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Trump’s Damage to America Will Outlast His Presidency

I’ve been telling you for some time that the
damage Donald Trump is doing in the U S is going to outlast his presidency, and this
is true both in terms of the practical and the ideological. So as an example, the way
in which Trump has coarsened political language and what counts. His discourse is going to
outlast Donald Trump. That won’t be fixed when Trump leaves office. But a more practical
example is that things like the alliances with other countries that Trump has ruined
will take longer to fix than Donald Trump’s tenure in office. It could take years after
Trump has gone to repair those alliances with other countries, with international institutions
and working groups. David, from a traditional conservative, I guess we’d call him, he was
a speechwriter for George W. Bush. He wrote an article about exactly this in the Atlantic
called America after Trump, and he points out a lot of the ways in which Trump’s damaged
to America is going to last longer than his presidency. One example is even though Republicans before
Trump have won the electoral college without winning the popular vote, Trump lost the popular
vote by the biggest margin in history while still winning the electoral college in 2016
that’s likely to happen again if Trump gets reelected in 2020 and the more that that losing
margin is in the popular vote while still winning the electorial from argues, we’ll
call into question the legitimacy of our political system. And I agree, and I’ve been talking
about the electoral college for a long time and from goes on to say if Trump loses narrowly
in 2020 the 40% of the country that likes him is likely to turn into organized violence,
which will be destructive to our country’s social fabric for a very long time. It may
be Trump will try to get the military involved to keep him in office because he feels that
he was cheated. Now the military is not going to do that,
but simply a president publicly pushing for that would be disastrous for the country and
it would allow Trump to keep harming the United States beyond November of 2020 now, if Trump
loses big, as David Frum says, the possibility of Democrats fixing everything and quickly
is really slim. And we have to recognize that there is going to be a lot to fix. And unfortunately
the reality is that this takes a long time, even a much more left wing president than
we’ve ever had before. If it’s Bernie, if it’s Warren, they’re not going to be able
to do everything and fix everything in four years. And this will potentially make people
even more disaffected with the political system because they’ll say, look, Trump was terrible,
but we got them out and we put in Bernie or Warren and they barely fixed anything because
it’s of course, much easier to break things than it is to build them as we know. And then there are things David Frum doesn’t
talk about in his piece. I’ve talked about the justice system, the judiciary, the damage
done by Donald Trump’s Supreme court and lower court justice and judge selections is already
disgusting and it will continue and it will persist for a long time because those are
positions for life and they are going to outlast Trump by a lot. The damage of the environmental
regulations that were rolled back or skipped may never be undone and every day we fall
further and further behind where we could be. We don’t make progress, we don’t deal
with the environmental issue. That’s by design. This is what they want, but it will damage
the country long beyond Donald Trump’s presidency. This is just a partial list, but the idea
is to really make clear that we do not fix the problems merely by getting rid of Trump.
That’s like one a the prerequisite to start thinking about all of the things that will
need to be fixed. There are people on the left who recognize it. There are people on
the right like David Frum who recognize it and we all need to understand that that the,
the removal of Trump in 2020 is not the solution. It’s merely step one in starting to repair
things. Let me know what you think. I’m on Twitter at D Pacman. Follow me there. We’ll
take a quick break and be back right after this,

Cesar Sullivan

100 thoughts on “Trump’s Damage to America Will Outlast His Presidency

  1. Realistically, this is not a problem unique to trumps presidency. In the US, with only two polar opposites parties, and a presidency that has too much power over domestic affairs, this will keep being a problem in this country, regardless of how stupid or how smart any one president is or was. It’s systemic.

  2. Absolutely rgt , I'm a business owner and lots of good American company,s went out of business because of the import regulations and loses of international businesses , also the damage that's coming after he takes our oil and money so that he can give it to Russians.

  3. That's what tRump does. Everything he touches gets ruined & many people around him are cast along the road as discarded items or trinkets. He only cares about himself. Just look at the three women he's cheated on with no regrets at all.

  4. All that will happen (if Chump is removed in 2020) is that the people's patience will wear thin and the whole thing will flip again in 2024!

  5. It's what happens when you "elect" a mafia to the presidency:
    Trump has been running a mafia of his own for decades. Fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, bad loans, and big loans from daddy. That's most of Trump's life right there.
    I say "elect" in quotes because he solicited and accepted help from foreign mafia, which also happens to be tightly interwoven with Russian intelligence. So it was a hostile foreign government and mafia who attacked an election on multiple fronts, stole data from millions of people, and then used that data against them to manipulate and turn the election in swing states.
    The fall out of this presidency will leave America, and much of the world, barely able to cope.with a dire future of global warming catastrophe, war, equality, human rights, worker rights, etc.

