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Domestic Violence and Abuse

The Conservative=Violent, Liberal=Non-Violent Myth

I have concerns about some of the language that is as being used because I saw I saw this myself in the late 70s in San Francisco this kind of rhetoric group is very frightening and it gave I created a climate in which with violence took place and thought I wish that we would all again curb enthusiasm and some of the statements that are made to the understanding that that some of the people if the ears that are it is falling on or not we are Americans first we are not Republicans we are Republicans Democrats independents who finally decided enough is enough I'm here because I'm a patriot ex-military father was in the military for 24 years and and I'm just proud to be a part of this I'm proud to be here representing America the Constitution and everything that we love so dearly outside the Capitol a few hundred members of the conservative Tea Party movement called on Congress to kill the Democratic health care reform bill as Republicans urged them to keep fighting you are here to say the American people don't want a government takeover of health care moving inside they tried to lobby undecided Democrats at times it got ugly the MTG a protesters in Germany have made as many headlines as the summit itself on Thursday a high-speed boat chase between police and three Greenpeace boats temporarily interrupted the calm of heiligendamm the Baltic Sea resort where g8 leaders were meeting days earlier almost a thousand people were hurt will protest as clashed with police in the nearby port of Rostock tens of thousands of protesters have streamed into the surrounding towns trying to breach the security thousands of police have been using helicopters and water cannons to try to control the crowds assault police clashed with anti-globalization protesters at the World Trade Organization meeting the violence was so severe Seattle had to declare a curfew the scuffles in which around 520 were held were dubbed the Battle of Seattle now federal agents are trying to see if the spray paint vandalism is connected to a September toppling of the am stations radio towers and nearby Snohomish a note left of the site attributed back to elf and FBI agents believe elf is responsible for the March 2008 fire that tore through Seattle Street of Dreams near Woodinville free homes were destroyed and the Master Builders Association or MBA is taking these acts of vandalism seriously the fire is just three miles where the latest banner was found in Melbourne Australia a year later around 2000 anti-globalization protestors tried to delay the start of the world economic forum fearing a repeat of Seattle Mounted Police waded in with tensions later that month dozens of protesters and police were hurt in Prague where the International Monetary Fund and World Bank were holding their annual meetings the normally peaceful streets of Geneva erupted into chaos Saturday when a demonstration against a major WTO meeting that starts Monday became violent with demonstrators smashing windows and setting fire to a number of cars the violence occurred during a march of about 3000 demonstrators in 2001 in the Swedish city of Gothenburg three protesters were shot and twelve police injured after violence at the EU summit the picturesque 17th century Swedish port resembled a warzone littered with rocks burning barricades and smash shops after nearly 12 hours of non-stop violence this may be a little bit further than your usual weekend bender but this was Friday night / Saturday morning for some students at Berkeley they railed against budget cuts in tuition hikes throughout the entire university system the state's university system says it will need to increase University tuition by a whole lot the next academic year to make up for the state's multi-billion dollar budget gap [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause]

Cesar Sullivan

43 thoughts on “The Conservative=Violent, Liberal=Non-Violent Myth

  1. The Germans apologized for the nazzi socialists, the Japanese apologized for their imperial expansion, but the leftists of the world who agitated for the communism of the 20th century never did. Their death toll is hundreds of millions. They can't defend their ideology with reason, so they use violence. Shame on you filthy animals. All leftists will be held to account.

  2. so they show one right wing clip (from one country) and a million supposed left wing clips (from different areas in the world), and that's supposed to be a fair?! I dare say that waco texas shoot out or the bundy ranch stand off wasn't by liberals. I don't do this left right ism schism crap. And leftist liberals will get
    – aggressively passive aggressive
    – violent
    if you don't subscribe to their camp and their way of thinking and doing shit.
    However I will point out some shit that doesn't work.

    ps notice how no one says shit when white people are looting and destroying other peoples private property and costing my black ass more in taxes. Damn 'thugs', with their trench coats, listening to all that death metal and doing all that meth.

  3. You could spend days going through the information at the link below packed with examples of liberal hate and violence.

  4. who are "us people" and abortion is a very rare occurance reaching no where near the level of erradication. Genocide is an attempt to completely wipe out a race of people. A few thousand abortions by primarily white women is not even close. Exaggerations like this are what make people look and sound fanatical. To save some time, we argue back and forth and then settle on this: prove that a fetus has a soul or keep your religion out of the law.

  5. And aboprtion is not an attempt at "erradicating humanity". Jesus christ you people are just mental.

  6. Genocide is an attempt at erradication. Hunting is not genocide. If we eradicate what we are hunting then there won't be anymore left. If we destroyed all fetuses then there would be no more people and we would go extinct.

  7. Merriam Webster
    Liberalism definition: a political philosophy based on belief in progress, the essential goodness of the human race, and the autonomy of the individual and standing for the protection of political and civil liberties; specifically: such a philosophy that considers government as a crucial instrument for amelioration of social inequities (as those involving race, gender, or class)

  8. O.o

    They are hated by you right wingers, and they hate right wingers as well, and there are A TON of left wingers as well so…. my head hurts from your reasoning.

