that’s quite recent. What as I say? I think that was just tamar about satisfying some kind of a strange Curiosity about how that would [look] like now that would fail and when I walk up whatever time it was this morning They’re kind [of] like wow [we’ll] never go there again And because it didn’t feel very nice and I you know I’ve seen what it does Yeah, like I can remember my mother screaming last night. I remember my father [say] what on Earth You’re doing it remember these ambulance officers and me telling them because I don’t mean that from my point of view if I’m honest [I] Understand why I dad rang them The doctor that saw you last night and hopefully this was explained to you Was so worried about what had happened that he did what was called detained you to the hospital. It’s it It’s we have a mental [health] act in South Australia, and showed me some people. Yes with the young yep And basically someone yeah, [you] know one of the things we’ve got to figure out is at the moment what’s the best way that we can help you so Nothing at the end of the day [hours]. I was pissed last night, and you know I’ve got a headache this morning and You know you feel a bit worse for way But the end of the day, I drank too much last night I should never [rock] that stupid rope in the first place because I suppose it kind of you know he puts a temptation anyway When when you bought it steven, what what were you thinking? Do you remember was good because obviously you said you went to the hardware store to buy it you must have been Thinking about you know, maybe ending your life at some point in [time] with you That’s a hard one Just [trying] [to] picture. You [know] what I was doing that day and everything I think it was probably part of me, then we’re starting to think if things ain’t Gonna change If things aren’t gonna shift, I’ll get any better then Might be better off while we’re here so felt that bad Yeah, but you know I didn’t buy it and then go on and herself. No I went I bought it, and I put it in the garage okay, and it was kind of like part Curiosity Part yeah, it’s my son deaf, but Part car insurance really came out kind of like if it doesn’t improve And it doesn’t get any better at least that’s their least I’ve covered that base and You know if I’d really [meant] to do it. I just did got the thing home and done it there and then and And I say now it was just you know wasn’t insurance It was just a stupid thing to have it there Because you go out with your mates on a silent [night] you’re back at your parents home you think [to] yourself? Flippin eck, what a failure [I]? Was a rope in the garage, but you know that’ll be gone by now, and you know I? Ain’t gone down that Road anymore Did just recently steven or or in the past have you done anything else like write a goodbye note to anybody, or oh? But probably a week ago. I dropped the kids off back home and and Sarah started talking about not having often ran off money and all this sort of thing Though in part of me was kind of like angry with her Because there are times. I think I said blinking it woman just [go] get a job But then part of me was just thinking oh She’s having to go up me because I’m not You know kind of like paying them. I’m not doing what a husband sure I’m not doing what my family you don’t used to do and what he just seemed also straightforward when we were growing up But I don’t know maybe times have changed maybe Touch on my father. I don’t know and Anyway, there was a bit of a saying really and she started yelling that You know I wasn’t the man she’d married and this town and she thinks I’m some sort of monster And it’s not safe for me to be around the kids cuz I’m too harsh with David all the time And he’s got a diagnosable disorder now, and why can’t I [just] recognize and accept that and I? Went back my mom and dad’s are not I think I just you know I saw her Wrote this little note to David and shire never meant them to actually you know get it or anything else I just shoved it in a desk or something something along the lines of Do your David dear Charlotte? I’m very sorry you deserved a better dad okay? Yeah, and Again, it was just kinda like well. How would it feel how would it feel? Not to be in their lives [anyway] How much of the die do you think about that do you think how much did oh? Because you mentioned how you went got the rope it was in the garage. It was and you said earlier It was it was knowing that that was an option that was there so that you didn’t have to keep going through this How much of the day you’re thinking about that not much? not much, but Like when it called Moore’s wedding cool months it counted Almost like takes me down a bit of a path really, so you know you Go back to Mom and dad’s on the back of that row on the doorstep Feeling angry with Sarah feeling angry with me Feeling like how on Earth is this happened thinking? It’s