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TYT Sports Fantasy Football League Preview

all right tea light even test five now most people call this fantasy
football as i was not acceptable fantasy sounds very concentrates we’ve got with it so what we’ve done is we’ve got a leaf
have by the way of course shakier with democrats furthermore hammer commack italy know in the league is ah… one of
the theology participants but i would say uh… i would dare say
tom that you are the commissioner of the i am the commissioner okay well families up i like that which
is going to be strong so so what we did was we particularly
with sixty or to members blacks six to eight p folks right people in trouble outdoors and that’s sixty what the members people
arrive on so up was that lee right and we’ve
already done a draft i’m going to choose shed the fears of the values and will probably switch things up every
year that’s also very interesting so like
mixture might have such different yes before tax days if you get in the
league day they’ve been make their sixty whitey people this year so this is the likely both are made that
up come obviously by the shore our political correspondent um… the steamboat who will be uh…
joining q r_t_c_ an hour why sake edge although odessa sleet in coming out of
pittsburgh dept and uh… so open and then we’ve got six
people who join and let’s break them down and now that we’ve had traveled and
tell you well the teams are now and basically
attract bottom inorder now before we get to the team to pry just explained that
it’s a twelve team yahoo league and uh… for scoring purposes quarterbacks are five points for
touchdown and for catches it’s half a point
perception so otherwise is fairly standard if you
play wrote this to wrestle rules are the same as you would have a moment uh… soto we have actually to wantonly aren’t we
lips who stay where to start with one of them team lady friend fort irwin okay her real name is amanda and the family that we had a selection
process taking opened and he said here’s why you’d want to be
partly get cetera and uh… apparently selected l_e_d_
friend cassie airplane in last year’s lately in actually added inaugural even twenty people that was
too many people but then i was in it she’s in eagles fan
she’s very competitive that that was used to alright bumper live picture of him why we do but i don’t know if there is a
right to show it so i didn’t i think that will figure out when i think it’s
keep track of the legal staff things go along as the semester i didn’t know that is the the later we have another
woman a you’ll see that there’s no preferred now no picture but you’ll see a lot of
time part so italy france team is peyton
manning brenda marshall steve smith p_v_c_ write a review criticism healthy for michael finley jerry nachman now that’s the starters and there’s a
notable with adjusting static just because that’s one that is
obviously xlibris peterson’s obviously exxon so you get for a great players for
michael philly is should be a monster richard burr great
player peterson many in the jets defense i have
it s okay union yeah well it depends on how
important differences right now this it seems that the fact that pretty
much a disaster but in this league jerry nachman should
not be sorry for you now in your siblings no are l_t_v_ starters none of
that’s a clear weakness is his no doubt the running back and if there’s no one
in the notables of just defense that mentions a horrible up we have secular indexes l t n your
third running back did you make the charge so lady friend i mean i think this thing up
or hope that many appears to go boat listed for you but i wanted to go no chance of a obstructed enter michael
and i disagree on mac when i actually think he’s going to ask or discharge
exeter but that’s great bucket decorations on though it’s not now i know it and you know what he has a
very ruthless you know that you do traits you do pickups so late last year
you picked up a miles or so are awesome miles no one
knows it and also on your right back in you know if they make a guy who picked
him up in our league one of the second-place picked them up tomorrow i had a great here except the point in other words now okay so i hope now that i think is jet
pack newt’s curiousity cement let’s got lankford is
one of our members and sky is instrumental equals existence that
governor team that shot the court that destroyed
jackson good michael crabtree questionable far
better ray price great cd speller maybe okay so
when good thomas jones so kato your analysis is really north threatened or is no now the senate though so ill and i say no pepsi just
always amounts of stars yesterday stores with one of the maybe the fastest guy in
the late uh… i have not seen him enough so therefore it does not he’s comically
fast rare ices off and jason witten retired at match job another houston
texans will and i think as always a particularly quarterback
disease like these days healthy he missed one slash two did matthew
stafford but i think you could be a good send clinton porters for where he goes i
mean look clipboard of starting running back in an offense designed to have a
