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"Tfue KILL Liquid Poach on Stream & Much More!" Fortnite Kings Highlight #84

my God has the worst camera good play any witness where do you go clean clean yeah I'll clean I'm straight out of the laundry shampoo or conditioner no no I know I miss the farm food I miss the pump dude I miss Ted died every war those guys would die with the combat no no no no no no no not to shoot a few more shots that first guy took a 150 those are all hundred shot damn it I'm crap nice you fucking fat this bod bro what's up fuck Dennis Pitta literal dogs come here like I have forgive you hey yeah Tim yeah Minnie for me or what Salzburg Brooke who's that you know oh it's just my girlfriend I've been talking to her once that my friend would [Laughter] we talk a lot yeah oh god yeah hey you're on your own now hiya helping you at all here good luck why she's like 50 Oh all right are you coming up dude emotional I yes she was weird what I'm not gonna lie yesterday was we as that mean as invited to do like I for a whole like 24 hour period I didn't you know use my computer and I have tissue second blow my nose you didn't check off that were you trying to say we're coming for oh my god wow what a fucking impressive feat that was did that was I came home oh my god dude who's rockin pretty you ain't even ordered a VR headset [Applause] [Applause]

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