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The Moji Minute – How to Massage Your Hamstrings

Hi it’s Samantha here with Moji. Welcome to
the Moji Minute in this video we’re going to show you how to use the Moji Curve to relieve
muscle soreness and tightness in you hamstrings. The hamstrings are a very important muscle
group for all lower body physical activity. Hamstrings are prone to muscle pulls and tightness.
It is very important to properly prepare these muscles for activity and ensure proper recovery.
When massaging the hamstrings we’re going to break up the muscle group into two sections. The lateral the
outside, the medial the inside. To massage the lateral muscle you want to start just below
the glutes and perform long strokes all the way down to the back of the knee. To massage
the medial, adjust your grip and massage the bottom of the glute down to the inside of
the thigh. Make note of any sore spots. The long strokes will help stretch out the muscle
tissue and increase circulation. Once you finish the strokes, focus on the sore spots
you discovered and use cross-friction massage. And then use sustained pressure until you
feel relief. Check out our website at for more massage recovery tips. Thanks for

Cesar Sullivan

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