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THE STRAIN Season 4 TRAILER The End (2017) FX Series

Of all the creatures in the world the human animal is the most dangerous Fortunately a new species has risen to supplant them I still can’t believe we’ve lost What the hell are they up to ? [The world is dying] [You are its last hope] These terrorists will be hunted down [If we waited for the perfect moment to revolt,] it would never happen I call this a win. What are you doing here ? Waiting for you. [The Strain. Premiere sunday, July 16. On FX]

Cesar Sullivan

100 thoughts on “THE STRAIN Season 4 TRAILER The End (2017) FX Series

  1. Can someone tell me if this series get any more stupid? I just watched S02E10, and out of nowhere, Goodweather becomes sniper tries to shoot Palmer, but surprise he misses and shoot Coco.

    Pfff, really It is an adictiv series and I like the creativity in some aspects, but come on, are we going to keep seeing this "we do something stupid as excuse of plot developing".

    Really, unless there is a backstory Im missing. How can Goodweather be such a good sniper? I accept he can shoot a gun (It is an action-horror series so makes sense, but to snipe is too much).

  2. Absolutely love this show! Sucks this will be the final season. Hopefully it ends on a good note with the Master finally being defeated and Setrakain dying like a badass BUT taking out Eichorst. The world can then rebuild and deal with the remaining Strigoi but without​ the Masters influence they'll be dumb animals.

  3. A lot of the actors in this show are terrible every other scene is beyond laughable it's soposed to be a horror drama but it's a comedy because of how bad the actors are

  4. I hate Zach so fucking much, as most people do, I presume. But what I hate the most is that child actor. The first one that played Zach did it so well and didn't have that whiny ass resting face all the time.

  5. setrakian is a red blood strigoi you dumb fucks… if he bites a normal white blood strigoi they will mutate to a human!

  6. Zach is the strains version of Carl from the walking dead.

    If an apocalyptic event happens, ditch the kids.

  7. People saying about the Jew being a Strigoi – Could have been a dream? Remember there have been representations of people dreaming something they think may happen but never does.

  8. the fucking sheer stupidness and annoyingness of zac…if he was my own son i would of offed him the secon he opened the door to the base for "mom" like this dumb fuck doesnt know we in a war and wants to be selfish as fuck "wah i want mommy" now its "wah i want daddy too, be a happy family you two!" like fuck off

  9. In the apocalypse, you don't have time for stupid and angsty kids. Ditch them. They are only going to bring you down.

  10. Guilhermo del Toro has to direct at least ALL the episodes of this season. The last season was pure SHIT. He is the only one who can save this shit

  11. Awesome.. cant wait to see the fourth episode… just curious guys, maybe u coulda help me, do you know some kind of similar Series or shows whatever its called xD?

  12. the jew has like 6 months left to live TOPS if he stops consuming the white but it would trade those months any day for the 60+ years zack has left to live.

  13. I'm glad I clicked on this, I saw it pop up in my recommended videos and I thought "oh cool, can't believe I haven't seen this. I wonder when the last season starts." mfw when the date popped up ಠ_ಠ

  14. this is a great show that would have done better on a main stream channel. i am sad to see this is the last year for it and all kinds of crumby shows are on for 10 or more years

  15. Waаааtcсcсh ТТhе Strааin onlinе hеrееее =>

  16. The F?!!! This season already started? Why was I not informed?
    I watched S1-S3 last year of October. I thought they're going to air The Strain on freaking October, 2017!

    Time flies.

  17. Fet is a total asshole, too much testestorone running everywhere, cant let shit go. Ppl like that in real life are usually ppl on crack or welfare or someone with too much power. I don't like Fet at all nor will I ever have respect for that character. Even before he was a dick to Eph I thought his characteristics were annoying, just like Miguel Gomezs character, very annoying.

  18. back in season 2 I predicted Goodweather, Martinez and Setrakian would be the only heroes who survive, considering there the most important. Instead u keep Fet, Dutch and Elizalde alive, WTF…..

  19. Ok the series is now over, Setrakian dies but eichorst dies too, the doctor is catched by the master but zack detonates que bomb again and kill the master, along with himself and his father, only dutch, Vasily fet, the mexican guy and roman survives, Quinlan dies in the battle against the master.

  20. I'm the strain fans from Season 1-4, but the season finale is so BAD…wtf is happening with the best fight scenes? At least, make it best fight scenes again like Season 3 episode 8, the battle between The Master and Quinlan just awful, not season finale that's i hope for

    Who agree with me?

  21. Only on season 3 no spoilers please trying not watch trailers either. But the only thing that spoils it for me is that god awful (the kinda face you wanna punch) kid who plays zack , eph's son. The last thing I saw he was getting led down a tunnel by his mum. I'm hoping he gets chewed up by someone and not seen again.

  22. *Spoilers Ahead*

    -Sardu was the best master. I love that scene where a boy's grandmother tells a story about Sardu's past.
    -Just when I was starting to like Nora and her fine ass, she dies. I hate it when they do this.
    -Really wish the strigoi didn't use their sucking tubes all the time. Some of them have nice, sharp teeth which would've made it fun to see a few bloody and traditional vampire neck sucking scenes.
    -I"m not satisfied with that little shit's (named Zack) death. He should've been the victim of a deadly head stomp, not Quin.
    -Quin deserves a better defeat. That final fight scene was weak. He appeared as if he didn't know what he was doing.
    -Overall, pretty good show. Lots of things were cheesy and dumb but I'd much rather watch this show than something like Stranger Things. I hope to see similar projects in the near future. I'm running out of shows to watch.

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