  6. You say people will be disaffected if Bernie or Warren can't fix the damage in 8 years… Just imagine how disaffected they'll be with a Biden or Buttigieg presidency when absolutely nothing improves.

  7. German here, cute if you guys believe NATO still exists in more than name only (Made in said it best, Merkel is just polite). Iran is a better ally to the EU than Saudi Arabia and the U.S. combined. Forget preventing them from getting nukes. No repair. The debt of the greatest American generation has been more than repaired. Make America Banana Republic again. Have fun.

  8. We have been so focused on Trump that we have overlooked the fact that Climate Change has been running unabated all this time and the window of opportunity is quickly closing. That will be a far-reaching legacy of Trump.

  9. I hooe Trump and his supporters split from the US and create their own country where super rich people are the only ones with money and corporations run everything…

  10. As we speak, Trump´s America is attacking democracies throughout latinamerica. Countries that are dumping the WMF and World Bank neoliberal policies which have devastated their economies and souvereignties.There is a real war out there against working class people. Wake up Americans! You can´t be citizens of the most powerful country in the world, yet be the most powerless!

  11. This is the second time Trump is seen walking around with toilet paper on his shoe. Seriously, he needs to be in a dementia facility.

  12. The damages may be long but it won't be forever, remember Trump only has four years. By the next president, let's say hopefully Bernie, he has a chance to turn things around and still reverse every horrible decision he has done, like getting rid of his executive orders.

  13. Perhaps Russia's backing of Drumpf is revenge for us encouraging the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe.

    Think about it.

  14. trump has shown us how much a president can get away with and that the republican are full of shit and dont really care about christian values and morality

  15. I honestly feel as though it actually won’t take that long Dave. If Trump was a normal functioning adult who was just a terribly President, maybe. But many in the international community don’t take him seriously, both normal citizens and their leaders. If any other US President referred to Kim Jung Un publicly as “Rocket Man”, who knows if they would’ve tried to nuke us by now. Same with Russia and our other enemies. They all know like most of us in the United States that he’s almost like a child playing dress up in the White House. It’s just like the day care analogy everyone uses. We see the child running around the classroom pushing the other children, not listening to the teacher, stealing snacks from the cubbies, not participating in any structured activities because their brain can’t allow them to be still for more than 10 seconds, etc. The other kids no longer get mad when he pushes them or takes their snacks because that’s just become normal to them now; they practically sit and wait wondering about the next crazy think he’ll do so they can get a laugh. You make calls, you send home letters, you have meetings with the administrators, you have other teachers come in and observe, etc, but nothing really comes of it. Since it’s a small child and you can’t just throw them out onto the street till pickup time, or stuff them into a locked closet; you just wait patiently for the school day to be over because it’s impossible to get anything real done while they’re there. Eventually the child is either expelled or the parents and staff come to an agreement because the child’s behavior is impacting everyone else negatively. Then for the most part, the school day goes back to the way it was prior to the demon child’s admission. The teachers and the other kids just naturally pick up where they left off and share a knowing chuckle with each other every now and then. The Republicans don’t like him privately, only in public. Believe me they want him gone as well so they can go back to their own behind closed doors bad behavior. Don’t worry America, our terrible school is almost over!!


  17. The granson of Rudolph Hess has made it his lifes work to educate the world about the horrors of tyranny that his grand dad did in WW2. IQ45's decendants will not want to but it won't matter 'cause there wont be anything left to save. 😬

  18. Yes, of course getting rid of trump is not going magically fix everything. No one is saying that. It's the first thing that needs to happen in order for us to move forward in fixing things.

  19. God the damage of all the jobs, the economy, the trade deals… what will we do to recover from it all… libtards have completely lost it lmao.

  20. bush is a big example, and he didn't do nearly as bad as trump, he got america into a war that lasted years, and put america into debt that has only been made worse, trump has done a lot more then that and it could take maybe the next 5 presidents(if they are good ones anyway) to fix, that's 40 years if each one gets 2 terms and even then it'll probably not be fully undone

  21. We still haven't repaired the damage traitor Reagan did.  Still waiting for that Trickle Down to kick in.  Add to that the 23 trillion dollar the traitor Republicons have run up.

  22. People said a lot of the same things when Obama was elected.

    The real question is how can we stay on the right track to fix these things. The damage will go beyond the next president, maybe even the next two or three. We still don't know the full destruction… theses's still that terrible tax bill they passed that has the potential to wreck the economy sooner or later.

  23. I’m from South Carolina. A very conservative state and pro trump state. If civil war breaks out. What will I do? I’m not fighting for trump.

  24. It's becoming apparent that the political systems in many countries are broken. Trump has just focused the attention of a wider audience to that fact. As always, money talks. Will that ever change? Doubtful at best.

