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Twin babies with skull fractures lead to abuse investigation in Trumbull Co.

Turning now to Trumbull County — and a child abuse investigation after doctors found serious injuries on twin baby girls. WKBN 27 First News Reporter Nadine Grimley has been digging into the case — and the questions investigators still have tonight. Tonight investigators in both Warren and Newton Falls are trying to get to the bottom of how twin seven month old girls received serious head injuries. CHIEF GENE FIXLER/NEWTON FALLS POLICE DEPT: “IT’S VERY DISTURBING I MEAN THIS IS AN INNOCENT BABY AND IN THIS CASE TWO BABIES THAT ARE INVOLVED AND NEEDLESS TO SAY THEY CAN’T TELL US WHAT HAPPENED.” The investigation began on June 12th. When Newton Falls Police were called to a home on Warren Road to look into a possible case of child abuse. The very next day — this call to 911 from a home on Vine Avenue in Warren. CALLER: “MY SEVEN MONTH OLD DAUGHTER, SHE’S SIX MONTHS ABOUT TO BE SEVEN MONTHS, I WENT TO WAKE HER UP TO FEED HER AND SHE WAS SLOWLY BREATHING LIKE REALLY SLOWLY BREATHING AND SHE WAS PURPLE.” That twin was taken to St. Joe’s by ambulance. And the other child checked out too. That’s where doctors discovered both had skull fractures, caused by blunt force trauma. DET. NICK CARNEY/WARREN POLICE DEPT: “FROM WHAT WE’RE HEARING FROM AKRON CHILDREN’S IT APPEARS TO BE AN ONGOING THING UM AND LIKE I SAID WORKING WITH THEM WE’RE STILL WAITING FOR THE FULL MEDICAL REPORT TO DETERMINE HOW LONG IT’S BEEN GOING ON AND THE EXTENT OF THE INJURIES.” Police are still trying to figure out WHERE the alleged abuse took place. Trumbull County Children Services Executive Director Tim Schaffner says the children now are safe. TIM SCHAFFNER/TRUMB ULL COUNTY CHILDREN SERVICES: “IT’S VERY DISTURBING WHEN DEFENSELESS YOUNG CHILDREN ARE SERIOUSLY INJURED.” No one has been arrested or charged in the case. In Trumbull County Nadine Grimley WKBN 27 First News.

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  1. There's videos of a person on Facebook who abuses babies for fun. He throws them, chokes them, slaps them, slams them on the floor and all, it's a really disturbing sight.

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