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Domestic Violence and Abuse


They didn’t know that was you Teammate: I was mistaken He changed his voice Teammate: No.2 sounds like that too just now Really? They didn’t change their voices Oh my god This is too much Their voices are terrible, why couldn’t i do that when i was a kid? Teammate: This voice is terrible Teammate: But i like it I didn’t know how to do that when i was still a kid I didn’t change my voice Teammate: I fell down again…i better go to the warehouse Nobody’s here Teammate: There are enemies I didn’t see them I believe my eye…oh, i see a guy Teammate: I’m now… What? Teammate: The “peek”, when i peek, my scope will be opened automatically Oh, really? It’s convenient Teammate: I adjusted the setting myself Not bad Teammate: Back then, i love to peek Teammate: but i’m lazy Little brother, how tall are you? Teammate: Me? Teammate: 1.4 meters Teammate: Almost 1.5 meters Okay Teammate: Little brother, may i know how old you are? Teammate: Your age He ignored you Teammate: He doesn’t talk Teammate: My phone got blown away by wind just now Teammate: I got a flare gun Nice Use it now Teammate: I’m scared Teammate: Knocked one Little brother, is that a bot? Teammate: A bot, i guess Teammate: He looked kinda stupid This is funny Do you want to ask that aunt to play? That aunt asked us to inform her Teammate: I don’t have her WeChat contact But…doesn’t you add her as your friend? Teammate: I didn’t…how about you? No idea I find that your talking style is same as me Cantonese style Teammate: I’m a northeasterner Teammate: I’m currently in GuangZhou Are you a northeasterner? Teammate: Yes Teammate: You guys don’t know each other? We don’t know each other, we are net friends Teammate: We know each other so well Teammate: We know each other so well Teammate: Both of you are people from Northeast China? I am, he isn’t He is a northeasterner but he grows in GuangDong I can know it from his voice Northeast China Teammate: I come from Northeast China too Let’s go, it’s so boring here It’s too boring Teammate: I haven’t use the flare gun Use it later That’s a must Teammate: Let’s go fight Teammate: I used to love to camp but after i met this big brother Teammate: I love to fight now Teammate: However Teammate: he did all the killing Teammate: I’m just a cheerleader There is a guy here Teammate: I don’t have a gun Teammate: Oh my god Teammate: Oh my, they’re full squad Teammate: Where are these guys? Don’t go upstairs first, i’m gonna nade them Teammate: Upstairs Teammate: One team, be careful Push All dead No.2 was dead What did these four guys do in this building? Teammate: I don’t know, they were lying down there Two guys were lying down there Teammate: Let me get another gun Teammate: Why do you tell us? Teammate: There is another 8x scope here Teammate: 8x scope, does anyone want it? Nope Teammate: You’re stubborn This little brother… Teammate: I named my dog “champagne” Teammate: Slowly, i called my dog “dog” now Teammate: After that Teammate: I called my dog “baby” Teammate: After that Teammate: I called my dog “HuaHua” Is that appropriate? Little brother, there are enemies There is more Teammate: I’m healing Teammate: It’s too shaky Teammate: One of them went there Teammate: No wonder it’s so shaky Teammate: I’m using M762 Loot fast Four boxes? There should be a box here Teammate: QIuGe is so strong Let’s go, i drive We go to get the airdrop Teammate: You haven’t used the flare gun yet It’s fine, let’s go to get the airdrop, it’s time to go Teammate: Let me get an extended mag Teammate: I’m lagging Southeast 140 Teammate: Wait for me, i’m lagging Just fix it Teammate: I got two AKMs Teammate: Oh my god You got two AKMs? Teammate: Yes Didn’t you see the other guns? Scar M416, all are there Teammate: There is no ammo Oh, fine, let’s get the airdrop Teammate: Airdrop I want this Teammate: You don’t want to loot the box? What box? Oh Teammate: Don’t you want this AWM? I just picked it up Teammate: Let me give you my 8x scope I have 8x scope Let’s go There are two super airdrops, let’s get them Girl, what region do you live in? Teammate: ShaoGuan ShaoGuan What language do you speak? Teammate: I speak Hakka Is it like this? Am i correct? Teammate: What did you say? I didn’t hear it just now [Speaking Hakka] Is it like this? Teammate: Why am i lagging? Okay Let’s get those airdrops, two airdrops Teammate: I was lagging just now, what did you say just now? [Speaking Hakka] Is it like this? Teammate: I can’t hear you It’s fine I didn’t say anything at all There are two airdrops Teammate: I’m back Welcome back Teammate: I can’t even pull out my gun just now Teammate: I didn’t hear you Teammate: There are enemies Little brother, i will save this girl first, hang on Teammate: I’m good Teammate: I go to loot Teammate: I don’t have…first aid kit Teammate: I don’t have 7.62 ammo Oh, a sniper suppressor, nice