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The Division 2 – Damage "101" – Calculations Tutorial

early access for the division to begins on March 12th and there are many complex mechanisms at work within the game concerning damaged weapon talents and gear to help get both new and returning agents ready for the upcoming release I have teamed up with Sean and Sean from the division Academy and the division elites to bring you this series of tutorials and to build theory crafting for the division – what's going on agents in Sultana buzz light beer and it feels great to be getting ready for the full release of the division – but before I begin I would like to again thank my partners Sean from the division Academy and Sean from the division elites links to their social media platforms in the video description below as without their knowledge of the game I would not have been able to craft these tutorials this is the first of four scheduled tutorials into the division to call them small roadmaps into better understanding of in-game mechanics with this first installment diving into damage and damage calculations just like in the original division game the method for computing damage is not as straightforward as one might think as just looking at the percentage gains for certain gear set bonuses weapon talents and gear bonuses does not always add up to what you might think it should now this is due to the way the different damage buffs have been programmed to be either additive or multiplicative knowing which they are can make a huge difference in your damage per round results and that is what I will explain in today's episode let's start off with this graph as it makes explaining the differences much easier first you need to know the base weapon damage of the weapon you are using which shows in your character screen under weapon damage next is weapon type damage or all weapon damage damage to elites is the next category and remember that this only applies to elite level NPCs and finally we come to the headshot damage and critical hit damage category and these two different weapon damage types actually all under the same category of damage for our calculations now there are some unknowns in this equation as we have not had enough time to thoroughly test out the different weapon damage talents or gear talents to decipher if they are multiplicative or additive but once the live game launches it shouldn't be that difficult to test and post the results but more on these later for now let's break down the different categories and lump each different type of damage into its appropriate category for calculations finding the first portion of this calculation is quite easy as you just need to look under the character screen and find weapon damage this is the base weapon damage of the weapon you currently have equipped without any buffs from talents or perks next is the weapon type damage and all weapon damage category and these are found on the gears have bonuses for example take a look at the one piece bonus for the China light brand set and the extra 8% shotgun damaged this unlock Awards this would fall under weapon type damage and into the second column of our graph likewise the three piece bonus from the providence defense brand set Awards five percent all weapon damage and this would fall into this same category under all weapon damage next up is damage – elites and this can be found on your gear set bonuses like on the Overlord armaments and badger tough brand sets and finally we come to the headshot damage and critical hit damage portion of the calculations and it is best to look for these categories in your character screen as they take into account every available percentage you have overall on your character including gear set bonuses weapon mods and weapon talents for the purposes of our calculations I will throw in some arbitrary numbers into each category and show you just how they all add and multiply out for our example let's say that our character has a shotgun equipped that has a base damage of 5000 now I know it's kind of low but for our example it will do just fine next let's add in the China light 8% shotgun damage and three piece providence defense bonus of 5% all weapon damage next let's say that our character has the hard-hitting talent on one of his gear pieces 4/5 18% damage to elites along with the Badger tough one piece bonus of 7% damage to elites and finally let's say that we have equipped weapon mods for a total of 30% headshot damage and we also have the wyvern where one piece bonus unlocked for 7% critical hit damage now I know that these are extremely low percentages especially if we were talking in-game but they are only here for the calculations so let's do the math 5000 base damage times 1 plus point 1 3 which is how we represent the 8% shotgun damage plus the 5 percent all weapon damage times 1 plus 0.2 two for the 22% damage to elites times 1 plus point 3 7 for the combined headshot and critical hit damage bonuses combined our character should be hitting for a damage total of 9,000 443 thanks to all the bonuses our shotgun with a base damage of just 5,000 has nearly doubled its damage output thanks to all the weapon damage weapon type damage damage to elites headshot damage and critical hit damage bonuses now this is the best possible damage our shotgun and mods will be able to combine for if we hit an elite and close enough range that we don't lose any damage to distance drop-off and we hit a headshot and it lands for a critical strike where this equation is a bit incomplete as in the extra weapon damage buffs and that we don't know if they are additive maybe that they fall into the all weapon damage or weapon type damage category or if they are separate and are therefore considered multiplicative for reference the following weapon talents grant additional weapon damage Eilis ignited sadist measured unhinged close and personal optimist pummel Ranger and rifleman the following gear talents also award some sort of damage buff berserk gunslinger on the ropes spotter and unstoppable force now some of these looks similar to weapon and gear talents from the original division game but at the point I do not want to mistake and publish inaccurate information once the weapon talents and gear talents have been properly identified as either additive or multiplicative you can then add or multiply them to your damage calculation for example if we take the same shotgun equation from earlier and we add in say spotter which grants plus 10% weapon damage to post enemies and if this works like pulse from the original game then this bonus will act in a multiplicative manner so our final damage number of 9440 three times the 10% bonus damage which we will show as the decimal 1.1 will equal 10 thousand 387 total potential damage output that's a damage increase of 944 points of damage or nine point nine nine percent which falls in line with the 10% bonus damage in the weapon damage text for spotter just to show you the difference in additive and multiplicative let's remove spotter as multiplicative and added under the weapon damage all weapon damage category and therefore make it as an additive bonus doing the math very quickly for you the total potential damage falls to ten thousand two hundred seventy nine if we move spotter to additive versus multiplicative the damage increase has fallen to a gain of just 836 points or a 8.85% gain for spotter by changing its damage category now I know that doesn't sound like a lot of difference but believe me when we get into much higher base damage weaponry with higher bonuses all stacked up that 1.15 percent difference can make a significant difference in your damage output well there it is agents in raw form but you now have an idea as to how damage is computed in the division to as the different weapon talents and gear bonuses are deciphered I will make edits to this video and make sure to reference the awesome graphs and charts produced and posted by the division Academy on Twitter and Facebook as always I would appreciate you taking the time to rate the video with either a thumbs up or down if you want some more lieutenant buzz light beer and my continued coverage of the division – in your lives make sure to pound that sub button and member to configure and save to receive all notifications from my youtube channel follow me on Twitter and look for me over on Twitch with weekly streams thanks again to the division Academy and the division elites for their awesome guidance and contributions to the series check the video description for links to their various platforms and until my next the division video this is lieutenant buzz Light beer saying peace out

