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THE Most Frustrating Apex Situation! – PS4 Apex Legends

hey what's Agassi to reach welcome back to another video today we are playing some more eight picks legends of course and today's game he's probably my most frustrating wimp when I was playing this I was absolutely fuming your boy was on the the text-to-speech trying to get mine my teammates to respawn me but once I'd watch it back and you'll see what I mean in the video it's obvious that either I made mistakes and my teammates made mistakes and you can't really blame as many people but anyway my code for G feel is corny 30% off a ton of you are using our mum which is incredibly supportive of the channel so thank you thank you thank you if you want 30% off your G fuel all you have to do is use code I temp I check out yeah hopefully you guys enjoy the video if you do be sure to leave a like rating and or Sewall in five and a half seconds my friends Oh teammates do you fancy do you fancy I don't think they will this may be the greatest see ya your boys off doesn't like anyone's even London here either which is old okay while there isn't someone line here I've managed to Yoink the purple armor though there is not a weapon there is a weapon absolutely not come on he's weak there's another one down I'm really hoping that was his teammates like an ice-cream bunker I sort of need them to come help you boy I guess them might be in a fight themselves so I heard someone that is ridiculous how you gotta know how there we go oh this couldn't have gone much better for you boy other two kills which means I've definitely got a few more people still down this way the grades the gray scrap of my generation headshot headshot why is there so much foliage underneath this little disabled need help yes no baby guests thank you very much how I need some of this move but at the same time at beam underneath this building is an absolute death trap my friends i 100% selected the medkit now only like two shields – I need some more the boys it's like I've got me basic armor here Alfred there's a few scraps left I've down these guys like for support items that's certainly an enemy I don't know if he's got shit for anything brain why disruptive pointless this down nice work my friend I need to put my shields on before this guy's teammates come over I assume respect by his teammates the Omni shields soon as you've got full no I have nine bullets you need why hello – last night – great fortunately ammunition ease of course fairly available if we finish doing all these though free range please die thank you very much my friend what do you have made your threat a sight for my aura 45 and a bunch of shield that is exactly needed no I'd rather keep the description even I've got no other for this I'm gonna keep it for a little while there is I'm pretty sure he's charging something up which is the enemy he's not good even hearing they were treated don't be friends Oh God has not the point I was depressed there we go beautiful all headshots I didn't get the kill credit for sticking that guy thank you friend Ultima accelerants here I've got a bunch of light ammunition now which is always good maybe I'll drop a few more bullets for him he needed some as well the thing is it's going it's gonna be my main gun because I don't like the peace give it too much and I love the re 45 so it's kind of a fast firing gun as well so we'll need as many light rounds as possible that was a juicy start but we do need to get going here because the storms coming is that even the right way to go probably not I made that mistake through the day actually I went through the mounting when it was a terrible idea not only is it a choke point that people are often in because of the respawn beacon but also I will not be able to use my ultimate in that choke point because there's nowhere to use it pretty much but now God my teammate is still in the storm here there's a scrap gun on hook this way and there's only 15 people left so I want to try and get involved if I can it's here indeed for looting I'm a bit hop up sculptor contact what I say which is good there you know this is lovely risky but Bob dace I don't please don't finish me all right friends listen okay I've spoken about this recently I have had so many games where I've sort of settled for a decent amount of kills I get to a certain point that I tear my foot off the pedal and I've start playing a little bit less aggressive I've been really trying to fix that not feet because if it's a problem because that is a more consistent way of win but I want to get those more aggressive more entertaining videos so I'll get into situations like this now and I force myself to just running there like a complete lunatic it is a bit of mistake as pathfinder because his ability is pointless in in a in a building like this and so as he's ultimately said that when I'd down the first guy then I went back in I started shooting at someone and then he turned out to be the guy that was down because he was on top of a death crate so he was elevated up so I wasted half my bullets on that and it turns out those two more people in there that I didn't even realise now after I went down and I finish the kill there's a respawn beacon right outside literally ten feet away and I was absolutely human and my teammates because instead of quickly grabbing my banner now listen say what you want about me but when my teammate goes down sometimes I I could possibly try and get them back if it's a little bit difficult but if they're right here in this situation I could point to a number of videos where you boy grabs their banner respawns them doesn't take any of their loot my team it's nice iteration did the complete opposite they waited a minute and 30 seconds to to revive me and they took all of my stuff fair enough you take my armor I'll take the blue whatever but they literally took everything from you boy I think what happened these they didn't realize the respawn beacon was this close but they took ages to respawn me and then when I eventually came back as you can see now I had about 10 seconds to try and get some scraps anyway I'll let you guys get back into the the live commentary here but I want to do one explain that over aggression there put two on watch me back now a pod it should have been that few me to be honest it was a stupid place to begin with I thought my tier I was closer but then I washed it back and he turns out he was healing because he was in the storm when I thought he was a little bit closer I was trying to buy time but anyway yeah maybe I should've been that angry I was lovely fuming but the live commentary to start back up again here because I'll be honest with you I wasn't really expecting a respawn so I was probably just going to leave but I do start talking again I'll let you get back into it you need to go alright are 99p scape I don't know why they didn't reach for me sooner it was an absolute outrage the storms and got too far to go 45 seconds I always proposed no besides make course not haunt vent no shields but I do have a theme but decent ammo I'd need I need to find some fetish shields because not a chance people are rocking anything lower than blue here purple is gonna be the standard anyone with less than purple it's gonna be a disadvantage when my teammates Ashley doesn't have the purple which is a little bit concerning one lated can't expect too much I had these little supply bins but you know you can always hope for the best is it worth me living this there are only two of the teams I've already got nine kills I mean as long as I find something and get a few kills in the final fights I mean which I can hear going on right now I don't know if it's worth me trying to find too many things here might be something good this way that's not my teammates fine either Oh Elvis fouled the grapple teammates Minnie's get involved in this fight I'm just saying it's that it's the final scrap purple shield I cannot get your banner there friend under the trap down I've wanted to get more shields but I heard footsteps for showing this guy too of God storms either way hmm I knew that was pointless the other guys that's got to revive I can't go in there with that many caustic traps anyway I shouldn't have tried that's my piece my heinie chances Oh walking or to use the Phoenix defense see ya ah I wouldn't that with nothing you boy had scraps at the end I was going to try and get shields ethic off that da got the callback from but I heard footsteps I know socks it was beautiful did you see that she wants food 13 kills there 1890 damage I can't I die actually almost didn't obviously at Bazzi sounds I almost didn't want to win just because they took they put in the worst position to come back and get any sort of loot I did try and get that guys but at the end I wasn't making a priority because I didn't know how much of an opportunity we were going to have to bring them back was a fairly fast game considering huh well that's that uh pretty much restrained when I've ever had but a win is a win and we had good kills thank you for watching I'll see you all the next one

