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The Division | SMG + Assault Rifle Best In Slot DPS Guide (Inc. SMG Crit Change Analysis)

this video was originally meant to be a video exploring the DPS impact of the switch from cricket damage to cricket chance on SMGs but as I continued to map out a variety of solutions with regards to this I kept circling back to the larger and more interesting question which is now with the change to stat distributions and budgets in patch 1.6 what is the absolute best dps configuration available for those looking to build for maximum DPS so we're going to answer both of those questions in this video we're going to understand the true impact of the change to SMGs and we're also going to do a best in slot DPS guide for both SMGs and assault rifles sound good eyesore so let's begin so to begin I'm going to spend a few minutes talking about the methodology for this exercise since understanding how all of this works is actually quite important if you're not interested in that detail however then just skip ahead to the time stamp in the description below and you can see all the outputs there now the tools for this exercise didn't exist in an updated form and that is a reliable DPS calculator that could calculate PvE and PvP dps in the new 1.6 world so I went ahead and built those tools or what specifically rather I refresh them see some time ago I built a DPS formula calculation spreadsheet that allowed me to model DPS in the game fairly accurately but there were some differences between it and the live game because they had some funky ways of calculating on sheet DPS now actually worked directly with the development team at massive when they were refreshing the DPS calculation going into patch 1.4 and what they actually did was they took the calculation that I used in my DPS spreadsheet and then they dropped that into the game so the calculation that you're using now is exactly the same calculation that you'll see in this spreadsheet so it should give you a largely accurate view versus what you see in the game except for a few funky things where they do some strange stuff with gear sets and a few multiplicative factors and some other stuff which really doesn't have a big impact on now the overall result now more recently I've made two major changes to the spreadsheet number one it now uses an additive formula for the calculator of critical headshots instead of a multiplicative calculation as this change went in a few patches ago and secondly it now includes a PvP damage calculation that includes the 35% base armor which is what most people are going to be running around with unless they have bonus armor from gear talents as well as the PvP enemy armor damage calculation which basically takes one third of your enemy armor damage and uses that to reduce enemy armor in PvP now this is very different to the way it's calculated on the PvE side of the game and I calculate that differently there because I essentially just cut that value in half by 50% since enemies generally have about 50% of their health is armor and the other 50% of it is their health barbs a little bit less than that but doesn't matter we'll just round it down and that's that so that's the way that I handle armor calculations on both the PvP side as well as the PvE side that'll be really clear this spreadsheet also calculates both sustained DPS as well as burst DPS now sustained DPS essentially factors in your reload time and it looks to a ver Ajay or DPS over the time it takes to empty your magazine and then to reload it where burst dps is really about how much damage you are dealing without factoring reloading into the equation which is really important in PvP since you basically just want to put your target down fast without ever having to reload the other critical tool in this process is a view of gear and stat budgets in patch 1.6 and for this I relied as always on the exceptional work of Spyder he's a data miner who has consistently provided first-class information to the community a huge thanks to him for all his work and you'll find a link to his dynamite outputs in the description below so with these tools in hand we can essentially build imaginary characters by picking and choosing stats weapons mods etc summing up all of these values and then basically plugging those values into the DPS calculation spreadsheet to see what is the best configuration per weapon type for this video I'm going to be looking exclusively at SMGs and assault rifles because long story short these weapons provide the best overall DPS for the way that most players are playing the game sure if you have amazing headshot accuracy and you can sit back with a sniper rifle you achieve more DPS than what we're talking about here and similarly LMGs have some truly amazing sustained DPS because they have very large magazines and you very really have to reload them and shotguns can also be really strong in terms of birth damage but their range and sustained damage is really terrible these weapons are a lot more situational and far less versatile than the assault rifle and the SMG and for that reason I focus this analysis on those I will be doing other videos on those in the future so do watch out for them I've also removed headshot damage from these calculations since headshot accuracy is impossible to accurately