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This Will Save Your Life in a Car Accident

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about five things that can save your life if you get in a big accident, even
though nobody wants to get into an accident you should be prepared, because
if you don’t have these things in the first place it isn’t gonna do you any
good if you do get in a wreck, now the first thing is a fire extinguisher this is a
Halguard it’s made especially for car fires, now people used to use Halon
but, the original Halon fire extinguishers, the Halon is a really
strong chlorofluorocarbon, so it reduces the ozone layer and it was against the
law decades ago they made it illegal, they’re allowed to recycle it and stuff but
they can’t make any new, so they came up with this instead, now it still is a
chlorofluorocarbon, but it’s 96% weaker than the Halon itself
so really it’s only 4% it’s no big deal, it’s not like you’re running around
spraying stuff with a fire extinguisher every three seconds, now
they use the same chemical to put fires out in airplanes, so they test it out and
found out that it works just as good as the old stuff, but it doesn’t ruin the ozone
layer as much and it doesn’t bother sensitive people as much as the old
stuff did, it’s not that much of an irritant, and the big advantage of this
stuff is, not only can it save your life but I can save your car’s life too
because it doesn’t leave a residue, it doesn’t ruin electronics, it’s a very
good fire extinguisher like I’m showing you here, here we have a little gasoline
electrical fire, and here comes the fire extinguisher
no residue, the flames went out, it’s an amazing fire extinguisher material, you
can have your whole life saved or you can have somebody else’s life saved, you
really want to have one of these in your car, now the second thing that can save
your life, is one of these little crash safe
devices, it’s got a little knife inside so if you’re upside down and your
seatbelts stuck, you can cut through the seatbelt with it
there’s a very strong light if it’s night and you can’t see, but mainly it’s got this
cool little tip in it, so it can break glass, if your automatic windows are
stuck up and they don’t come down, this can break right through them
I went to a junkyard bought a car glass let’s see if this can break it when
you’re stuck inside, here goes nothing yes indeed it does work, now the next
thing that can save your life is a flare to warn people that there’s been an
accident, especially if it happens that night, now there’s tons of different
flares you can get, when I was a kid they had the old mechanical ones that you lit
just like a stick of dynamite, it looked like a stick of dynamite and it would burn
bright red, but this is a smart flare it’s electronic and man they really work
at night, they don’t cost much and since they’re LEDs they go a long time before
they run out of power, and this particularly one Hey,
it’s got a USB charging port, so you never need to buy batteries for the thing
that’s the main hassle of any electronic flare, if you got to keep putting
batteries in it maybe you don’t use it for four years and then you got to turn it
on nothing happens, this is a much better idea and you don’t have to worry about
batteries, this is a handy one cause it’s small you can clip it on anything, stick
it in the ground, whatever you want to do but of course they make big ones too, you
can get really big ones or you can get medium-sized once, you get whatever size
you want, but just make sure that you have at least one in your car cuz if you
need it, it’s too late if you got to go buy one later, now the next thing that
can save your life in an accident is your phone of course, if you get in a
wreck or if you see someone else in a serious wreck, quick call 911 get help to
come as soon as possible, even if you don’t know where
you are hey there’s always Google Maps, you can tell them exactly where you are
using your google map, so don’t leave your phone at home, take it with you
whenever you go places, it can be a lifesaver
I remember when I was a kid Niagara Falls, it’s a shame they didn’t have cell
phones then, a kid my age fell into the Niagara River in a winter and by the
time the guys ran back home to use the phone, it was too late he went over the falls
that was the end of him, if they had cell phones or those day, somebody could have
called up an emergency and say hey this kid fell in a
river quick come get him, we all take them for granted today but hey, they can be
lifesavers, so make sure your phone’s charged up if you’re going places, get a
little charger in your car if you don’t have one already to plug it in so
it stays full while your driving and of course your phone’s got a light too, and the
last thing that can save your life during a wreck is make, sure got your
medical insurance card on you at all times
I had a customer got in a pretty big wreck, and he thought he was okay
he was walking around so he just went on his merry way, guess what the next day he
dropped dead, he had internal injuries that he didn’t think anything of and he
ended up bleeding to death internally, so if you get in a wreck even a
medium-sized one, let’s say you got rear-ended and your
head got snapped back or you hit somebody and you end up smashing into the
steering wheel, you can have some serious internal injuries that you don’t even
know about, so go to the hospital or an emergency room, and get yourself checked
out, because if you don’t, it’s not like a car where you can look at it and you can see,
well that’s bent, that’s not bend it’s okay, or
it’s really messed up, you could really be seriously injured inside and not know
it, so always have your insurance card with you, and since you’ll have your
phone, you can always find where the nearest hospital is, it’s not like you
got to look around like you did in the olden days, you just push nearest hospital and
google will tell you right where it is, so now
you know five things that you can do to save yourself if you get in a serious
car wreck, now I hope nobody ever gets in a serious car wreck, but let’s face it
odds are many people at some point in their life are gonna get into one, but
now you can be better prepared for any contingency, so it won’t be the end of
you, it might be the end of your car but hey you can replace the car you can’t
replace yourself, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell!

