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Two Cancers and a Horrific Accident Didn’t Stop Gabby | Unstoppable

-Using it by the sink
or something. -Maybe. Oh, it could be, like,
a soap holder. -Yeah. [ Indistinct talking ] -So I was very curious, like, when the nurse was,
like, taking my blood, and I was like,
“Why are you taking my blood? What tests are you doing?
What are you looking for? How does it work?
How do the tests work?” I thought that was really cool. So then
I started asking more questions, and that’s kind of
how my interest started. My name is Gabby Salinas — well, Gabriela Salinas. I currently work at the hospital
on the malaria project, and our efforts are towards
discovering new treatments. Malaria’s the number-one
single killer in the world of pediatrics. -Yeah,
she was showing me her schedule, and all these classes were,
like, all these hard classes, and then she had to go to work
and then lab. The days she ate breakfast,
she didn’t each lunch. The days she ate lunch,
she didn’t eat breakfast. This is a crazy woman. I’m originally from Bolivia,
and I have a twin brother, and we were always
getting into trouble. -Terrible. -She dared me to jump
out of the roof. You know, I got stitches. I got kicked
out of kindergarten. -When I was 7, we were always
getting scrapes and, you know, cuts
and just bumps and bruises. -My dad was in the Air Force, so we were riding our bikes
where the planes land. -I was riding on skates, and we had a rope tied from
the bike and he was pulling me. -My dad told us not to do that.
Of course, we had to do it. And she fell
and she cut her knee up. -This fall felt different, and I started
having pain in my leg, and then
it got progressively worse. My mobility got worse.
I lost my ability to walk. -My dad flies up to New York
with my sister, ’cause my aunt lived there. -And in New York, they diagnosed
me with Ewing’s sarcoma. -It’s a bone cancer in her back. -And they said without treatment that I only had
a few weeks to live. And we needed $250,000
for the treatment. At that moment, my mom said that she had never
felt so hopeless in her life. She’s like, “I can’t believe
my child is gonna die, not because a treatment
doesn’t exist, but because I can’t
afford the treatment.” -My dad calls his sister
and tells them, you know, what’s going on. -She was at work. A reporter from
the New York Daily News was there and asked her
why she was upset, and he wrote up the story
as to what was happening. -The next day,
that story was front page. -And Marlo Thomas, who’s
the daughter of Danny Thomas, who founded the hospital at
St. Jude, contacted us and said, “I have a place
that you can go to, and you will not receive
a single bill.” So from Bolivia to New York
to Memphis, Tennessee. -Here we go. This is it.
It’s done. -I don’t — How does this work?
-What? You think you’re so cool
with your big tower? -Monopoly.
-It’s gonna fall. -They are such a strong family that are a role model
for how you confront adversity. I’ve known Gabby
about 18 years now — gone through another diagnosis
of cancer, been with her family
through some other trauma, an accident that the family had. -I was only 8
when the accident happened. -We went to New York just to get
out of the hospital, ’cause, you know, that year, we were,
like, living at the hospital. And then on the way back, yeah,
we got in a car accident. -Our car flipped. We went from one side
of the interstate to the other side
of the interstate, and my dad and my sister
were killed in the accident, and my mom was paralyzed. -Being a kid and thinking my
worst nightmare just came true. -My name is
Danny Thomas Omar Salinas. I know the story pretty well,
but yeah. “Cancer Girl Tried
to Revive Her Dad.” “The Bolivian girl
whose battle with cancer captured New York’s
heart last year, ignoring her shattered
right hand, family members said Gabriela Salinas managed
to climb out of the wreckage of her family’s car
and crawl to her dad. Her cries of, ‘Daddy, Daddy,’ were met only by
a comforting smile that slowly spread
across her father’s face, a silent goodbye from the man who loved her more
than life itself.” -I definitely get my discipline
from him. We did so much physical therapy,
’cause I wanted to walk so bad, and he’s like,
“You’re gonna walk again.” I was like, “Okay.” And there’s times
where I was like — I didn’t want to do the physical
therapy, but he would push me, and that’s what I needed
at that moment. That same mind-set that has been
with me all the way through. It’s my way
of carrying his memory. The tumor that I had in my back did a lot of damage
to my left leg, so I have to wear it
to walk better. But I don’t wear it
when I wear cute shoes, though. ‘Cause it doesn’t fit
into cute shoes. Girls suffer a lot
for cute shoes. -Nearly three years. -I have to say, okay,
I’ve had two types of radiation. I’ve had surgery,
and I’ve had chemo. -I can tell you that.
-That makes you win again. -Winning.
You’re winning. -My inspiration’s my mom. She doesn’t let anything
get her down and just keeps pushing
through everything. Really? Aww. Well, I think
y’all are very sweet. [ Laughter ] -I’ve never given
Gabby something to do that she didn’t get done. It didn’t matter to her
what needed to happen, how hard she had to work,
what she had to learn. You know,
there are not a whole lot of people in the world
who push that hard on everything they do. -I just really love what I do, and I know that what I do makes a difference
further down the road. I think that’s one
of the reasons why I’m so passionate about it, and I know that the science
at St. Jude is moving faster
than anywhere else, and I kind of want
to be involved in that. -Nothing gets in Gabby’s way. If there’s any barrier,
she goes around it, over it, whatever she needs to do. She is one determined
young woman. -Well, cancer didn’t stop her. It tried.
You know, it got close. You know, it got her,
you know, not walking. -In the midst of tragedy,
there is always hope, and you should never give up. My sister, she always seems to
think, like, “This is nothing. I’m gonna get through it.” -Watch.
It’s gonna fall on the first. I look up to her as my hero. I mean, like, if I had someone
I wanted to be like, it’d be Gabby. -My mom said, “Don’t let anything or anyone
take away your happiness.” I think
I’m like a well-built house. I’m strong, but being strong
doesn’t make any storm weak. Going through cancer,
I was still upset. Still went through the chemo. Didn’t feel
like doing it sometimes, but I knew that I was
gonna get through it and then I was gonna be fine.