just not fair [on] these children and You just find yourself right in the naught how long does that take it doesn’t take long and Then I suppose I sad a son looked at it for a [while], and just thought well, you know The end of the day you are their father so you Know what do you write the stupid hope for and then I can get up and just? get on with whatever I was doing and And how long does it take the going to a hardware shop? to buy a rope And put it in the garage hide it in the garage a sport half an hour an hour and the last couple of weeks not quite every day, but every couple of days it’s it’s Kind of [Zoners] kind of hit hmm. Really you just find yourself in it Okay, have you ever felt this bad before Steven. Have you ever? No, I’ll be fine [Ryan]. Okay. I’ll be fine mmM. Thank you for your time My pleasure steven, but I guess the thing that still worries me [is] I? Guess with what you’ve told me it sounds like so much is [happening] as I said before You’ve been thinking about Wanting to end your life And I suppose the other thing that concerns me is it sounds like? You’re pretty much doing this on your own is that fair to say [that] you’re look I guess do you feel lonely Steven is this Well, you know I haven’t really thought about that to be honest because it’s just You got to get yourself to work, and you got to get through work? and you got to try and focus on making some sales and being nice to people on the doorstep or call calling or whatever it might be and [then] I just get home and if I don’t go [down] the pub and and and have a few drinks [I] Just exhausted. I just want to sleep hmm, so I haven’t really thought about all the people and and Loneliness or anything like that [I]? Mean I should be able to get through this at the end of the day Yeah, all right. I’m separated from my wife on the second warning at work the Court case pending But I still got two kids that love me and I’ve still got parents that are good enough to take me in and not ask any questions and just get on [with] life and I Do have some good friends. I do have some good mates. [sorry]. We don’t you know can I? talk Heart-to-Heart as it were but There’s people there hmm. I [guess] to that point, so You mean that if you were to say what are your reasons for living and it might be some of those things What would you include [that] [nanette] [alors]? What would you say? What are your reasons phrases for the living [prefer] staying alive as opposed to dying you me yes yeah well I’m not proposing to die or anything like that. I mean as I said I Wouldn’t do what I did last night again. It’s you know. I’m just going to cause stress and worry for everybody but David and Charlotte Mm-Hmm. I mean my father was always there for me. Mm-hm. He never separated from my mother But he was there for money to be there for David Especially with this. What did you call it again? [opposition] I’m not sure that’s what it is, but you know you said oppositional it might be this thing called oppositional defiant, okay? [so] [I] need z needs a father sorry to get sorted in order to be one and you know Charlotte’s a lovely little girl and she’s beautiful and You know she she does your heart good? and the end of the Day I I’ve still got these mortgage payments and and you know when I think about it In a better way a better frame of mind [oh] and once ever to go to work because You know David and Charlotte need us or therefore? It’s my responsibility there keep burning the morning to pay the mortgage. So there’s three reasons [to] live and I think also when I Kind of See look Beyond the last few months and look back to two years ago three years ago, I Was doing alright and therefore [I] can do all right again and and life felt all right then so You know do you [like] feeling? All right is a reason to live in it it is it is Do you have some hope that things can’t get better? Well some things got to change some things Something’s Gotta give Locusts yeah, okay. So what what has to change? What has to give for you to feel? better again, [I] Think once this court Dui thing is behind me And I’ve still got a license. Yeah, it’s to get work That’s something that could change things throughout because I just feels like One thing too many. Yeah, yeah since it hit and You know the other thing that needs to change And it’s took me [just] now when you were talking about how much do you drink? the other thing that probably needs to change is probably been drinking too much and They are talking just now about How the pattern used to be on a weekend? [I] suppose that was healthy mmm where I’m at now isn’t healthy so the drinking needs to change you know order for things to get better, but Waking up here this morning on [what] time that was but? Realizing I’ll flip you know Where am I war-torn HMM? What’s gonna happen next looking at that piece of here, but it the doctor gave me last