runny still twenty-eight value wise still value important for us and he’s
not even required to use in eat you know what i’m a little vice by uh… i can’t stand crabtree is the new jeremy shocking nothing but i yeah accepted youtube late last year
even after missing as much time do that we got would begin thirteen judges only
was a good point that’s the thing not buy it okay so player that quarterback that’s got you got to pick up somebody
but if you get a good pick up your right back in a kiss you know rewrites alone is is tariffs are let me move i picked up
three dash respectfully but he didn’t uh… unpack that is what they deserve or at what he does is david he’s
actually member number nine of all time as a huge backers spend so also presently has androgynous
prejudice double driver as we call home urging earlier and then the running-backs or eight this is set with barbara roddy braun who will
neither one of which will make it pass a third week bar because he sucks in iraq as you get
into twenty-five you don’t belong with any kind of the students you know when
fantasy of a bulge admitted to the end of the year read this summer repeated now as like santana moss marion barber with
ben barber gets dismissed because he was supposed to be fantastic but at the end
of the year you-know-what combined yardage that get your lebanon regards count the
receptions and he scores a touchdown he belongs on your team using useful
players did not accept role again bob marion barber is done mark my words
that’s why i drafted field shows another lee i have by my primarily both yet appt barber eight at the end of last year at
his feet airy yards per carry was disastrous we looked at this pre season
in washington and one of the sky the skies hold things
that walking injury tot he for you did me he’s going to make it but always got the
only the end of this and i decided you were
downright is disease on the state alright so i really did quarterback and
uh… i but i like that breed not much else overrunning brown intermittently
sneaks up on you recently running back in just never know
when and you never know what he’s going to
blow up either meeting of peace to the list that they are a his
team’s madhouse we are romo bolden moss corporate nap
now not buy it disaster disaster disaster what do you think is good tony
romo really strong quarter back door and grant very solid running-backs plush no
sharma right now what’s really backup quarterback i think
are on the border of our backup backed up by just offered him a trade of yuan
manic for chocolat go through the mud he treated me like manning more personal uh… i think rats could have a big year
of the gores that i have a good year the right above the normal angry it’s never
going to be here believe me i believe in nyc i’ve used tires i love that guy until he just speak to him at a
restaurant has never been more but no one is more affected by their personal
experiences and drink you should be a republican that i don’t know i worked
alright made it you should do effort outright rape of score negative to
process has been talking about is a routine johnson he gives you a twelve a
new yards and in what is right and so he did that last year when iran gradual
after no i did have a new b_d_o_ trigger more
aid for great things for zero nine yet but i think there is one of having to
reporters yet and rider had a huge that he did he do it it is a rogers scores every touch down at
the yet right right ready to touch as mark my words by the way we despite his
careful you’re last year i believe greg jennings tied for the receivers with the
most hundred yard despite his week here are still like and he’ll have a better insight
songs are unpredictable did you share of scouts background what you got in the league volumes point
ex-con town i’ve actually known for a long time he’s a little bit factors aunty wifey which i love and uh… he buys all of your if you are
sorry most of the most powerful teacher of all time by note of the it’s custom you know it’s
forever and use of force coffee with you so break it so i i’m not bein a senior
bein as the tom binder not by unhe funded it depends on
his receivers and i am their questions that bring good running i don’t believe in russia it’s no show garrido of pop up i just
came up with alright mapped out before you head there forever
i’m actually this and pass on my mind budget so now we go to you know times team name is great mine
team name is ruth as is great but probably the best team in run tell that homeboys worries macro bradford as that team name and uh… and mac incidental creativity whitey
army rap video entertainment was awesome so tom brady buying it digested by it
does brian not buying it meant a hallmark trying it brandon jacobs definitely not buying it gates find chandigarh passage you not
even by those bright not about nobody’s has any chance to win a lever
with tom brady and andre johnson when they’re flex player is a second the highlights second cited i’ve got to
good thai tense but login echoing only if you’re too tight
ends are like me over and davis and chris cooley rejection witness antonio
gates not when you’re sick and tired of this something she ako not when you are
