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The littering behavior recognition system | STUDY TALENT ENCOURAGEMENT | TayNinhTV Today

We want to research on this topic because information technology is one of the hottest development industries today Besides, environment is also one of the top concerns However, littering and lack of keeping general hygiene have become very common in our country In order to minimize these issues as well as save time and efforts in environmental protection and above all is to educate students’ awareness while still at school we have researched and came up with a product called “the littering behavior recognition system” with the help of information technology especially artificial intelligence (AI) In my opinion, the topic of “Littering behavior recognition system” is very difficult If it was a normal recognition system like images then other people would have done it This particular topic is behavior recognition system it means a series of actions, actions of littering and this topic is rarely done by others especially in Vietnam In my opinion, their ideas are quite good but the actual implementation will be very difficult due to the use of artificial intelligence technology They had to use AI technology which is artificial intelligence technology it’s machine learning and especially deep learning using neural-network At their age now, in addition to studying, they also have to study those things I feel it’s relatively difficult for them So during the tutorial, I tried to use simple words especially technical words so that they could apply and especially use those technologies I feel that our imlementation process was smooth because I was guided enthusiastically by Mr Pham Ngoc Bach he helped us complete this project quite well I found that the most difficult isuue is to collect input data We had to collect a lot, and it takes us a lot of time For one month, we had to collect a lot of videos and cut 3 to 4,000 photos But the photos have not yet reached the quality We want to choose about 2,000 pieces Then we have to train And the machine data is quite weak the device has a very low configuration so during the training, we had to search on the google cloud system, cloud computing It helped us to do this faster And these are completely new knowledge It’s very new so we have to research from the beginning It would be really difficult without Mr Bach’s guidance I often complete my homework during break time at school At home, I discuss with my teacher and Huong Giang to complete the topic We may not have much time but we’ve tried our best to complete this The students themselves have carried out the research I only act as an instructor The students worked hard all summer I mean from May to December They completed the topic in early January After that, they will continue carrying out the topic to upgrade algorithmically and participate in the national exam in early March of this year In my opinion, this topic is also meaningful for the development of students’ capacity that is, instead of students learning to know then they learn to know what to do according to the orientation of today’s society and people call it capacity development The good points of the topic is that the students can completely identify littering behaviors automatically by machines Instead of using human resources which take a lot of time They use available machines, cameras and computers of the school and with the help of teachers, the School Board and her friends Although it is very difficult but I appreciate it because the students have successfully completed the topic I also further evaluate that this topic has a relatively good development orientation Especially, in the immediate future we are applying it in the school which is identifying littering behaviors in our school If we can collect more data and invest a little more in terms of algorithm, in terms of input data then this topic is completely applicable to society For example, it can recognize littering behaviors in the parks, hospitals, or government agencies Then investment cost is hardly high Because at that time camera systems are available everywhere I appreciate it In addition, that using this software to collect videos and then recognize them this process can take place offline It means that we don’t need to recognize it and it will save a lot of time When this system is used It will not only reduce human resources but also educate the awareness of environment protection especially the environment of our descendants

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