night mmM I’d stay in hospital. See you I Mean I need to get work. I need to get honey to be about a word tomorrow And maybe just focusing focusing on first step getting back to work pulling yourself together [Steven] and Yeah that My deal to the pain now. I’ve seen that The Choice [Acts] [Adan] last night isn’t reasonable It’s not right. It’s [not] good not going to solve anything mmM But [I] guess at the time as you were saying that seemed like that the solution that seemed like the best option last night Dead Did I know I’m still not convinced that I actually wanted to do I’m still not convinced that I? Would enjoy it mm-hmm. I mean flippin eck. I couldn’t even do that. I fell off the chair Somehow you know I ended up on the floor. My father said he’d heard a noise and So I don’t know how serious. [I] was I you know. I was just drunk mmM okay, still pretty boring I should take my kids to Today just a couple other things I just want to clarify with you Stephen is is You mentioned you hadn’t been concentrating and that you you said you were exhausted all of the time or [something] like that If you how’s your appetite been have you been eating or he lost weight? Oh, there’s good She gets up on the morning and make sure I have [a] bite to eat and stuff before I go to work. [yeah] and [I] grab something through the day when things aren’t too busy and You know sometimes on a night can I? Have a schnitzel or something like that is iMagine I really thought much about Iodine each one of things you got a dough, isn’t it occur as I age yeah, because you were changed people. Tell me I’ve Lost a fair bit of weight, but I understand that’s [probably] why you so for yeah Too close [hulu] so like we’ve gone and as you had to pull your built in time. Yeah, okay Yeah, how much tighter we had to [pull] oh my God noticeably okay? [I]? [Began] [I] you know I just think well that’s natural and You got all of this stress in your lose weight And Steven have you do Jeepers you what do you see your GP at all last time? [I] want to see it another good at seeing doctors. Yeah, can [I] you know he just get on with life and yeah, ah probably, maybe three years ago, I Yeah, I got a bit hit by that well very hit by the flow and and it kept me in bed for several days And then it wasn’t getting any better and in the end Sarah said, you know well Much as its new to you. Why don’t you want to see a doctor and I did But then he just said why didn’t you get the flu shots and I mean you know the flow is the flow one? But yeah about three years ago I think have you have you seen him about how you been feeling recently you know. I mean. There’s I think this is a Medical problem, I think it’s just something that I’ve got to work through. I think it’s just Something it’s just life. It’s just It’s just something that’s personal hmM. So I would never think [they’d] go to a doctor about something like this And you and your general health usually, how are you and your health? I’ve never really you know I’m sort of played a bit of 40 when I was younger I still have a bit [of] a kick about with David from time to time and suppose I would notice my joints are getting a bit creaky and bit stiffer than I’ve ever been But other than that [alright], really [learning] the tiredness is just Just you know symptom of what I’m going through of everything you’re going into the stress that you’re under here Innit you on any medication regularly, or yeah, okay? Then in any history in the past of depression or anything else like that Have you ever seen the same pSychiatrist or pSychologist or [no]? I mean I’ve always just sort of felt a little [bit] too much, emphasis on everybody failing happy all the time and you know he kind of Life’s not necessarily about training. [happy] all the time, and I don’t know I think this Maybe I should think about that really But I was at this field it You know your life’s in [your] own hands, and if you’re feeling a bit law then you [just] do something about it and I Don’t know about this depression thing mm-hm, but maybe maybe I out here is why we depressed the whole thing I mean, [that’s] one thing that I was going to ask you to Do you feel depressed? [teres] said for a while that She thinks I should have like gone to see a doctor because I [think] you’re depressed Then when I’ve asked [her] what she means by that she just says all because you’re angry and you’re irritable and You’re drinking more than you used to and you’re not the man. I married and and to me that’s not an illness. That’s just [life-Changing] Really [mm-Hm]? You know you can’t You cannot expect that everything [just] feels like it first did when you first got together cuz things [change] But maybe maybe I mean you’re you you’re like the expert you do you think This is one of the things where [he] was going to have to talk about them And [we] will talk about that in a little while