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Swaziland: Gold Mine of Marijuana (Part 2/2)

Cesar Sullivan

100 thoughts on “Swaziland: Gold Mine of Marijuana (Part 2/2)

  1. I’m from Swaziland and I’m sad that these men’s, grannies and farmers faces weren’t protected… Hamilton mate come on! TF

  2. instant classic " they told me smugglers could be aggressive so i took a brief nap … to calm my nerves" hahahhahah

  3. I had the pleasure of my first joint being royal swazi, and all to myself when I was 12 years old,I felt like my kneecaps were down lower than normal, that's what I remember the most, my parents came home early and said I looked pale, I told them I was sleeping lol.

    So close to being caught, but man, I wanna try Royal swazi again, we have a few other interesting strains, pandu being very resinous but gave me a headache, the reclaim from it mixed with chronic because we noticed back then, it was very oily and I'm sure that in a pipe caused my first weed hallucination ever.

    We also have Tarry, which is not very strong usually, I believe its a sativa tho, I just think I got it from people who never tried to grow it better, when you have a lot of it, you go through it quite quickly.
    I should get some seeds, swazi is nice tho, not always amazingly strong but it can be.

    Swazi Gold I've had once, and my oh my that shit was nice.

  4. So you done all that testing for nothing then Hamilton ?worst ending ever.and smoking weed in a newspaper must be harsh,,

  5. Dude! why did you have to act all fucking uncool right off rip with smoking with that dude and it having somebody else smoke before you and saying you saw your life flash before your eyes. Who are you smoking with ? Are these guys killers , cannibals, straight up fucking thugs!?!? What, what's up?

  6. Yet another Vice video with no conclusion. Half an hour before our flight… Just stay another day or two. Complete the fucking project.

  7. Когда вы черти русский выучите.Базарите на говноанглийском , задрали)))

  8. Niggas in America that sell big would be like white boy u ain't filming shit or tell u about how we smuggle bud. over there they must not care fines ain't shit to pay.

  9. If I was a cannabis company.. I'd buy off these poor farmers just one sale of a nice batch in weight would be able to earn these farmers 2years money to feed family..

  10. So what I'm getting is, Cannabis addiction is a primarily Western thing, the drug is not inherently evil like the govt propagates, we should legalise it but we also need to put proper education and mental health care in place, for everyone ??

  11. How do you do a proper analysis by touching each product with bear hands while packing test tubes ???!!??
    Then put on gloves while testing, but not handling.
    Research cross-contamination……….. Duh.
    Still I give props for doing a tricky interview in a strange to you country! Kinda jealous!!!

  12. Can everyone now stop calling it " Marijuana " we all know why the phrase was first used & its reasoning .. now it just sounds lame & its disrespectful to the goodness , ribbit ..

  13. Surprisingly enough if you smoked all 4 bathtubs of weed in one go you would not die. You might not feel too great, but death is far, far away. now try that with alcohol…

  14. How fucking cool that just be to be able to just chill out and smoke weed in Africa with the natives. There's just so many firsts and once in a lifetime memories to make, I'm extremely jealous!

  15. They basically put their whole operation on video bare faced for their government to see smh. Didn't even blur out their license plate wow

  16. Probably not cool to show those guys who live there literally saying anything that could possibly even be taken as negative about the king, I would fear for their safety and just left it out. We all know what they think anyway.

  17. how tf you go the whole first part documentary without smokin, i would of been smokin fat on that first lady’s hill and every farmer i visited after. I dont get how they take these people who have no knowledge of cannabis or dont smoke and send them to beautiful weed gold mine places like this, i woulda been chiefin every seen of this documentary.

  18. The boy Hamilton is a dangerous idiot Swaziland people don't trust or meet him again fing idiot de boy he aint no rastamon has a joke

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