Cesar Sullivan

41 thoughts on “THE Most Frustrating Apex Situation! – PS4 Apex Legends

  1. It's annoying but yeah sometimes you are aggressive in situations you shouldn't be. Especially when your team isn't close by

  2. I use Text speech but only to like say hi and or tell them I dont have a mic. But sometimes I use text speech to try and help them

  3. Nah I'm glad you didn't respawn them. Respect earn! Once you clear out the area Respawn the only thing you can do before that is heal! Great win

  4. I would love to see a second itemp YouTube channel where instead of being the nice, polite, Pathfinder-esque commentator, you play as a total jerk, looting your own team, not respawning them, t-bagging whenever possible, using “wanker” at least one time each video, etc.

  5. You are a beast man! To win in that situation is amazing…. glad your teammates got to witness the win they almost sabotaged. 🤣

  6. Your angry is justified, they were being such bad teammates like there was ZERO reason why they shouldn't have spawned you and kept looting. He was literally beating up the Wattson ult for no reason at all,

  7. I'll tell you a frustrating situation: We're fighting the last squad defending the entrance to bunker, I can tell there's no escape so I throw all my arc stars and then get downed. I ended up downing 2 of them and getting the last one super low, and my last teammate decides to literally just watch them leave bunker and res both of the people I downed and then get killed

  8. They should let ITEMP commentate audio cues for a new legend.. They need a British lad saying shit when he downs you like " your screwed mcgrewed, friend"

  9. Cool video as always dude! Could you consider doing another Apex Pack challenge and some daily/weekly challenge videos? Just to mix things up a bit.

  10. Anyone else feel like if you get knocked down in a lvl 2 storm you are fucked bc it takes to much damage so you can't even heal?

  11. I don’t blame you for raging about the respawn ! It was right there and took all your loot .Goooooo iTemp!!

  12. Pretty sweet man, partners took all your shit and you still managed to carry them to the end BY YOUR SELF.

  13. I just wanted to see the looks on your team mates face when they saw you did on the remaining 2 squads lol. As always, great video rich!

  14. I'll say it because he won't, fuck those guys the wraith in particular. Looting your deathbox and taking forever to Rez you on top of everything being dumb enough to annoyingly ping his banner in the final fight of the game. The selfishness of some people is just mind blowing sometimes.

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