predict and really corrupts the data outputs regardless assault rifles have a higher headshot damage modifier than SMG but SMGs are much more stable and accurate so in my view these things really cancel each other out so excluding them from the analysis is certainly the best course of action I've also only included two weapon talents in this analysis which are deadly granting 15% critical hit damage and destructive which grants a 15% enemy armored damage many other weapon talents provide far more situational DPS than these but the combinations are limitless and would sort of make our baselining impossible these two talents provide a good baseline from which to work but you'll absolutely be able to choose better talents and achieve more DPS depending on which talent choices you make and the playstyle that you have finally I'm not going to be talking about stacking firearms past the 4750 cap required for weapon talents in fact I'm actually not going to be talking about firearms at all basically I think it's a bad decision in most instances to stack on huge amounts of firearms since it scales very poorly in my view you're actually far better off putting these excess stats into stamina and skill power to make your character more versatile and more sustainable obviously though it must be said that the more firearms you stack on the more damage you will do that's obvious but there isn't anything complicated about that calculation since it scales in a strictly linear fashion stack it on as high as you please but be ready for the trade-off in survivability alright so that's all the setup out the way let's get down to the results so for the SMG there are two that we're going to speak about today it's the mp7 and the pp 19 we look at both of these because they have vastly different damage profiles with the mp7 being focused on rate of fire birth DPS where the pp19 is very much focused on sustained damage with its slower rate of fire and much larger magazine so I'm going to begin by answering the most important question which is how much of a buff was the change from crit hit damage to crit hit chance on SMGs and I'm going to answer it by saying that it wasn't above it was a nerf now for a long time I've seen people all over the place asking for kripp to come back to SMGs but asking for this demonstrates a really fundamental misunderstanding of math and the relationship between critic chance and created damage as well as like just not understanding the overall supply of these stats across gear but in essence crit is only as good as the amount of critical hit damage you have available to you and while we have heaps and heaps of ways to get crit we actually have very few ways to stack the required critical hit damage to make that trip truly worthwhile and we've just lost the best source of cricket damage available to us which was the crit hit damage native on SMGs now if we look at an optimized DPS build in patch 1.5 with a critical hit damage SMG so one of the old ones we end up doing less DPS than we did in patch 1.5 so we've actually gone backward now the reason for this is that you know patch 1.5 gave us greater access to enemy armor damage on our masks and knee pads where now this is actually a major stat that most SMG users will probably skipping but I'll talk about that a little bit more later however if we got to keep our critical hit damage on our SMGs then we'd actually be doing more DPS under an optimized build that is stacking as much critical hit damage as possible it's a small difference but an important one so essentially what I'm saying is that if you left critical hit damage on SMGs you're going into patch 1.6 we would be dealing more damage with our SMGs now the reasons for this are really simple to understand here are all the sources of creep in the game crit chance right and that totals 108 percent but remember we only have a 60% creep cap that we have to work with we cannot exceed that under any circumstances so going beyond that is total waste of stats and it delivers no value here are all the sources of critical hit damage in the game totaling 123 percent now mathematically speaking there is an optimal relationship of about 1 percent crit to 10 percent critical hit damage right and you can kind of test this yourself in the spreadsheet that I've built all you need to do is actually up your crit chance by 1% look at the damage remove your crit chance and then replace it with 10% critical hit damage and you'll see that your dps goes up by almost exactly the same amount because that's the mathematical relationship that exists between those two stats now given that we have a crit cap of 60% and we can hit it really easily we would actually need access to 600 critical hit damage to be getting the full value out of our existing critical hit chance in short we didn't need more critical hit chance we needed more critical hit damage now under this model given the 123 percent critical hit damage available to us across all sources throughout the game we actually only need like 12% crit chance to be getting the maximum optimal value out of our crit chance anything beyond this point is still valuable but it's actually hitting the diminishing returns territory meaning that we aren't being as efficient as we could be with these stats so to be clear this is technically a nerf – SMG power when it