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hey guys welcome back to my channel I’m T’keyah
and I’m here with my niece Kailani Kalani
she saw my bentonite clay mask video it’s supposed to revive your curls and make
them pop and really define them so she saw that video she wanted to try it on her
hair so we’re gonna do it we just mix all the ingredients together I’ll show
you guys in a second but we got a pretty kind of smooth consistency it’s a little
bit more difficult when you only use water so we added a little bit of apple
cider vinegar in so if you want to see how we do it on an eleven year olds hair
then just keep watching so you need a plastic bowl a nonmetal stirring utensil
bentonite clay a plastic cap a spray bottle with water apple cider vinegar
your choice of oils detangling tools and clips for sectioning the hair for the
mixture I’m starting with about half a cup of the bentonite clay and I’m
eyeballing this because I’ve done it quite a few times but the easiest way to
do it is to add a little bit at a time now you will get less clumps if you only
use apple cider vinegar or if you just use that first so I wanted this process
to be fun and interactive which is why I’m letting my niece help out this is
kind of my way of getting her excited and interested in caring for her natural
hair so now we’re gonna add in some apple cider vinegar because like I said
the mixture gets really really clumpy if you only use water so we totally could
have just used apple cider vinegar but I didn’t think my niece would like the
smell of it because it kind of smells like feet and
I didn’t think she would want that in her hair but she didn’t even care we
also added in some extra-virgin olive oil now olive oil helps with hair fall
and then it also helps to retain moisture and it’s packed with tons of
antioxidants and vitamins so her hair is already sectioned into four sections I
am spraying it with some water you can also use aloe vera juice that will help
get out tangles but water works pretty well on her hair so I’m just hydrating
it and then detangling it you definitely want to make sure that the hair is
detangled before you put this clay mixture on the hair because once it
dries it’ll just be literally a tragedy to get the clay through so I’m
detangling it and then smoothing it out with a Denman brush and I was showing my
niece that she has curls because for the longest time she didn’t think that her
hair curled so my niece has the coolest undercut I
am still gonna apply the mixture to that part of her hair because this bentonite
clay is a great cleansing clay so I’m going to add it there and I’m kind of
adding it like you would a relaxer and then I’m gonna start with each of the
four sections one by one and break those up into smaller sections the reason why
I love bentonite clay and this apple cider vinegar mask is because it’s a
powerful cleanser and it also detoxifies the hair it removes build-up and really
tough product build-up from silicones and just all of those harmful
ingredients in some of the products that we use it also draws out toxins and
chemicals which leaves your hair soft defined and conditioned and now I’m
going through and I’m kind of using the shingling method where I’m just taking
each individual curl and really coating it with that clay mixture as you can see
on this part of her hair she has some heat damage she also has some more in
the front which you’ll see later so we’re gonna see if this play mask can
actually define these really damaged parts of our hair so apple cider vinegar
is amazing you can do apple cider vinegar rinses and what apple cider
vinegar does is it balances our hairs pH and that helps improve the shine of our
hair it also helps with moisture retention because it lays our cuticles
flat because of that pH balance it also helps ease scalp irritation and
itching and dandruff so if you have a dry scalp try using apple cider vinegar
so as you can see these front parts of her hair are also heat damaged we are
going to really saturate these sections with clay and work that in and hopefully
it’ll reverse or it’ll just be able to be defined once we rinse it out so this step is optional I am spraying
your hair with some more of that water and this is just gonna help trap in some
moisture and body heat once I add that plastic cap that’s gonna add further
penetration for the mask and for her hair because she really does need it we
let this sit for about 30 minutes you can do twenty to thirty minutes whatever
you prefer and once you’ve rinsed out the mask
probably about 80% then you should go in with a very moisturizing conditioner to
get out the remaining clay and to further conditioner hair now my favorite
conditioner right now is the tea tree tingle by Trader Joe’s this is so
moisturizing you guys definitely have to try it out and just look at how amazing
her hair looks even the heat damage straight pieces are defined her hair was
really conditioned and really nice so I don’t know if it’s possible to reverse
heat damage but her hair has so much elasticity after this mask and you guys
saw how straight those pieces were and now she has curls like her hair is curly
it’s defined it looks great so after we got over the amazement I went ahead and
styled her hair after I did conditioned it I just did these two cute little
puffs I laid her baby hairs and then I let the back hang out we really wanted
to admire and just have her curls out because she didn’t think she had curls
like I said before and she was a happy camper after we were finished so we were
able to go from this you can see all of the straight damaged pieces to very
curly Q pubs and just really defined really healthy hair so yeah I hope you
guys enjoyed this video definitely try this mask out the masks and all of the
details will be in the description box please subscribe share this video and
like it I’ll see you guys on my next one

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64 thoughts on “THIS CHANGED HER NATURAL HAIR! // Best Hair Mask for Damaged Hair | BENTONITE CLAY MASK

  1. You can repair heat damage hair depending on how bad it is. Her hair luckily was able to bounce back(like protein does to some). Tfs. Your niece is cute☺

  2. Clay masks are one natural hair's best friend. Curls will be POPPING. Can tell you will be an awesome mum one day 😁

  3. She is too adorable! But I was honestly sleeping on Bentonite Clay the very first time I used it my hair was so soft and conditioned.

  4. Great video. Loved the result. I am most definitely going to do this. I have the BC and it doesn't give my fave good results so I am going to try it on my hair.

    What would you put on it to keep it up. Say like the next day or once it dries?
    Thank you in advance!

  5. This mask was great for your niece ! She looked happy. I've you ever tried rhassoul clay ? I've using fusion of cultures clay wash receipe. I can honestly say it's been a game changer for me.

  6. Random: I just love your skin an the fact you are a plain jane lol you make me feel like I could be a youtuber they are always dolled up an I am not lol. But love you an your channel.

  7. I absolutely love your channel and it’s content . Her result were so beautiful, curls were popping! Thanks for sharing ❤️

  8. To prevent clumps use really hot tap water ☺ I do a bentonite clay wash weekly but bc of my texture I like mine more watery so it's not difficult to wash out.

  9. Good job! I thoroughly enjoyed this video! I love it when young ladies are encouraged to see their natural beauty. Our society does not do this enough. Keep up the good work.

  10. It's not good to use a metal spoon for bentonite clay because it absorbs the metal in the spoon and it become less effective. Try a wooden spoon next time. You might get more out of it 🙂

  11. Large retailers like Sally's Beauty Supply and others removed Bentonite Clay from their inventory, because it has proven to contain lead, which is toxic and can cause birth defects to the unborn.

  12. I'm newly natural 9 months post relaxer and I big chopped 2 months ago. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong but I tried the clay and no curls help 😩

  13. Awesome before your mentioned the Trader Joe’s conditioner I was like that’s what I’ll use then boom you bust out with it woohoo thx great tut bc my daughter has some heat damage so gotta restore

  14. Influencing beautiful brown girls to love their curls one by one!! I love it😍 I’m trying to get my little cousin excited about her natural hair, but it’s so hard with all the Disney characters she watches with long blonde hair : / she would rather be them for halloween

  15. Wow this is so amazing honestly I love the video and I love the fact that ur teaching her to love her hair it's so beautiful we need to teach our young girls to love themselves!!! Yasssssss❤️❤️

  16. I just used this on my hair and I’ve never seen my curls so defined … I was so nervous at first bc it felt weird on my hair but omggggggg … so worth it

  17. Just my thoughts, not everything is heat damage, "sometimes" it's due to the hair not being cleansed properly. I do know this as I've worked with peoples hair like that. I just used the right products for their hair.

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