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34 thoughts on “The Division 2 – Damage "101" – Calculations Tutorial

  1. What a waste of talen and player time this "game". Mostly good for learning maths. What a shame tom clancy has turned to become with Retentionsoft.

  2. I don’t know why game like this and Destiny tell you a number that the weapon does but it isn’t really the damage the weapon does when I would think it would be better to give players the numbers they will see there weapons do when they are using them. I always thought it would make it easier to choose weapons cause you’ll know the actually damage there doing. I’ve tried adding the numbers for dps in Division 1 and never got the number they had posted for the weapon.

  3. Sorry, I'm a little dull. Why don't we just add all the bonus % up and then multiply that by the base damage?

  4. I feel like bullets dont always register, lets say a clip of smg, it seems like when u first start shooting theres like a half a sec before dmg starts stacking

  5. Your calculations is false as the numbers are calculated wrong and you only calculated Headshot damage on Elites not in general bullet impacts.

  6. I believe Headshot Damage cannot be combined with Critical Hit Damage as it's either going to be a headshot damage shot or a critical hit shot. Based on your formula, I'm mistaken… are they in fact combined?

  7. This is still unintended BS of Massive's unskilled programmers, copy-pasted right from Division 1 becuase "They built it from ground up". Never mind the math, LAG will make you win!

  8. Buzz… You are still one of the best. Love your vids…
    BTW: could you talk about the new Auto Zoom scopes for bolt action snipers. I hate it

  9. Jesus, I just prefer to pick up a weapon, have a feel for it and seeing first hand how fast enemies are dropping compared to the last weapon than bashing my head against the wall with these over-thought calculations for a stupid game.

  10. A shotgun, headshot critical where every pellet crits? Please use better examples when you're trying to explain concepts to new players.

  11. As a new Division player this series will prove invaluable. Thank you for your efforts and kudos on presenting the information in such a clear and approachable fashion. Immediate sub.

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