  25. You overlooked the damage that Democrats have done (and I’m not saying I even disagree on anything regarding trumps done), today clearly the establishment is anti trump, but historically speaking the establishment has been pro republican. Through funny business like the dossier, Russia gate, through immediate calls from the very beginning of the presidency to impeach, and by weaponising government agencies against political opponents they have set out a template for republicans that is Super easy to replicate against democratic candidates.

    And republicans are already better at playing that game than democrats (see republican ability to resist with Cavanaugh and the democrat capitulation with Garlan)

  26. Whoever is president after Trump has a horrible job. A divided country, no trust in government, not able to fix all of the things Trump has broken (David didn't even mention the undermining of all of the government organisations), a normalising of irrational debate, distrust in justice and investigatory agencies, distrust by all other countries of the US, an exploding public debt (again not mentioned), the likely rise of internal militarism, a loss of world prestige, and a judiciary increasingly at odds with congress. No matter what, that president will be seen to be impotent and incompetent, and if it is a Democrat president, the GOP will do everything to make it that way, to the cost of the country.

  27. Try fixing a trillion dollar deficit. It’s the party of fiscal conservatives that did this – after they slammed Obama for a deficit. Republicans are the greatest threat to the USA.

  28. Democrats reaction to Trump is what's hurting America. Cnn just did a show and talked to independents. They're discussed with democrats.

  29. There's only one solution. Kill all of the conservatives. That will not only reduce the strain on the environment but it will also free up a lot of resources. Historically speaking the greatest prosperity has always from at the expense of many lives. Be it war or genocide. For example when our nation's forefathers murdered the natives of this continent. If you're reading this and you have conservative relatives you should really think about killing them while they sleep tonight. If everyone does their part we can turn this country around on a dime. Just saying.

  30. One thing this presidency has taught us is that the whole concept of expecting people to do something "because it's tradition" needs to be tossed in the dumpster and lit on fire. There's lot of specific things that need to be fixed as well to prevent this level of abuse of power.. for example, emolument laws. Why do we even bother with this if nobody can enforce it.

    We also need to shift around what things need to be done on the federal level and what needs to be done on the state level — a big example is cybersecurity in elections. You're not going to have a secure election if 'local yokel Bob' is in charge of local election security — especially when you put him up against teams of foreign and domestic hacker rings trying to mess with elections.

  31. ALL of humanity has been deeply damaged 😢😔😔
    Extremely bad karma for those who are the ultimate responsible persons: the Americans

    Unfortunately 99% of Americans are so IMPROPERLY educated that they can't understand KARMA properly

  32. It obvious that the damage by the election of Trump will have lasting Damage…

    You see … Europeans are perfectly aware that the real issue is not Trump, but that 40% of the US population seems to live in a fantasy world where electing this immoral sociopathic con-man is just fantastic.
    These 40% will still be there when Trump is gone. … a huge minority for whom facts don't seem to matter and democracy has no value.

  33. David "clickbait" Fagman. I wonder what this dipshit is going to talk about after Trump leaves office. Good thing for him Trump is going to win 2020.

  34. Too late. If it was just Trump that was the problem then maybe we would forget. Unfortunately the exposure of the stupidity and insular patriotism of your population shows that truth no longer matters in USA. We are all learning Chinese now.

  35. The only good thing to come out of the Trump presidency is that it has shown just how weak, vulnerable and toothless the American system is. In any other advanced democracy Trump would have been removed within weeks of his inauguration because he would not have met the standards expected of him. The American system is a long drawn out process which allows the current criminal president to do massive damage to the United States EVERY DAY! This impeachment process will take weeks or months and may even see out his term which is already a disaster that America will never recover from. The US needs to install a much faster method for removing an unfit president and one that cannot be usurped by a criminally corrupt group such as the GOP. The role of the Attorney General must be set in stone so that a William Barr cannot happen again and he must be arrested and jailed. The punishments given to all that have enabled Trump to commit the crimes he has must be so severe it will deter any others from repeating such heinous acts….life with hard labor as a minimum.

  36. The US is going to have to prove to the world it is a reliable, trustworthy and responsible country worth considering as a true ally, and worth making deals and treaties with, all over again. And that's going to take many years, possibly decades of good behavior on the global front. Right now the US is struggling on all those fronts.

  37. The damage to the environment in order that the orange blimps cronies can make more money polluting the atmosphere will become catastrophic and to pretend it isn't an issue is another one of Trumps many lies. I cannot think of another who is more dangerous to the world so long as he's in office. The political system needs to be overhauled to prevent such lunatics gaining office ever again.

  38. Getting rid of Trump is first priority, but a close second may well be to closely examine what enabled his election and the damage it has done, and then consider if this calls for changes in legislation. That alone is a huge and sensitive but very necessary task in order to avoid a repetition in the future.

