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The 1 MILLION HP DUCK Got DESTROYED!! | Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Best Moments

welcome to fortnight premium today's question is about cosmetics if you could add a new cosmetic item category to the game like facial hair or jewelry for example what would it be leave your answers in the comments and we'll pick the best for our next episode yesterday we asked you about your own glider design it is impossible for me to cover all your answers but here's the top five Joshua Squires says I want a llama glider that shoots sweet from its bot llama seems like everyone's favorite great choice Joshua demonic RP says I would have a pig glider so people can say pigs can't fly no more would be fun if they added pig squeals as well Jakob Lazar says I want a glider that shows your favorite youtuber on it always for tie premium for me thanks for that Jacob I think this is a great idea rim pet says a glider I would want is a Kevin the coop glider it would look like a bunch of tube fragments clump together and would make coop sound effects I love this idea make it happen epic mod says I want a newspaper glider so I can read the news while in the air sounds awesome let's make a fort night newspaper as well let's have a look at your comments Lukas Oh Coco says I love your channel and your videos thanks for the love Lucas fake clam BG says is it only me or is the situation with ducky creepy like dark deception I'm not sure I would call it creepy but it is weird I senpai says your videos are the best thank you and an extra thanks to the editor I subscribe like this video hope it helps you it helps us a lot thank you i senpai like his tidy says thanks for the best width every remember when risky reals was as busy as tilted hey Blake yeah we remember feels like a long time ago high by the beach says dipper from gravity falls we're glad you liked it come on editor let's get going win 2500 v bucks every week like this video comment and subscribe for a chance to win more info is in description of this video do you ever look at someone and wonder what is going on inside their head this year good neighbors our get locked before you die you have any last words yeah you've got a big storm coming somewhere then write of shame to two bitches nope nope nope simple geometry who is there please ah shit haha right there boys take a minute that's fucking teamwork [Applause] Oh time for some more comments Shahla assim says i love your videos and you're the best youtuber thanks for the love and praise shala francis Gerard Rivera says I wish the cube was back and it would be an ice cube we want the cube back as well Francis not sure about twice though they're nerdy no Ruiz says hey ice up to you by the way love your width welcome to the channel Bernardi no don't forget to hit the bell button to be notified of any uploads we make Paul Jojo says hi fortnight premium my name is Paul just Paul hey there Paul hope you're having a good day Hasan besime says your videos are the best Thank You Hasan you guys are the best thanks for watching till the end see you on our next episode you

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