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The Strain 4×07 Promo “Ouroboros” (HD) Season 4 Episode 7 Promo

We’re here, and now
we’re coming for you. If we can find the tracking,
if I can kill the master, then all of this ends. What we’ve got to do now is
blow this firecracker into Manhattan. Do not let that
warhead cross the river. You have my word. The Strain, all new
Sunday at 10pm on FX and FXNOW.

Cesar Sullivan

27 thoughts on “The Strain 4×07 Promo “Ouroboros” (HD) Season 4 Episode 7 Promo

  1. "On the next all-new episode of The Strain, Setrakian ignores Eph's warnings pushing himself to the limit in his quest for victory, and revenge. The Strain. All-New. This Sunday at 10/9c, on FX, and FXNOW."

  2. Fucking fucked off their cramming everything into one season. You selfish shits couldn't have done a couple more. 😫😫😫 oh and please someone slay Zach. I'm sick to the back teeth of that little brat.

  3. zack is an inmature boy, who lives in his fantasy world, instead of the real, can not realize the damage of the strigoi, because of him new york is devastated and believes that abby should be his girlfriend only by a gesture of kindness, and throws a tantrum and leaves To be murdered for such a banal reason?? damn brat

  4. zach the giant douchebag with the shittiest haircut needs to be destroyed in the worst most painful way. the shit that he does already lands him in the deepest part of hell anyway. but yeah, that bitch needs to go.

  5. I swear If there Is another worthless scene dedicated to Zach, unless It his him catching a bullet or jumping off a bridge I'm skipping his scenes.

  6. aby didnt diserve to die, but she becamem the actual shitty woman who thinks she can control over a man just because the guy likes her that was her mistake.. and actually she became a pain in the ass at the end showing her really attitude. even though she didnt diserve it. i hope zack gets killed soon-

  7. Is it bad that I actually like Zach??? (please don't hate me) but without him we wouldn't have a season 4.sure I mean he has done some evil stuff but hey come on it's TV for crying out loud plus the actor (Max Charles) is really sweet in real life I even have a fanpage for him and he liked some of my pictures.
    (If you have something mean or hateful to say please don't reply to this comment cause I really don't want internet drama please I'm asking nicely.I'll respect your opinion if you respect mines have a lovely day.) ❤️😊

  8. Hope this episode is better then the last I think the budget is running out on this series and by the way will someone kill Zach already lol

  9. Season 4 not a patch on seasons 1, 2 or 3 IMO. Just seems to have lost its magic. Seeing the master was once an epic event where the story took a twist now he's giving out love advice to Zach. I'll watch it to the end just to see what happens but for me I'm pleased this is the last season. A real shame as I loved the first three seasons.

  10. I love the hate that Zack gets. The boy actually plays his role very good. Let's be honest withouth him this show wouldn't be that interesting to watch anymore.

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