about you know What I see is going on But also getting your opinions in terms of what’s going on because I guess the most worrying things if it is Stephen. Is that you? You’ve ended up in hospital after having harmed yourself Well, I don’t know whether to harm myself [I] I fell off a chair while putting in a rope open, and you know nor harm Done other than a thick head, and I mean I respect what you’re saying [doctor] button There’s plenty more worthy cases than me. I think If this happened to a matter of you was if you heard that one of your mates Who’s going through a similar thing ended up in hospital? Would you be worried about him? [oh] yeah mmm. Yeah? Mmm. I [dunno], [I] don’t know what to say but yeah, I guess I would really and Don’t get me wrong I mean I’ve been shocked by What happened last night as well and when I say I didn’t really harm myself Yeah, I don’t mean they sort of say oh, well. You know it was nothing Just clearly it was something, but you know [I’ve] learned now that that’s not the way that go, so We’ll just find another way to cope with it I guess you know the other thing that would worry me stephen. Is you’ve got a lot on your plate And you’re you mention works kind of a pressure, and I think you said earlier something like you’re on your warning second wall incessantly wondering What would happen [do] you think if you lost your job at the moment all? How would you [deal] with that? well, we Haven’t really got mortgage insurance and such So I mean that is a big worry, really Because I would hate to see Sarah and the kids you Know I’m Gonna [go] [instead] her parents their mother dad separated quite a lot of years ago And you know she has a reasonable relationship with him I would Not [weigh] she could go and live [there] for any length of time so I mean that does weigh heavy on me Cuz I guess if something happened like that it would be very difficult for you to handle that at the moment hMM That’s why I need to be at work tomorrow hmM you know I need to just put this behind me and get [back] in there and You know as my father would say just get on with [it] and everything will take care [of] itself One thing I I need to ask you and this is because given what happened and the pressure that you’re under sometimes when men are going through a very very difficult period Like this it gets so bad that they think maybe be better if not only they were to die, but if they’re the family [walk] if they were to take their families [listen] [I] uh [overall] No, I mean, I might have messed up. I might have failed I might have You know I might have these thoughts that No-good husband. No good as a Salesman and Precious little good as a father, but you know he couldn’t he’d never have thoughts never not my head at all about Hurting anybody else and as I said are such as [cuz] sometimes Some guys do go through that but but as you’re saying you haven’t felt that way kids over life apart you for me. They probably you know [don’t] take time, but we [have] a better life apart [from] me one another life. Yep, okay? Steven [I] Guess [you’ve] told me a lot and thank you very much because you know this is the first time we’ve Ever met and to tell somebody that you don’t know about what you’re going through is is Very tough I mean as guys we’re not always very good at expressing. How we feel but you’ve told me a lot What would help me though Steven is To talk to some people who know you well To try and get their perspective on things and usually what I you know what I do is if I could talk to [Sarah] And if I could talk to your mom and dad and just get their perspective on because I obviously know you Very well, they’ve known you their whole life and Sarah [you’ve] been together for a long time How would you feel about me? Go out in them? you see I Think Sarah is now at a stage where she’s looking for an excuse For me not to see the kids or at least not to see them very often [Mm-hmm] And I think what’s driving that is her view that David needs more support not darling in the line And I don’t know what else might be driving it borden I think if you talk to her you’d give her the ammunition that she needs [a] wants to put a stop [to] that and Well kids are all I got left you

Cesar Sullivan

4 thoughts on “Suicide and Self Harm Crisis Interview – Educational video (enactment)

  1. An excellent tool for clinicians learning to work with people who have been, or who are in a suicidal crisis. Congratulations Professor Nicholas Procter and your team.

  2. Thank you for this; it will be an excellent tool to help my students of community services and counselling

  3. Great acting by the client. But strange ending. So he didn't give permission to talk to family? How did the therapist conclude the session from there? What were the interventions, or the suggestions for support?

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