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The Most SHOCKING Zoo Accidents

While fundamentally Zoos are an inhumane and
cruel place where animals spend their entire lives being bored out of their minds, they
do provide safe entertainment for millions of people around the world. However, on the
rare occasion the animals and the people can meet face to face, which has had some very
nasty outcomes, so join us as we count 10 of the most shocking Zoo Accidents.
Harambe the Gorilla We can kick off our list with perhaps the
most recent accident which happened less than 1 month ago at the time of making this video.
Harambe was a western lowland gorilla, a critically endangered species of ape with very low numbers
due to Ebola outbreaks and poaching for bush meat. Harambe turned 17 at the Cincinnati
Zoo and one day later was shot and killed by zoo officials. On this day, a four year
old boy managed to get into his enclosure. Video footage shows that the gorilla was acting
somewhat violently, grabbing and standing over the child. Others argue that Harambe
was actually trying to protect the child from bystanders shouting and screaming. Anyway,
to put things short, Harambe was killed to save the child’s life, the internet has
been set ablaze with thousands blaming the carelessness of the parents and others who
were just mourning the loss of a beautiful animal. Let us know your opinion on this in
the comments below. Mila the Elephant
Helen Schofield was the owner and director of the Franklin Zoo in Auckland, New Zealand.
The Zoo had taken in Mila, a former circus Elephant who was mistreated for years on the
entertainment circuit. They nursed Mila back to good health but she still suffered from
panic attacks from fear or being abused again. One day in April 2012, Ms Schofield entered
the enclosure which agitated Mila, who defended herself by wrapping its trunk around the zoo
owner, throwing her in the air and dropping her from a great height, killing her. Mila
has since been moved to San Diego Zo in the USA where she now lives with other elephants.
Tatiana the Siberian Tiger This Siberian Tiger already had a reputation
for being a little too aggressive, as shown by the fact that she bit and clawed flesh
off the arm of a zookeeper during a public feeding in December 2005. However, things
got much worse on Christmas Day in 2007 when somehow Tatiana managed to escape her tiger
grotto and attacked three visitors at San Francisco Zoo, killing one and injuring two
others before being shot by the police. How she managed to escape her enclosure remains
a mystery as it was surrounded by a six metre high wall and a four and a half metre wide
moat. Deadly Wolves
Perhaps one of the most gruesome accidents to ever happen at a Zoo, wildlife biologist
Trisha Wyman was stripped naked by wolves, then was mauled and killed at the Haliburton
Forest & Wildlife Preserve in Ontario, Canada in 1996. Ms Wyman was the caretaker of the
four animals in the enclosure and it was only her third time working there when she was
killed. Her naked corpse was found by employees. All of the wolves were put to death for fear
of having rabies but it turns out none of them actually had the disease.
Vijay the White Tiger Some of you may have seen this video as it’s
been circling YouTube for a while now. Back in September 2014, an Indian schoolboy somehow
got himself into the enclosure of Vijay, a large male White Tiger. Witnesses said the
tiger sat and watched the man for 15 minutes, and it was only when onlookers started throwing
stones at the animal, that he fatally attacked the man and dragged his corpse off. As the
tiger came closer he clasped his hands and seemed to be praying, but unfortunately this
did not help the victim. Tilly the Orca
The term “Killer Whale” has never been more relevant than it is to describe the nature
of Tilly, the five and a half ton Icelandic sea mammal who has caused the death of two
of his trainers and one Sea World visitor. Firstly in 1991, Tilly and two other female
killer whales submerged a 20 year old student under water after she fell into their pool
at Sealand in Canada, she drowned as they kept submering her. The next year Tilly was
moved to SeaWorld Orlando in Florida and in July 1999 27 year old Daniel Dukes was found
dead and stripped naked on the whale’s back. Mr Dukes stayed hidden at the park overnight
and then climbed into the tank, where he was killed by Tilly. Fast forward 11 years to
2010 when Tilly struck again by killing his 40 year old trainer Dawn Brancheau. In a post-show
routine at SeaWorld, Ms. Brancheau was rubbing the whale’s back when she was pulled under
the water, he spinal cord was severed, numerous bones were broken and she eventually drowned.
Despite these incidents, Tilly has been back performing since March 2011 – and is still
one of the most-popular attractions at Sea World Orlando.
Melody the Tapir You wouldn’t expect a Tapir to be making
this list, but it turns out they can be as ferocious as any other creature out there.
Melody was being fed by her zookeeper Lisa Morehead when the animal got enraged and bit
her left arm. Morehead fought back, resulting in lacerations on her face as well as internal
injuries including a punctured lung. However, the worst consequence of all was that she
lost her arm. Melody tore it off at her bicep and it was mangled beyond recognition so it
could not be re-attached. Melody was a new mother with a 2month old baby which is suspected
to be the reason for her attack. Nyanga the Lion
Joe Ramonetha was a retired Zookeeper who decided to come out of retirement due to staff
shortages at Johannesburg Zoo. He was in the lions enclosure in a hallway which the lions
normally would not be able to access when he encountered a lioness called Nyanga. Staff
members responded to his screams but by this point Nyanga had bitten through Ramonetha’s
neck, killing him instantly. African Painted Dogs
African Wild Dogs are not particularly large in size, but are known for their vicious attacks
and jaws capable of disembowelling their prey, they also hunt in packs. On November 4th 2012,
2 year old Maddock Derkosh was sitting on a railing outside the African Wild Dogs’
enclosure. He fell off landing on some protective netting and bounced into the enclosure. The
dogs immediately attacked him at the head and torso. One of the dogs had to be shot
as it refused to leave the body alone, the autopsy showed that Maddock survived the fall
but not the attack. Zanesville Massacre
Terry Thompson was a 61 year old Vietnam vet who had an obsession with collecting exotic
animals. Over the years he built a large private Zoo at his home in Zanesville, Ohio. On October
18, 2011, Thompson freed many of his animals and then committed suicide by shooting himself
in the head. A neighbour called the police after seeing a bear and a lion stalking outside
his property. Police arrived to find Thompson’s body being consumed by a white tiger. Officers
were forced to hunt down and shoot all of the loose beasts. They reported that the most
dangerous were the white tigers who would lay in ambush and charge at the officers even
after being shot multiple times. Many hours later, the hunt was over and the final massacre
resulted in 2 wolves, 2 grizzly bears, 18 tigers, 17 lions, 6 black bears, 3 mountain
lions and 2 monkeys being killed.