Little brother, what are you singing? Girl, you can use your flare gun now Girl…girl Just use your flare gun You can use it during the fight, not after the fight Let’s go I don’t like to wait Let’s go Teammate: Who are you talking to? You, isn’t the flare gun with you? Teammate: Yes Teammate: And? Nothing Nothing Teammate: We’re not on the same page It’s fine, she is lagging, let’s go Teammate: Wait for me [Promoting] [Promoting] [Promoting] [Promoting] Let’s go Teammate: There is a double yolk egg in front of us Okay, get them [Expressing gratitude to chat] [Expressing gratitude to chat] Why is there so many double yolk eggs? [Expressing gratitude to chat] [Expressing gratitude to chat] [Expressing gratitude to chat] [Expressing gratitude to chat] Teammate: There must be someone over there Let’s get a new car, we run out of the gas There are enemies in front of us Teammate: They went away They stopped Teammate: Let me save you, don’t move Someone’s shooting me from far Where is he? Teammate: Smoke me I can’t save you now It’s fine, i’m looking for that guy Come here Come here Someone’s shooting us Teammate: I got killed by the guy behind I will make him pay later Bro, heal yourself, i want to see where this guy is I drive the wrong car Teammate: Behind you Teammate: Little brother, loot my box Teammate: I got AWM Teammate: Little brother, drop your Mini14 and take the AWM Teammate: Oh my god Teammate: Bro, come here to loot I have looted those boxes Teammate: I just want to ask my big brother I don’t need it, you loot first Call me when you’re done Just use it Do you have level 3 vest and helmet? Teammate: Yes…no Let me pick you up Teammate: My vest and helmet are broken It’s okay, i will bring you to get a new one Teammate: Okay Here Teammate: Where are the enemies who shot us? 130, the house Let’s go F**k them Teammate: I just used flare gun It’s okay, we will get it later Did they leave here? I think they’re still here Really? They left here Where are they going? Teammate: Looting airdrop? I didn’t see them I didn’t see them Okay Airdrop It’s dropping Sure Both of us are rich but you were dead What’s inside? Teammate: How many magnum ammo do you have? I will ask from you when my magnum ammo is not enough, okay? Teammate: Okay Let’s fight We’re very rich now, let me drive There are enemies on my right side A car Spray them Get in the car Get in Get in Let’s go to that house Teammate: Behind us Knocked Teammate: Pro Someone’s in the smoke Teammate: Oh my god Teammate: Why are they shooting me? Teammate: Bro, i’m down Teammate: I’m losing health quick Teammate: Why did they love to shoot me? I don’t know, let me help you to kill them Teammate: Your recoil control is really good You’re so annoying Teammate: The guy on the hill is still alive Teammate: There is one more guy on the hill Bro, drop some 5.56 ammo on the ground Teammate: The zone is shrinking Little brother, give me some 5.56 ammo Did they steal my kill? I got only a few kills Get in Teammate: There is an airdrop There is a car They’re fighting each other We can fight them Kill this guy Get inside Teammate: Delicious Delicious? Teammate: Get some 5.56 ammo Teammate: There are many 5.56 ammo here Teammate: You’re too strong They won’t write “666” but “Sao” in the chat Teammate: What is meant by “Sao”? It means that you’re pro Little brother, it’s “Sao” Little brother, get in the car If you want to compliment me, just say “Sao” Bro, you’re “Sao” Bro, you’re “Sao” Teammate: Bro, you’re “Sao” Teammate: Little brother, you’re “Sao”, someone said this Not bad Very cute Teammate: They said “1” is cute It’s you Teammate: His name is not “YiYi” It’s not like that It’s a symbol Teammate: No.4…very cute Teammate: There is an airdrop Where is it? Teammate: Airdrop Let’s go Teammate: Do you set the amount of ammo you should get for each gun? Yes I will send it to you Teammate: I set my AWM to max You can’t take that much Teammate: Yea I shot his ear That’s not a headshot? Little brother, we need to go there Be ready…hey, don’t do that They are gonna shoot you Wait me in the car Get in Teamamte: Bro, you’re pro Nice I’m gonna nade him Teammate: Bro, you’re pro I didn’t get them Follow me, be careful This is hard Follow me Go up Healing Little brother, stay on the stairs Spray them Teammate: There is more Teammate: Bro, you’re pro They’re dead Where are they? Teammate: Bro, why are you stepping on the fire? I’m stepping on the fire? Really? Teammate: They know my location Teammate: Thanks Teammate: Be careful Teammate: Be careful Teammate: Both of them are there Teammate: Below me Let’s see if i can save you Can he go up here? Teammate: He’s here Teammate: He’s around me I thought he can’t go up here Am i good? Teammate: Bro, you’re pro Teammate: Too good Little brother, don’t like that Teammate: It’s like a name Like a name? Bro, you’re pro

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