Cesar Sullivan

89 thoughts on “Two Cancers and a Horrific Accident Didn’t Stop Gabby | Unstoppable

  1. I am sorry Gabby and u guys who commented say nicer things and not stupid things be happy that Gabby lived she went though a LOT

  2. Wow. I can't imagine how her life growing up must've been, good for her though she kept going and didn't let anything get in her way.

  3. I have no experience with cancer, but when Gaby started talking about the car accident, I was able to completely relate. When I was nine, my mom and brother both died from a car accident. I was in the car with them. Accidents like that are terrifying and heartbreaking, but I'm so inspired to see Gaby overcome the grief that could have taken over her life. It didn't take either of us down. 🙂

  4. It's so great to see people rising above their troubles and not only that but striving to make the world a better place, keep up there 🙂

  5. Lost family to cancer. Lost my Daddy to the road. I've been sick a lot in my life and I know I still can't relate. Precious girl, her Daddy would be so proud of her. She's accomplishing so much. She is an inspiration to me.

  6. I had Ewing's Sarcoma and Leukemia so this hits home. What I find most important in this story is Gabby's ability to remain positive through her adversity. I credit a positive attitude with a minimum of 60% of the reason I am still alive today. You need a strong spirit to beat cancer and positivity increases your spirits strength. I hope everyone takes a lesson from Gabby's story. I know I have. 

  7. Go Gabriela!  Go St. Jude!  Gabby put her 'big girl panties' on when she was still a little girl.  St. Jude is so full of hope and is kicking major butt in research.  A tour of this hospital, along with people like Gabby and her family will make you see how good you have it and prompt you to put on your big girl/boy pants too!  Humbling and inspirational.

  8. definitely puts into perspective all of our own trial and tribulations. if she was UNSTOPPABLE what she could have just given up then why should I not also be UNSTOPPABLE through my own issues that pale in comparison to Gaby's story. thanks once again @SoulPancake for teaching us one lesson at a time.

  9. This came up as a preroll advertisement for a video I was watching. Sometime I'll watch a two minute movie trailer if it interests me, I watched this all the way through because of how compelling her story is.

  10. Wow, I wonder why some people have to grow through so much. This is so sad and terrible, but I'm glad their family is so resilient. What an amazing family. Go, Gabby, for persevering and staying positive through the rough times.

  11. it's just so sad… she ignored her pain from her right arm and crawled to her dying dad. Now look at her she's all grown up and well 🙂 GO GABBY!!


  13. I love this story I know yhe Salinas family I am from  Bolivia and my sister was diagnose with the same bone cancer that gabriela had a her mother Jaquelin has been very suportive on the point of giving us hope and faith to go thrugh this battle

  14. Thanks for share those videos, they help us to realize that we have to be thankful everyday of our lives without that disease or if we have, it gives us hope to defeat cancer.

  15. What a great story ..I think she's wonderful..I'm so sorry for your loss ..gabby you are a hero ..wish I could hug you ..🤗🌹🌹 and I think your mom is so amazing..wish I could hug your mom 🤗🌹🌈🌈🌈

  16. I lived in la Paz Bolivia. Worked at the children’s hospital for ten years. I am friends with many pediatricians from Bolivia. Such a blessing seeing your work. LORD bless you.

  17. She’s Truly an Inspiration, She lets nothing get in Her way, After everything She has been through, I feel so Bad, But She pushes through, She’s a Role Model and an inspiration

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