literally have to drive and sort of his had a jumble yet you know back here’s the thing i’d
probably put your team near the bottom right here and but here’s you’re on the upside i’d
never write about my british not we’re not going or you’re going to be this
year but also when you’re notables is like uh… fourth receiver critical yet but then we are armenian tigris ara harrogate castello asla beckett which actually sounds very
turkish as well but now you love this article visibility she is armenian but this is the staff we have on our ivy league educated bisexual patriots art bad bad to work in that yes donovan albino larry fitzgerald by
the person or by a student at the bus buoyed by the telephone five inches of a
diabolical and look at that yeah by the way she wanted stanford undergrad up got out of harvard masters allocated p_h_d_ brown and she’s a lesbian jazz one who keeps a
list of prospective that it was a bisexual is even better alright him
advocate hold on the nativity mkn disaster happened just so it’s not you
buy entertained dahmer mcnair became trust with nab but jen and he could be a sleeper fitzgerald’s mcnamee is good with derek
anderson ever see harmon’s migraine away from ending the season paclitaxel i hate to do the excel and love you but that’s the worst thing it market all right now fire maybe and if you are
a few crew analy sake gerald augustus legion is the
spencers i don’t know what that means unity without me some kind of frick assured recom or crier something
he said he too little about what i would absolutely love it okay i’ll i’ll look it up and parents
are like a cabarets obviously excellent welker look if he stays healthy sure
hines ward that bit of a homer pic is from pittsburgh jarvis durden make your own newton mother stewart has
summer significant value obviously drew brees area team otherwise not not much i think there’s real value jobs yet mellow when you’ve got it but i like
chap adelaide receivable i’ll be set up there’s no starting right yes vigilance cancer nine eight a legal
decline of melanie singer all right now with her sister words this
is the legendary steve o one of the original t whitey purpose force
correspondence and somehow he’s picked not such a good day accomplished terrible miles or so that
might be my career plan the leak out where you can confuses actual perilous for his wrote just
terrible i here yet but he’s going to throw
twenty years that his second year an offense he will be much better under mike martz yeah under mike martz
sanitary at a homer return files for fans of cities and now he’s a good
quarterback not everybody’s wrong about it will be much better and j_d_’s great obviously roddy wiles
girl walked miles off the great roddy white somehow is great danny wells i think everybody in that
office is going to be fairly miserable uh… i don’t think the falcon sort of
throw the ball mourned twelve point lead malcolm was a good notable the updated admirable and assist us to
sell or the middle of all i know and judy has we disney issues are very sensitive about
he’s a real small back that’s gonna wear down what all of these things short is a
bowling ball you know and i get that stuff is robust for that
injury mister well okay that’s a bit and jadi delivers for students he could be a if indeed he is getting kinda real nishu
this team is so done that’s largely true with anybody’s entities out that the ms dot liable for
the michael shore the short things that of the far up colston mike’s of all it
is a disaster so far okay but hey michael turn deangelo
williams said the president that’s solid three running and i still believe seta benson will fall off a cliff i don’t
think they’re many guys you waste themselves out of the way had
significant resurgence is he had a one-year resurgence let’s see if there’s
a second when i got it michael turner is going to get the ball five hundred time
to get father times over the year a lot like those two backups for atlanta aside xa jason selling and uh… curious norwood uh… michael will use coward instead a
brick par behave fire also offer deal manning for prep for but after now you
are active in this league i do not trust fund to stay healthy on sixteen games my
love it you know what unloaded no one does no way were all like it in order to
burst jackson but at the mystic in sixteen years but
were all positive if it is that he really a diesel i don’t
really give isle of dread sellick if his crime except caramelized disastrous yes
iraq for the new quarterback all right now there are tom hanks with a great ed
team title as you might expect from the efforts the crack okay so thomas release a crack in folk
rivers very good raymon sandra’s u_n_ excellent jamal charles very good matt forte and
nonsense before pick by helen’s lo ok dramas in pretty good
for your yap ifill position and then you notables are phyllis
phyllis as aforesaid those are good mesas usa satellite does an excellent it very very good team opera acomplia him in the top three
desperado philip rivers solid ready most probably
have a big your don’t let the graduate had a significant drop of left six games
and look for a flom from reggie wayne jamal charles could easily explode really talented i think that forte want