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  1. animals do NOT belong in zoos, circuses or sea world-type places.Β  they belong IN THE WILD.Β  they do NOT need people to care for them.

  2. so a endanger gorilla is shot and killed for being near a child but when a full grown everyday elephant killed a full gowned human and no one gives a shit and just place the elephant some where else.

  3. Number one is a perfect example why people should not have so many pets that are capable of killing their neighbors

  4. As someone who lives near San Francisco I can say with some confidence they definetely know how the tiger got out. Two men were drunk and one had somehow climbed on top of the barrier, yelling at the tiger and throwing things at her until she jump up, grabbed his leg and pulled herself up and out of the enclosure where she proceeded to kill him and chase down his friend who had also been throwing things at her.

  5. 3:56, I can tell by looking at the dorsal fin that this isn't going to be good (disregarding the title of the video).

  6. This makes me respect Kristiansand Zoo much more. The animals have much more natural enclosures, and aren't put up for display in the same way. It's more of an "If you're lucky you might be able to spot the wolves" experience. Which also makes it a bit more exciting when you do see an animal.

  7. its not the animals fault there wild and most of them are preditours unlike the elephant and gorilla but there very dangerous as well.

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  9. If it was stone age for long time humans might be extinct or on verge of extinction. But suddenly some ancestors of Harambe got extra sense and evolved into humans.

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