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Hello Friends we will discuss list of deadliest Indian rail accidents which took 1000 of lives Bihar train derailment on June 6, 1981 passenger train carrying more than 800 passengers between Mansi (Dhamara Pul) and Saharsa, India derailed and plunged into the river Bagmati After five days, more than 200 bodies were recovered After five days, more than 200 bodies were recovered Estimates of total deaths range from 500 to 800 or more. The accident is among the deadliest-ever rail accidents on record The cause of the accident is uncertain as the accident was not well documented There are multiple theories: Cyclone , flood brake failure while trying to avoid hitting a water buffalo Next on list is Firozabad rail disaster occurred on 20 August 1995 occurred on 20 August 1995 at 02:55 AM accident happened between “Kalindi Express and Purushottam Express” the “Kalindi Express” from Kanpur unable to proceed as its brakes were damaged after hitting a cow It was then struck from behind at a speed of 70 Kmph by the Purushottam Express Three carriages of the Kalindi express were destroyed the engine and front two carriages of the Purushottam Express were derailed Most of the 2200 passengers aboard the two trains were asleep at the time of the accident The next accident on list is Gaisal train disaster occurred on 2 August 1999 killing at least 290 people Unofficial totals have claimed that over 1000 or even more were killed The crash occurred at about 1:45am on 2 August when the Avadh Assam Express from New Delhi was stationary at the Gaisal station Through a signaling error the Brahmaputra Mail from Dibrugarh was transferred onto the same track as the express train No one on either train or in the signals and station master’s office noticed the error As a result, Brahmaputra Mail train crashed headlong into the front of the Avadh Assam Express he crash involved such high speeds that the trains exploded upon impact passengers from both trains were blown into neighbouring buildings and fields by the force of the explosion The next accident on list is Khanna rail disaster occurred on 26 November 1998 near Khanna on the Khanna-Ludhiana section Calcutta-bound Jammu Tawi-Sealdah Express collided with six derailed coaches of the Amritsar-bound “Frontier Mail” which were lying in its path At least 212 were killed in total the trains were estimated to be carrying 2,500 passengers The next railway accident on list is Pukhrayan train derailment On 20 November 2016 the Indore–Patna Express a scheduled train from Indore to Patna derailed near Pukhrayan, Kanpur, India resulting in at least 150 deaths and more than 150 injuries. It is the deadliest train accident in India since 1999 when the Gaisal train disaster claimed 290 lives cause of the accident is still unknown Some sources speculated the train to have been overcrowded sources in the railways suspected rail fracture Some survivors claimed that one of the coaches was making noise The Next Accident on list is Jnaneswari Express train derailment derailment occurred on 28 May 2010 46-centimetre (18 in) length of railway track was missing At 01:30 local time, a train with 13 carriages passing over the missing track derailed. The derailed train was then struck by a goods train travelling in the opposite direction. At least 141 people died and more than 180 people were injured. Initially there was uncertainty as to whether the attack was a result of a blast The next railway disaster or accident is Rafiganj rail disaster Howrah Rajdhani Express train derailed over the Dhave River 300-foot bridge over the Dhave River near the town of Rafiganj near Gaya on 10 September 2002 Howrah Rajdhani Express was heading towards New Delhi when the tragedy happened Fifteen of the eighteen train cars derailed and fell across the tracks , two of them tumbling into the river beneath People killed as high as 200. At least 150 people were injured. Main reason was missing “fish plates” I want to tell my story here When this derailment happened I was traveling by the next train behind this train in purushottam express My train was stopped to give line to the howrah rajdhani express and it has overtaken us and the train met the accident I was passing this place on the other side of the tracks and have seen it live There are lot of other accidents I dont have much information regarding them as many of them are not documented as some are very old I have given names of these railway accidents in the description box Please do tell me the reaction regarding the video and post in comments about any information you want to know in future I will make videos on them.Thanks

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  1. You can speak in video in angilam (English) because people from all over the world will see your videos even as I am Tamil how can I understand Hindi or any other?

  2. Jab tumne live accident dekha tha Howrah Rajdhani ka, tab mai secunderabad me 3 sal ka tha news dekh rha tha , first time aise kuch dikha tha meko icf train ke sat

  3. Awesome video❤️❤️❤️ Like # 21 … thanks for sharing 💝👍👍👍💝👍👍👍💝👍👍👍💝👍👍👍

  4. When one train stopped why the trains behind them didn't stop. There should be atleast 10km difference between two trains.

  5. Mai v rafiganj area se hu jab rafiganj accident hua tha tab mai 6 sal ka tha ..redio par news suna tha. Mere village se bahut se log accident dekne gaye the.

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