Solingen 93

Domestic Violence and Abuse

“There’s BLOOD all over the place!” Workplace Injuries, Deaths, Accidents, Fatality from Falls

Narration: And what is the approximate distance
from the ground. Well the first, second, third floor is 16
stories, 48, 58, 68, 78, about 80 foot. How many people are hurt? I have no idea; we’re all trying to get off
the deck right now. A construction worker is dead after falling
off the ladder while building a home. Brogan: Some people get lucky, land on their
feet, or they bounce because it’s a short fall. But then there’s other longer falls where
you go and you fall and you stick your arms out. You tear your rotator cuffs, you break your
pelvises, other things like that. Narration: This is the second death in five
days here in Canton. Last Wednesday a worker died after falling
off a roof on a building on Draper Lane. Brogan: Everybody makes mistakes, sooner or
later. These guys work over 2,000 hours a year. If you do that for 20 years, at some point
you are going to make a mistake. I’ve seen
plenty of people make those mistakes, fall into their harnesses, or just plain fall. Narration: He’s inside the building. He fell through the roof. He fell through the roof? Yes, correct, onto the concrete. Jeff: I would say at 20 feet, going that fast,
you land on the concrete and you walk away from it, you’re a very lucky individual. You’re probably going to be crippled for the
rest of your life or you’re going to be dead. Especially if you take a head impact. Narration: There is blood all over the place. Is he breathing? Where’s the blood coming from? Yes, he is breathing. Ok. It looks like blood is coming from his head. He is barely breathing. Jeff: Have you ever heard the old clich�
it’s not the fall that kills you? What is it? The sudden stop at the end. Do you think they’re lying? They’re not lying. Because I tell you what, you�re falling,
falling, falling, falling. Bam you hit. What stops? Your body. What doesn’t stop? Your organs. So they crash into the back of your ribcage
and they blow up. You can’t take the force. Do you know what it takes to break a man’s
collarbone? Eight pounds. Narration: A roofer fell off this three-story
roof to the pavement below, where he was pronounced dead. Walter: We oftentimes fail to recognize the
harm done to a family, surviving spouse, children, moms and dads, grandparents, and the futures
that those individuals held. Narration: The victim�s colleagues and family
are devastated by this workplace accident. He was 20, only 24? 25 Thomas: If they allow somebody to get up there
and work without fall protection and they fall, that’s one of your family members that
just got hurt and I don’t think they think about it in that fashion until afterwards,
when it’s too late. Narration: Moving on to other news now, a
construction worker slipped and fell 30 feet into a water tank. Doug: Anybody that works at heights, whether
it’s their first day on the job, or they are the president of the company, the rules apply,
period. Because gravity does not discriminate.

Cesar Sullivan

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