Cesar Sullivan

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  2. Hey scotty i love your videos. I have a question i recently put led bulbs in my brake lights and worked perfectly then a few days later i got a abs,check engine, brake, and vehicle stability control icon on my cluster. I took it to the dealership and they got rid of all the icons then told me its because i have an open circuit in my stop lamp switch and said it MIGHT be because the led bulbs i recently put in for the brake lights and told me to put the factory brake bulbs back in (which i did right after) then that night my nights lights in my tailights stopped working but my brake lights still work, then i went back to dealers the next day then they said they think the led bulbs caused the open circuit. What do you think? The problem i have is with my 2016 toyota camry le 2.5 i-4. Do you think the led bulbs caused the open circuit to my stop lamp switch?

  3. As much as I love our American cousins, it really pisses me off that you even need to think about medical insurance. You need help back here in britland, you get it. Until the current version of your republican party gets rid of it, that is.

  4. Make sure that the glass breaker that you purchase also has a blade on it that will cut a seat belt. If you can’t get access to the seatbelt latch or the latch is frozen closed, an open window won’t do you any good. Make sure all these devices are quickly accessible to you from the drivers seat. These devices are required on School buses and public transportation vehicles.

  5. When using a window punch to break glass, you do not want to swing it into the window. You can really cut yourself bad. Those punches will also only work on tempered glass. Windshields, sunroofs, moon roofs, and some rear windows it will not work on as those will be safety laminated glass. I work as a firefighter, and I have broken my fair share of windows working on car accident scenes. Also, most car crashes do not erupt into flame. That is Hollywood…….

  6. Scotty: Are you on Bezos' payroll??? Those nifty fire extinguishers cost $125.00!!! I'll stick with a $15 ABC extinguisher.

  7. You forgot Number 6: DRIVE SAFELY. Most accidents are preventable: (1) DUI's; (2) distraction by that "life saving" smart phone; (3) Stupid stunts by 16-30 yo males trying to prove their manhood; (4) Old people who should have turned in their license years earlier; (4) People with no driver training (includes most/all illegal aliens).

  8. Turn the engine OFF if you are in an accident, to shut off the fuel pump and lower the chance of having your vehicle go up in flames.

  9. To make an electrical fire I thought you needed energized electrical devices should have shorted out a car battery and throw some gasoline to see real life event. Then will call this scotty kills more, j/k lol.

  10. Rev up your….. Unaffordable Uncaring Act.

    Keep a 5gal jug of gas in case you need to torch the car to get rid of evidence. It could save your life…in prison.

  11. Scotty is spot on about possible internal injuries. Thank God, I haven't had to experience it myself, but my cousin did. She came to a three-way intersection at a rather high speed and slammed on the brakes. Was not wearing her seatbelt, so the result was that the car came to a screeching halt, but she ended up wedged between the steering wheel and the window (or the A-pillar). After freeing herself she sensed something was wrong with her. So, thankfully, her professional instincts kicked in (she's a nurse at a major hospital). So, she moved the car to a safe spot, parked it, then jumped in a cab and went to the hospital she works in (which was the closest to that location since she was just heading home from there). And after some tests and scans, they realized she had ruptured her spleen and was bleeding internally. Needless to say, she ended up on the surgery table and now she's living without a spleen.