comes to roar DPS throughput and we need to understand that because facts matter and everyone right now is gushing about how the SMG has suddenly become stronger and it simply hasn't this is absolutely not true they've always been good it's just that the for Mars alpha combo has been way better and now that that's out of the picture and because the SMGs are suddenly back on the menu for whatever reason people are returning to them and they're seeing that they're actually in a pretty strong state and while we turn back to SMGs to realize their values there's two very important talents that I would remind you about which are real game changes now the first itself preserved it's a talent that heals you for a portion of your damage every time that you create now this talent hasn't received any changes the SMG is no more powerful so it's not like this talent is any better I just think it's a case of people are going to start using it now and they're going to see that when they're trading against the people in PvP and they see all that extra healing coming to them they're going to be like hey this is really handy so guys please take a look at self reserve that you're going to see it's actually a very very powerful talent it always has been and it continues to be in patch 1.6 where SMGs are more viable because assault rifles are not as attractive the second talent that people are going to wake up and take a notice of is hurry now hurried reduces your reload time every time you create to a minimum of one second so it can't make you reload any faster than one second so over the course of a standard SMG magazine you'll almost always crit enough to reduce your reload speed to the minimum one second it was a talent that was brought in in patch 1.3 underground and it was initially restricted to just the PP 19 since it had a very large magazine and you had to reload a lot less often it wasn't a big deal now this restriction was actually removed in patch 1.5 so all SMGs could roll this talent but since SMGs were pretty much ignored during the reign of the uncomplicated alpha bridge no one cared about this talent but must my words in patch 1.6 hurried is a big game changer the mp7 for example has some truly awful sustained DPS because it's 1.9 second reload time is long compared to it's time to dump its magazine now imagine dumping an mp7 into someone's face and then being able to reload that thing in a second it's literally faster than changing to your secondary weapon at that point since that takes about 1.2 seconds now on an mp7 hurried alone equates to a sustained DPS increase of about 25% which is absolutely huge so don't overlook these two talents self preserved and hurried they've always been good it's just that no one's been paying attention to them please pay attention to them now so now that we know that smg's aren't really any stronger in patch 1.6 we need to ask whether or not they're actually truly competitive in both PvE and PvP and I'm very pleased to tell you that there was clearly some method to the madness of the developers when they went through this process because the balance between assault rifles and SMGs is quite possibly the best it's ever been and I'm going to show you that right now by comparing the PvE and PvP performances of the mp7 the pp 19 and the mighty LV OAC now purposes of this analysis I'm just using basic weapon damage values as provided in the gear attribute cheat sheet the values don't actually matter here what matters is their relative values so when I talk about absolute DPS like the mp7 does 200k DPS don't worry about that right focus instead where I say that the mp7 does 10% more damage than the other weapon right that's the number you need to worry about it's the percentage differences that you're focusing on not the actual DPS numbers turning first to the SMG to compare the SMG to the assault rifle I first had to develop the maximum possible DPS configuration you can achieve excluding any investment in headshot damage so to do this I looked at all stats available across gear and mods and weapon mods and polls and the weapon itself and both deadly and destructive weapon talents the two talents I referred to earlier after literally hours of trying different combinations I eventually arrived at the following configuration for an SMG user in patch 1.6 now this is the best possible combination of stats that you can select to maximize your damage excluding things like you know gear sets or the skull MC gloves since you know that really creates a very different kind of discussion for those of you looking to stack headshot damage in PvE you'd essentially take this in every single slot you know which basically is just on your weapon mod since this is unquestionably the most DPS efficient stat you can take in PvE since headshots are generally fairly easy to land except on consoles where I know it is a lot harder setting headshot damage aside and returning to our earlier gear configuration you'll notice that I've done everything I can to avoid crit pretty much everywhere since it's so readily available from the SMG itself from our pulse from savage and from incidental values appearing on our critical hit damage focus weapon mods trying really hard to avoid crit wherever I could I still hit the crit cap with great ease allowing me to pour DPS stats into critical hit damage