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This Man Ate Sugar Daily, Little Did He Realize It Would Destroy His Life

Cesar Sullivan

24 thoughts on “This Man Ate Sugar Daily, Little Did He Realize It Would Destroy His Life

  1. These people dont realise that
    A) You actually NEED sugar daily to live, just not too much of it
    B) Its bad for you to give up sugar

  2. I dont get how this channel has 45million subs but what i do now is that you guys make lies for a living and why always music why not use ur voices

  3. I agree that you reducing your intake of sugar is good for your body however,you need to have sugar daily to live and I am not trying to be rude at all but I do not agree with this video and telling people you shouldn’t have sugar is not good. Again not trying to be rude.😊

  4. Health is Wealth U S I N G _ C L I C K _ B A I T and a thumbnail that has nothing to do with the subject matter. Health is Wealth is spreading misinformation. Misleading viewers about sugar consumption and pushing or encouraging viewers to go on a 'No-Sugar' or 'Zero-Sugar' meal plan. Health is Wealth please stop lying to the viewers. Stop using misleading titles to trick people into viewing your intentionally inaccurate(that means telling lies on purpose) videos.Shame on you Health is Wealth. Shame, shame, shame. You SABOTAGE healthy eating habit information with your toxic, unhealthy LIES.

  5. SUGAR… use wisdom and moderation as with any food and dietary changes… and let your doctor know so he/she can monitor any life threatening /adverse changes in your body that could affect any overall health issues… medical treatments… don't just crash into abrupt dietary changes blindly… do your homework first… jmo

  6. I stopped drinking pop, because I didn't want cavity's or my bones to rot. And I feel like my life is better now without it. 😀

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