  39. Every repugnicant in Congress needs to go. Occupant One is a problem, and he's also the symptom of a bigger problem, as well as the result of said bigger problem.

  40. I hate to say it, but it will never be fixed. The damage you have caused cannot be fixed before you fix your congress and constitution. Who can anyone trust America ever again? when you can elect another lunatic after 4 years so can destroy all the work laid down. You cannot move forward when your successor can ruin everything you accomplished.

  41. Calling it "Trump's Damage" is not entirely fair. Yes Trump has been an absolute travesty, but let's be honest, the country has been circling the drain for a long time. The US already lost the world's respect by electing (at the time) the world's dumbest president in G.W. in an unfair election. Bush did more damage to the US than any previous president. And Obama wasn't much better. He'd be in prison in most countries, for his drone strikes on civilians in peace time. Not to mention that he never did anything about Gitmo, or the NSA spying.
    Trump may have been the one who set fire to the house, but let's not forget that it was well on it's way to getting condemned already.

  42. Trump's damage to the world will long outlast his presidency. The best we can do from here is advocate for changes to the dysfunction he has exposed.

  43. He's infected everything and soiled our minds. On our deathbeds years from now we'll probably think about something stupid Trump said as it all goes black.

  44. But there was no difference between Hillary and trump, right morons? Thanks for screwing it up for all of us, you dicks.

  45. Trump being the Most Corrupt actually acted like a Bulldozer for the Corrupt System ,thats why the Corporate never employed one of them inside the Politics as that would open people's eye .They were right as with Trump people can literally see what 1% like Trump are capable of doing to the poor & thats how you start a revolution ,Bernie ,warren all are possible due to Trump

  46. I do hope the damage trump has caused can be rectified swiftly and effectively to promote wellbeing to all and the planet. It’s ok to hope!

  47. your friends now think you,s are scumbags and your enemy.s know your weak and divided china and russia are eating your lunch while the orange shite bag worries about his bank account a true retard in a nation of retards

  48. You want something extra depressing? The more effort the next president puts into undoing the damage, the more the next Republican will have to rile his supporters up against. Repairing the environmental damamges will be called "the most extreme eco-fascist policies", repairing the damage to diplomatic relations will be called "he kowtows, he's ashamed for America, he humiliates the country", etc. Which in turn will help them get elected.

  49. So we have trump, that wants to bring back jobs to america, wich has been shiped towards different countries, becouse its was cheaper to produce there. He wants to do that by all these trade tariffs, so companies are forced to produce in america, wich brings back jobs. So what is bad about that?

    Also he wants to keep immigrants out, so they cannot take the jobs that homeless americans can take. How is that a bad thing?

    Ohh and what about als these people in alabama stadium? Are they really al dumb ignorant racist people? Why are you not showing the people who support trump, or does not fit your narrative? I mean, if you gonne report objectively, then show both sides.

    Having said this, the trade tariffs are hurting people financialy and that is a bummer. Also, i don't like that he said before he was president, that the fed was keeping interest rates to low, so a bubble would be created. Now he is saying that the fed is to slow to lower rates, wich is hypocritical.

  50. I'll start with the "prerequisite ". Once he's gone we can talk. But PLEASE—- let's work on getting this BIG FAT ORANGE TURD GONE. I'm more worried if the candidate is Warren or Bernie. Both will insure dRumps reelection.

  51. McConnell has done as much or more than this two-bit con man ever could and the GOP needs to lose any power for the next 40 years like they did starting in the 1930s, the damage he has done will take generations to fix

  52. The biggest problem, internationally, is that other countries are going to be much more wary when it comes to making deals with the US as Trump has shown that the next US president can just throw out the deal you made with the previous president on a whim. Long term cooperation will be difficult.

  53. It is not exclusively about trump. 3 things emerge;
    1 the US political system is caricaturely corrupt and the US being an empire it could be extremely dangerous for the planet (nuclear and fossil fuel),
    2 trump has the support of 40% of a degenerated and racist population who value more the American way of life than any ethic, abdicating their will to a vulgar, pompous clown,
    3 at last the continuous bipartisan cultural servitude to neoliberalism. To change this paradigm the US need to start educating his people about history, philosophy, civic rights . A very ambitious challenge considering the frustration and anger , the debt, the damaged infrastructure, the necessary mutation of the military, the control of the press by finance and the culture of consumption . I just hope that incredible people like Bernie, AOC and some others will be able to transform America although they will have to deal with impatience , hate and violence.

  54. Also the damage done to the various departments like HUD, EPA, VA, FTC and ED has to be fixed. Currently they are dysfunctional because of corrupt leaders, lack of experienced middle and lower level public servants and just understaffing in general. I think a lot of good people that left or were ousted will think twice about (re)joining.

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