  9. not at all Im 100% serious liberal and leftists are the scum of the earth, they are hated by a ton of people

  10. So killing little babies inside the womb isn't mass genocide? Maybe all liberals should be forced to work at abortion clinics, instead of getting baby kill funding from the gov't. I bet after 1 month abortion would be abolished. It's okay to tell others they can't: pray in school, drink a 32 oz soda, use coal to produce electric, own guns, have opposing ideas on a tv station, not have health insurance, ETC… But killing babies in lieu of a fucking condom or vasectomy is a choice? You're dumb!

  11. Oh buhu, liberals are so violent and hatefull people! Unlike conservartives, especially terrorist pro lifers:

    8 cold blooded murderers
    17 attmepted murders
    41 (!) bombings
    175 arsons
    406 death threats
    5800 cases of vandalism

    violence that has nothing to do with abortion:
    Familly found dead cat with the word "liberal" on it.
    Man kills people in liberal church with shotgun
    Martin Luther king murdered by man opposing "liberal agenda"

    Buhuuuu, conservatives are victims!


  12. @SteveSmith26 Could you point out what about liberal ideology is based on lies? Don't portray conservatives as straight talking or consistant either. It's politics, everyone is making lies and saying one thing one minute and another the next.

  13. You are comparing one movement, the teapartyers, with several, very different movements arcross the world. Plz, limit yourself to the US, don't use misinformation or misrepresentation to gain support or make a point.

  14. OK kill the healthcare and give us what the congress and senate has for healthcare. After all we pay for it.

  15. @mlnorman1973 Those two clips were good, but not the best. I agree that vandalism is violence, but it's a long way from actual shooting, and the protest warrior clip has a lot of people screaming "assault", but no footage of it actually happening. I'd include the clip from the tea party protest, where the union goon shoves a protester's wife, and then punches the guy when he tries to stop the shoving. Just saying that there are better examples of leftist extremism than these clips portray.

  16. @gamp0001 The Seattle protest was most likely primarily American and the protest over Berkeley raising tuition was undoubtedly all American and unrelated to the G8 "whacknuts" as no foreign interests were at play. On that occasion you had all-American college kids on a rampage that destroyed significant public and private property. Most people in this country aren't inherently violent or easily driven to violence.

  17. I agree with your thesis 100%. But your choice of footage is not clearly supportive of it. There is a LOT of stuff out there showing libs doing horrible things, but unfortunately, most american libs don't associate themselves with the G8 whacknuts.

  18. @Rayosun
    I find it almost amusing how liberals have to crash events like the last two days in Washington DC or websites or forums where people discuss opposing points of view. I can't say I've ever had the urge to go to an opposing site and argue with people, and even when I'm told I'm no longer welcome, have to come back to impose myself on others. Such pitiful people.

  19. @Rayosun
    All you did was make this about the criminals who killed abortion doctors. This video was about protesters, not criminals. Liberals kill just as easily as anyone else in society. You chose to change the subject to make your point. You began to insult those who had the nerve to disagree with you. Thus your opinion was no longer pertinent to this discussion.

  20. Liberals are a bunch of hippies. Theyre parasites. They've taken over the media (well most of it) and brainwashed people to believe in global warming

  21. The conservative owner of this video has proven how open and fair-minded conservatives are BY BLOCKING liberals like me from answering his b s arguments.

  22. @Rayosun4 You are so absolutely fucking wrong. You always fucking lose the debates, you jackass.

  23. @Rayosun4 Those police officers were, more likely than not, Democrats. You see, the Democratic party was established on a pro-slavery foundation. These same Democrats gave us slavery, segregation, seccession and the art of lynching white Republicans who wanted to abolish slavery. Then they gave us the first terrrorist organization of America=The KKK.

    Name an incident where liberal students had violence used against them? Also, name one of those conservative power structures.

  24. @Rayosun4 Except one can go to all the prison around the US and guess what Party the majority would claim to be a part of? You guessed it. Democrats. MLK, JFK, Harvery Milk were all killed by liberals. Want more to add to the list? I got them for you.

  25. @Rayosun4 Liberals respect free speech? Now we really see who's full of shit here. Who routinely shouts down those who they disagree with? Go to a campus. Who goes and trolls websites and with some delusion that insulting opposition will make them see your way?

  26. @Rayosun4 "Conservatives believe what they see, liberals see what they believe."

    The video makes my point clear enough. Riot gear has never appeared at a Tea Party but is almost always at liberal protests. Deal with it.

  27. @Rayosun4 While I don't condone it, you're list of liberals are almost all abortion doctors. You may consider the unborn useless tissue (of which you were once), but there are passionate enough to save the lives of babies who may grow up to be like you!

  28. @BlackAndRight
    Oh, please. So because you hate Bush (hell, I thought you guys hated Bush now, too. Why else would you call him a "progressive"?) and neocons you're a liberal? What about Pat Buchanan? He's definitely not a liberal, and he's very antisemitic. It's also strange how you would complain about the "race card", and then call anyone you percieve as being anti-Israel of being anti-Semitic. You must see anti-Semitism everywhere. You also seem to deny any hate ever being on your side.

  29. @luke55664 Also, just a couple months ago, there was James Jay Lee, environmental extremist/ Al Gore fanboy whose psychotic obsession with the environment (His rant reads pretty much exactly like something you'd read on a DemocraticUnderground thread) drove him to take three innocent people hostage in the Discovery Channel building before being shot by the police.

  30. @ImGodsservent I do not trust God fearing conservatives OR Liberals.

    You cannot truly love something you are also in fear of and often times conservatives christians mistake being a god believer who is to be meek and humble with being arrogant and self-rightous.

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