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Domestic Violence and Abuse

Supporting our clients to live life fully

We were fortunate enough to be pointed towards Programmed Care and straightaway decided they’re the people we want to go with and it’s worked out marvelous we had gone through other agencies but we just didn’t quite meet the right person and then we got introduced to Programmed Programmed is great because they interview on what they require, so
licenses and insurance things like that and then we meet the person on what we require, so we really want someone who understands because everybody is different. I get here in the morning and I help him out a bed [yeah] and shower, we have a shower and then he has a nice breakfast and I just, you know tidy up his room for him My day-to-day life is helping Katie be
more independent and be able to complete a lot of jobs by herself. We get up in
the morning help shower, getting breakfast ready.
We do the washing together and aiding Katie to do things that
she can’t do for herself anymore. For me it’s meeting new people and hearing their stories I think it’s absolutely brilliant, we’re out and about we’re doing things and just listening to
their life story and I just find it fascinating it’s great, it’s just so rewarding I crack him up [laughs].
He makes me laugh he is happy to see me, he says “oh geez, if hes not around there’s something wrong” [laughs] the mental health and the stability that is
created with good carers is very very important and it’s the thing that makes
you stronger and better

Cesar Sullivan

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