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THE ART OF DIM SUM – Taro Root Cake Recipe

Welcome to souped up recipes
today we are making taro cake. It is a fluffy crispy dim sum,
very popular in Guangzhou and HK. If you have never had it before. You got to try this. OMG, it is so soft, fluffy and crispy. Wow, that is amazing. First soak some dried mushrooms
and shrimps with 500 ml of water until soft. Then strain it. Make sure you squeeze the mushroom get rid of the excess water. Don’t throw out the water, we need that to cook the taro. Peel the taro carefully, because it can cause itchiness. If you have sensitive skin, like me, wear gloves or apply some vinegar on your hands to protect yourself. Cut the taro into half centimeter cubes. This is la chang, Cantonese style sausage. And this is la rou, kind of like Chinese smoke
bacon. Cut them into small size. I am pretty sure any Chinese grocery will
have them. I will put the amazon link in the description. You can check it out later. If you can’t find it, you can use other type of sausage and smoked pork instead. Cut the mushroom into the same size too. And i got 3 ounces onion and 2 tbsp of minced garlic ready. let’s make the rice flour mixture. You will need 400 grams of rice flour. Add a tsp of salt. Pour in 1 liter of water. Mix it well make sure there is no big piece like that. set it aside. Heat up the wok a little bit. Add 3 tbsp of vegetable oil. Then add in the garlic and stir it until fragrant. Throw in all the ingredients we prepared Cook it for 3 minutes on medium heat. You can taste it and decided if you need more
salt. Because every la chang and la rou have different saltiness. Adjust it to your preference. Take it out and set it aside. We are not going to wash the wok because we don’t want to waste the flavor. Just directly add in all the taros along with 1 tbsp of sugar, 1 tbsp of soy sauce, 1 tsp of five spice and 1 tsp of salt. Give it a mix Pour in the water that you soaked the shrimps and mushroom with. Turn the heat to high let it cook until the water is almost gone. It will probably not gonna be cooked completely. Don’t worry, this just to make sure the taro is infused by the shrimp and mushroom. It will take about 5 minutes, it should look like this. Put it in a big bowl. Add in all the ingredients we prepared and pour in the flour mixture it should be just enough to cover all the
food. Combine well. The last step is to steam it. Put parchment paper into a container so the taro cake will be easier to take out
later. Just add it in .Make it flat. You can shake it a little bit just in case there is air hiding inside. Now you are ready to steam. Bring the water to a boil and steam it on high heat for 30 minutes. You can use a chopstick to check. If it is transparent, that means it is done. Let it cool down to room temperature. Cut it into the size you like! You can eat it now if you can’t wait. I like to do one more thing to make it taste even better. Fry it for few minutes, so I can get a nice, crispy layer. Tastes so good. We usually dip this with hot sauce or XO sauce. But trust me, this is so delicious that you don’t need a dipping sauce. If you love to eat taro this is the perfect recipe to try because it has a strong taro flavor. The fragrance just go so well with all those
ingredients we put in. Omg, this taste really good. You can serve this as a nice appetizer or eat it as breakfast The amount I gave is enough for 5 people. If you make a lot taro cake at a time you can just freeze some. This is a great thing about taro cake. They can last a couple months in the refrigerator and still taste the as good as it was fresh. Whenever you want to eat them again, just deforest and steam or pan fry them again. I hope you give this a try soon. Check the description for all the ingredient amounts and the steps. Give me a thumbs up if you like it

Cesar Sullivan

45 thoughts on “THE ART OF DIM SUM – Taro Root Cake Recipe

  1. This kinda looks like fried turnip "lo bak go" and I order that every time we go out for dim sum! I will definitely try this thank you for the video.

  2. 妳太過份了,這樣的食材太誘人了~~

  3. Chinese make the best soup dumplings and any kind of dumpling in the world!!! I know, I was there for five and a half years. And I'm going back soon as possible!!!

  4. My hubby & I tried to make this (dif, recipe) and failed miserably! : (( So, so glad you have this … will really try this. : )) Thank you!

  5. I tried it last night and it turned out to be perfect and yummy… thanks for the recipe 😘😘😘

  6. Love your channel. One quick question, though. Is this recipe valid for making steamed daikon cake? Can I just simply substitute taro for daikon instead? If not, could you make a video on how to prepare steamed daikon cake? Thanks in advance for your response.

  7. Looks delicious. Hope you make video to make white carrot cake (daikon). I really like when they make daikon cake with omelet on top.


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  9. The taro root you used: you said it gives itchy sense…

    This is similar to that of elephant yam and colocasia in india… gives itchy sense even inside the tongue and throat… does your taro root do the same.. if then the cooking method is wrong…

    To reduce the itchy sense we have to 1. Buy the old one… the one you have may be newly uprooted… 2. We boil after cutting to whatever shape in salt water till cooked for 1/4 th.. and drain out all the water… 3. A little bit of sour cream, lime or tamarind helps remove the remaining itchy sense from the veg if any… mostly its gone with the preboil water that is discarded…

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