and enemy armor damage instead now if we model the total DPS of this configuration on an mp7 we get the following values you'll notice that the sustained DPS is way way lower than the burst DPS on the MP seven but as I've said the inclusion of the hurried talent does wonders for this and makes the weapon truly incredible in the PvE space as well here you can see the difference in DPS between a normal mp7 and one with the hurried talents now if we apply the same dps configuration to a PP 19 we see some very big differences the burst damage is way way lower but the sustain is much better even without hurried adding hurry to the mix adds even more sustained DPS to the weapon making it an excellent talent even for the PP 19 so now we have the PvE and PvP performance values of the best pvp and PVE SMGs in the game cool the real question and the one I'm sure you've no doubt been waiting for is how does this compare to assault rifles well first of all we actually have to rejigger our ideal stats distribution for assault rifles there's two reasons for this firstly they don't have based creep hit chance on them so if we want to maximize our crit chance we kind of need to move our stats around in order to do that but here's where things get interesting enemy armor damage is an extremely powerful stat in PvP so the question immediately becomes in the case of assault rifle is it better to go for the crit cap or is it better to stack as much enemy armor damage as possible and then put the rest in to you know create critical hit damage and the answer is unquestionably to stack enemy armor damage as high as possible because crit just doesn't hold a candle to enemy armor damage in PvP and as we've already said we're already so overloaded with our crit chance and you know we just don't have enough critical hit damage to make it truly worthwhile now for completeness sake I've modelled both scenarios one that focused on critical chance and another that focused on critical hit damage and the results are clear critical hit damage beats it hands-down therefore the best DPS configuration for an assault rifle is to stack enemy armor damage as high as possible and then put the rest into critical hit damage and then put whatever is left into critical hit chance and with this calculated we can now compare the DPS of both configurations across all three weapons and then we can look at their performance in various context for PvE sustain a pp19 with hurried is the clear winner being about six percent stronger than the mp7 with hurried the large magazine and speedy reload time mech being a real bullet hose that doesn't spend a lot of time not firing lagging significantly behind in this category is the LV ofc but we need to be clear about why that is it's purely because hurried grant so much extra dps throughput it's a case of hurried being really strong here rather than assault rifles being weak or even the SMG being strong it's very much the talent that's propping up this result next let's take a look at PvE burst damage so here we remove the reload speed from the calculation and we simply ask how much DPS are these weapons doing while they are firing that's it right and the results are actually really interesting the mp7 our weapon generally considered to be the best burst DPS weapon in the game is actually weaker than the LV OHC when it comes to PvE burst DPS the reason to this is the way that enemy armored damage is calculated on the PvE side of the game it basically just straight up multiplies your damage meaning that it's one of the most efficient stats to stack at all times in PvE the size of the assault rifle has more enemy armor damage stats here gives it an advantage but it's a spread of only 5% so we really shouldn't get too worked up about that next up let's take a look at PvP sustained damage and here I've applied the point for two damage modifier which is what the developers landed on after lots of trial and error on the recent pts and we're also calculating the impact of enemy armor damage on the base 35% enemy armor that people bring into the last stand game-mode since this is where most ppl be happening in a post 1.6 world when looking at these results we can see that even with the inclusion of the extra enemy armor damage on assault rifles they still cannot compete with the Roar sustained power of the pp19 with hurried the magazine is just too large and the reload is too short if we removed hurried from the equation however we can see that assault rifles are actually on par with the pp19 and well ahead of the mp7 which has a notoriously low sustain damage in every context let's not read too much into this value though because to be honest we really care more about birth damage in PvP so let's take a look at that now so remember when I said that there was some method to the madness of the devs that when they said about balancing these weapons and they actually did a really good job of it well behold here we see that the LV OEC is better than the mp7 from a burst damage perspective in PvP but only by a factor of about 7% so the spread there is actually very very small and I think we should really look at these values and say that yes SMGs and assault rifles are largely balanced in patch 1.6 from a DPS perspective at least now I need to be very clear that this is only from a DPS perspective what I