  12. 😒 ive seen those hammers on amazon, and in other countrys ur suppose to have an extinguisher if u want to pass inspection 🚙

  13. If I was on fire, I'd be really pissed if someone used a fire extinguisher that upset my sinuses! Nar……. On second thoughts, put me out 🙂

  14. Scotty, you forgot to give advice / link on which smart phone and health insurance to buy. get some sponsorship $ while ur at it. =D

  15. Great advice as always Scotty !!!
    ALWAYS GET CHECKED OUT IN THE HOSPITAL! Had an accident-guy behind ran into me and shoved me into the car in front. Totalled my car. Police got an ambulance and send me to the hospital even though I felt okay. They checked me out in the emergency room.Sent me for X-rays. Feel okay and I'm getting set to leave. They freaked out and sent me for a second set of X-rays. Wouldn't tell me why, but rushed me to get them done quickly. They explained to me later that there was a shadow on my X-ray that made them think my aorta was injured and leaking, causing internal bleeding. Turned out it was just a bad X-ray. They could have needed to do emergency surgery. Scared me silly.
    It is very common to have this injury due to seat belts in modern cars, I was told. The belts can injure you. You won't even know it.
    You may not show any external injuries and feel okay after an accident, but always get checked out anyway.

  16. Correction a engen fier/ carrier all the whiering plasticky stuff evrey thing whold get destroyed the fier extinsher is to provide a safe Pasage way to get out

  17. Thank you Mr.Kilmer. I was driving my Forester and got hit from behind by a guy who "was checking" his mail envelopes while driving. My car spanned 180 degrees and of course "I saw the stars" ,got checked out and thanks God I was ok. My insurance company totaled my car and paid the market price for it.I bought it back for less fixed it and still driving today. Of course I cannot sell it but who cares…Great mechanic tips Great videos!

  18. Hey scotty, cheap ranger’s abound. What are the chances a modern engine would offer meaningful fuel efficiency improvements??

  19. ive heard that if you get in an wreck or just your windows are stuck up you can pull put the headrest all the way and use the metal ends to break your windows

  20. Have your phone with you, but DON'T use it while you're driving, because that's a good way to raise your chances of getting in a bad wreck.

  21. a hot can of cola, shake it, punch a small hole, put out fire. (cokeacola is not just for removing grease from coveralls)

  22. Question: Why is it that camber can not be adjusted in many cars? So alignment can be done. Also how can this be fix, is it true the subframe shifts causing the camber on the front wheels to move?

  23. In the case of the accident, new cars automatically activate warning signs (4 lights) in your car. You dont actually need that light that you have recomendet

  24. In Canada, land of Universal health care, there's really no excuse not to have your health insurance card and not be checked out as a precaution. The worst you'd have to pay is the ambulance ride to the hospital. Everything else is covered!

  25. Some guy here in San Antonio lost his life after being ran over multiple times after having truck trouble on the highway
    Saftey always first

  26. Scotty like your style! Bet you don't have many women subscribing- I've found they don't want to hear straight talk. They prefer double talk.

  27. Scotty should start a Auto Mechanics College for Honest People. Put the schisters out of business. Company near me wanted $193 to rpl an inner tie rod. Knocked me out of my " be lazy " state if mind. $17 bucks and an hour later I was done.

  28. Honest advice from an honest man. Love your vidoes scotty its hard to find a mechanics word worth the salt. Im 20 and when i got my second car i had an engine knock and a machanic told me it was a power stearing pump. Now i work on my own cars! Heck i still wouldn't let him work on it and good thing!

  29. I work for a federal agency and all of our fleet vehicles have to have an OSHA approved first-aid kit – which includes a blood-borne pathogen kit and a trauma pack – at least one reflective safety vest, roadside flares, and an extinguisher, which is tested annually. All of the equipment is inspected monthly, along with the vehicle itself.
    In fact, you may remember in 2017 Kiddie recalled certain smaller extinguishers because the plastic components could fail in an emergency. I think we replaced 3…the rest were Amerex.

  30. Be sure you use a fire extinguisher especially for vehicles. My brother-in-law and son were in the vehicle with a household fire extinguisher for this safety purpose. The pin worked itself out and my nephew kicked it. The extinguishing chemical spewed out as if it were being squeezed…and my brother-in-law had to stop to clean it with more than 1 roll of paper towels.

  31. In Estonia it's mandatory to have fire extinguisher with a valid inspection stamp, warning triangle and reflective vest in your car.

  32. Scotty what do you think of me putting a sparco steering wheel on my mazda mixta mx5 1994. The air bag light keeps going on and off when turning and so i dont want it to blow in my face x) what do you think??

  33. Having an emergency car phone is a good idea. Last year, I bought a new cheap Samsung TracFone smartphone with triple minutes that came with a 1-year 400 minute (tripling to 1200 minutes) prepaid phone card for just $25 on eBay. Normally, the 1-year 400 minute card costs $99 by itself. This Samsung is similar to my other LG Rebel TracFone in that it has a good battery and camera.

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