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Domestic Violence and Abuse


the TAC attack guys ready for the TAC attack all the fucked attack attack is so good Austin the taxis are the best shot in the game it's almost like no comparison what the fuck my shit just bug the fuck out oh my god whore whore just horse say boy you're gonna come save them or what no fuck it dude all this thirst is done by sin did you screw I'm just gonna leave you man gobble-gobble all right fucking Sunday at mate I would have pickaxe that guy but I didn't have shield dude I was going to I'm glad I didn't if that was actually ninjutsu you took out his whole squad but I even know that was him Brian legit I do love that dude I could easily kill him but you got to go for that fucking clips dude pickaxe kills and shows somebody's there two people on the bottom of the house two on me treehouse I'm Way worried right where we were this guy's been creeping in the whole time oh my god Oh laser me jackin tacking no I don't have that he probably isn't but he doesn't missed a shot on me yet me either think there's two of them find out yeah [Laughter] he's dead hot dude later dude now I'm gonna make sure to go in the theater and report your ass bro literally didn't miss a shot on the entire time he wants the viz back Wow so cool off we have the chicken dude keep attacking man and report him dude been the best on the game but he's one of gay men to me actually yeah my entire cat failing that with his booth I got you you see it you've seen it check shifu so scared a ninja he'd rather data fall day me better data fall damage you can get that at a dude Ivan broke God man he did not miss a single shot man when he hide in the fall damage of little maggot bulls in the check we shot it no play that we have a that West Coast need creative hacker need gotta get him and thought straight up be a certain face actually called him a hacker that's true way to call Mac heavy well check it almost I was gone was game at him dude how are their shields see so many PC can match it up straight up with mix lobby holy moly yeah whatever sign now and that's like fax right there hey guys think man dusty I diluted do it win ninja tea two or three balloons oh no here to scam inbound boom there you go fi dude oh no is that one man you guys all saw that right why are you asking my question can you see that diamond that's the first time I've seen it you know I want to meet your bands TV very emotional Sauk City up auntie who's back because I'm good axe damn it I'm just saying we all called it draw a living was flying around balloons lasering everybody he flew he flew away in a balloon on the way down still hit me for like 20 damage and then died tied about him that's how crazy there's a bunch of bunch of a bunch of one month ninja twitch prime stuff is gonna come at teeth you way better you suck man little ash man creepy freak suck plant smash but now Mario Cart it damn they Quantcast night by the way yeah buddy yeah buddy partner the Silent Assassin the silent assassin oh my god yeah he was coming on for me yeah you just saved my life I love you what am I watching that was my Tramp wow that guy the same exact ideas me at the same time are you good protect the top man dude I'm go right now thank you yeah let's still do this on a hill yeah Tim you lunatic just got knocked out by that trap the same way how do you pick up there's a medkit in this little box right here bring it to you thought I might I can't thank you

Cesar Sullivan


  1. Ninja is so trash true is not scared of you so be quiet. End yes he well beet you in a onebeone True is better. ☝️☝️☝️

  2. Tfue:shut up dude you doodoo I almost pickaxe u bruh shut up and clean your mouth before u talk trash bro

  3. Honestly tho as soon as another player is better than Ninja he automatically thinks that person is a hacker

  4. Bro ninja is so bad at fortnite I hope ninja becomes a failure and loses all his money and all his supporters go to tfue and anybody who uses creator code ninja is anybody I absolutely hate.

  5. okay ninjas claims are all false and there is plenty of evidence to back it up just from these clips.
    1. tfue missed multiple shots
    2. ninjas squad was all marked as "streamer" so there is no possible way he would have known it was u so he would have killed u either way but he was going for clips and just trying to have fun
    3. ninja thinks he is just the best so he thinks he knows all which is false

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