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Their Family is NOT DEFINED by Her Mom’s Disability | #WhoWeAre

– [Myra] When you found out you
were pregnant with me, like…what did you think? – [Mother] I was very happy and I was
also scared. – Why were you scared? – Because I hadn’t ever been pregnant
before. I never had, really, an idea of how to care for a baby. – Did you ever feel like I was too much to
handle? Like, ever? – No. I think because I’m different it
might seem hard for me, but I was going give it all I got, no matter what. – When I was a kid I didn’t realize that
you were different and you actually had to tell me because I wasn’t figuring it out. – I said to you, I said “Myra, I know
I’m not like your friends’ mothers, but I’m doing the best that I can.” And you
said “It’s okay, Mommy,” and that made me feel so good. Has my disability
affected your life? – I guess, like, when I was little, you
had to come in for my parent-teacher conference and as a disclosure I was like
“my mom is disabled.” But, the day after the interview, my teacher said that you
seemed really intelligent. And that made me feel embarrassed.
– Why? – Because I kind of felt bad that I had
said that and then you’d gone and you’d been fine. – No offense taken. You were just giving
her a heads up, right? – Yeah. What’s the hardest thing that
you’ve overcome? – Being hurt from people. Not physical,
but just like… – Like emotionally?
– Yeah, yeah. – There were times when we would go out
and people would just blatantly stare and I would say something. I guess I’m kind of
protective. – I’m really thankful because you
understand me and you love me and you accept me and thank you for that. – I don’t know. You kind of make it seem
like I tolerate you. I love you. You’re a good parent. And just because you’re
disabled doesn’t mean that you would do anything less for me. You want me to
succeed. – Yes I do. I want you to make something
of yourself. – I want you to know that even though our
situation is unique, I’m happy that I’m in it, because I’m happy that I’m with you. Thank you Myra, and I feel the same
way. I wouldn’t ever change it for anything in this world.

Cesar Sullivan

11 thoughts on “Their Family is NOT DEFINED by Her Mom’s Disability | #WhoWeAre

  1. I am a 22-year-old with autism and I understand their struggle better than anything else in my life.  People always see those of us with mental "disabilities", a term applied to me that I consider inaccurate, as dangerous to the construct of society before they see us as anything else, and unfit for rights that people of all races, religions, and genders already have, such as owning a firearm or raising children like Myra, which is why I one day wish to see either myself or someone else as a disability rights speaker up there with famous activists such as Al Sharpton.  I see my autism, as well as the autism of other people, not as inherently a "disability", but as a term used for our capabilities, pros and cons, in the same way different race cars might have drastically different stats, with character, attitude, and morality coming entirely from your response to how you are raised, not from anything you can be born with.  You cannot look at someone with autism or any other mental diagnosis and conclude someone was born of a certain character or follow the stereotype that we are always "angry", the same stereotype supposedly experienced people such as teachers and police have followed with me growing up, and one of the same stereotypes that caused those of us with mental disabilities to be institutionalized and lobotomized up to a decade after the success of MLK in the African American rights field.  Can you, the reader, join me in my human rights goal?

  2. Beautiful !! We certainly need more uplifting and positive words and actions !!

    THANK YOU — > to whoever started this and those that we read about !!

  3. Omg. The mother sounds so soft-spoken and modest. As soon as heard her talking, i started tearing up. I was a mess by the end of it. Thank you for sharing.

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