haven't spoken about here is the very important consideration of optimal range SMGs have roughly half the optimal range that an assault rifle does and they drop off very hard very fast the flip side to this is that SMGs are much much more easily handled and it's a lot easier to hit consecutive headshots when you're using an SMG inside its optimal range so when you're up close to your enemy the SMG is almost always the better option to be using whereas if you're further away the assault rifle is likely going to be your go-to pick in this way I very much expect it we'll see a lot of people running with both an assault rifle and an SMG and switch between the two of them depending on their engagement range which to be honest is pretty damn awesome so those are the results it's looking pretty damn good to be honest with you don't think that SMG has got some big bust because they didn't trip to be perfectly honest seed really didn't need it things are now in a very good place and the weapons are very balanced across categories now to wrap things up I really want to hand over these tools to the community and essentially crowdsource what comes next with the methodology that I've laid down here it's going to be really easy for anyone to look at their build configuration plug it into the spreadsheet and determine how they could better optimize their DPS it's also highly likely that the configurations that I've laid out aren't actually the absolute best even though I run the numbers pretty comprehensively my hope is that people will use these tools themselves and combine them with things like gear set bonuses and you know main gear exotic weapons etc to develop new calculations based on different gear sets and play styles so that we can essentially get to the point where we have a really robust data set that says cool if you want to play striker with an SMG here are all the state some talents and stuff that you should be taking to get the best possible DPS I've left links to the spreadsheets that I've made and to spiders cheat sheet in the description below and I've also uploaded screenshots of the best SMG & assault rifle configurations so that you can quickly refer back to them whenever you need I really hope you guys find those things useful I'll finish by saying that I'm actually really happy with where one-point-six has landed from a stats balanced perspective it's far from perfect but you know most balance is typically like that but removing armor has brought SMGs back into the mix in a very big way and the changes to form ours and to alpha bridge has really opened up the weapon meta overall lasts and provides us with a really great opportunity to PvP in a more interesting balanced space that allows us to try out all sorts of interesting build configs that we would otherwise not have done it's actually a really good time to be playing the game it could be pvping and I for one certainly plan to do more PvP than I have in the past for now guys I really hope you liked the video I know it was long and it was very math heavy but I really wanted to give you all the details so you kind of see where it all came from I really hope you found it useful if you did do drop it alike and be sure to subscribe I've got quite a few one-point-six videos on the way so I do look forward to those for now thanks for watching take care and I'll see you next time goodbye

Cesar Sullivan

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  2. Sorry, but i do not agree with you video. You have ignored Damage against Elite completly. This is the strongest attribut you can get, because in hard, challanging and legendary all enemys are classed as Elite. You ignored this Talent (brutal) on the weapons too. Do you think this attribut is worse than CHC, CHD and EAD or have you ignored it in you calculation?

    I have made some analyses too. Headshotdamage is not so strong it seems. In every other MMO or Onlinegame i know is the headshotdamage multiplicative (Basedamage*headshotbonus or Basedamage*critdamage*headshotdamage). In TD it is additive. And so headshotdamage is the same as CHD, limited to the head. And so, in my opinion Headshotdamage < CHD, because it is limited to the head, CHD is the whole body.

  3. I have to say I find it annoying that people try to hate on you for helping out saying your toxic & ruining the game or that you don't know anything about PvP. When if they did some digging would realize your one of the top informative sources for The Division along with MarcoStyle & not as popular but informative as well Lt. Buzz Light beer. If they want PvP info maybe they should check out MarcoStyle as he's known for his PvP work. People also have to understand people vary in playstyle & builds. Not to mention you said it yourself your not taking all things in consideration. So the results will vary. But you are informative & are helping people such as myself getting to understand and help guild to build towards an efficient agent. Keep up the good work

  4. i have a vector that does 11.4k dmg and brutal and self preserved and the faster reload ( gonna try re rolling for deadly) its only a 182 gear score but i prefer it over all my 204 weapons so far is it okay to stick with it? i have like 30% chance and 70% dmg on it ( i dont have amazing attachments atm)

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