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Swelling & Bruising After Rhinoplasty

So, part of our postoperative regimen after
Rhinoplasty, includes such recommendations as, sleeping for the first several days with
your nose above your heart, as that will decrease the amount of initial swelling that patients
may have. It is not uncommon for there to be some bruising,
that actually may be more noticeable two days after surgery, than even the day after surgery. Also, in the recovery room, our post-anesthesia
care nurses will provide you with something called swiss therapy, which is a see-through,
cool, gel pad that actually is light enough to put over the cast on top of the nose, and
also helps to provide some cooling to the cheeks, and will help with postoperative swelling. Some patients will get more swelling than
other patients. Sometimes that’s even enough where the eyelids
become a little more swollen, but that is almost always down to a normal level by the
time that the patients will come back to see me in six to seven days after surgery.

Cesar Sullivan

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