much bigger ureteral versatile selling if it was
chosen field field is going to come into your starting line of the natives would
be good and i would look agree with everything you said and i i i know about
graduate slump when he caught a hundred balls last year and this is a hefty pyar
lead and met forte into my car’s offense if
you look at mike martz is history is running backs catch a lot of i’d like my
forecast dole used the word ppr it’s half a point protects epic that’s
cumbersome ok by now bed has a scrapbook put the crack a dot app okra tibetan
exit my husband is a slap in the days of the data f uh… at such a bent on dr by so ill admitting obviously but the so
this after saddam is the european price logan wealth of the brunt of yet for the trailer basil absolutely fool me
once shame on me for me twice probably looking at the gym for me three times your disbanded a but i’ve got a deadly windsor uncluttered part of this leak and
apartment number one priority for farmers but actually you know what i’m about the
life and the french freedom i actually don’t hate no i i don’t like having i know he’s ok he’s gotten much much
better at rotary sahi again is that the receiving corps second avenue you
received this life is wonderful quarterback cholera form enough while you’re would rather have
children michael and i would and i would rather have pref white and and so it’s all about and
decided this way the rescue team is not worth discussing
but you’re running back sir excellent john green ryan matthews anti now we’re
going to be java at best that’s three solid running-backs tommy
that’s gotta put a minute top-up italy maybe basil running-backs
loan i think so well real quick alike michael bush a lot to think it’s going
to happen at some point for michael bush i do like a king x steve smith set in the wrong direction
olympic games from out more uh… i do like a king excel like two
minutes each day he catches a lot of also the speech that the other steve
smith will take some from britain davis is activated and i did that to my roster mohammed mask while from the uh… brown’s mike williams from the seahawks uh… and dexter of mccaw stir from the
uh… chiefs yesterday well at in exchange for like greg
laughlin and took a course so up cluster might be a dispiriting
accurately through mexico dictated it to close their map side and finally we have the winner of
the week that week so we wasted your time because
that’s the teams i was a kid i compete with its mighty
name is the conversation and up my study quarterback everybody’s
clients having problem obvious is not proving it so that’s
that’s a bit of a weakness but look at his receivers megatron rainbow pierre ghar song careful sit on my bed
sheets and say ladies running-backs chris johnson
pierre thomas arian foster win this fight against
chris cooley or daniel’s other branch over my bed obvious number one powering
assistant significantly in the second half like cops except fuck shepherded barely escaped
from what you do you agree this is the the best in italy increases rankings i think it’s a really good team i think
there’s some question marks so i think having com is a question mark i think
calvin johnson he killed you last year he killed me in
the another legal answered when bose ahead case chris johnson’s amazing is even aware
down this your honor i was just residents say some of that i think that
there may be or a new coaches poll the coach who did not vote for this is the
best game which has been a bit that previously
arian foster i mean even if it is the best in italy i’d look at at the best in the late misled by the court now you drafted yet
island rap legend not overwrite doesn’t have scramble with the extra
cluster that bite no excuses here so that if you are if you were to sleep now
let’s see how it actually turns out that you tried out i think you never try
giving so of plan believe me with the guided rap
you know my really draft but this is a really kevin cobb calvin
johnson window pierre thomas chris cooley appear molecular about ours dot
haha exactly are a good steak you come the
commissioner will rule and his decisions will be final so now you know how it
goes shotgun and it’ll be the palace
ruthlessly in trouble that we’ll see you throughout the six that at bat out of its into what does a lot of fun here artist too quickly was no fucking around i heard if you’ve got like the their briquemont but that budget vested dexter vaclav
atmospheres although i mean like i cut greg olha trying aggressively deals on
most mornings tired press as well as this guy hasn’t
loses wasn’t so much than they thought it was because that is
it because the one to this issue eliminate not this guy yes but you didn’t why so might be
idealistic band invited persuasive and ordinarily logical piece of the word
she’s she has weaknesses but gamers great fucking around
witnesses or some of the fact is that fine print of the one you want to go out
with books the nyc at kidder devin hester empirical but that that you should

Cesar Sullivan

33 thoughts on “TYT Sports Fantasy Football League Preview

  1. 1) Chris Johnson is the fastest in the league
    2) Ryan Grant had 11 TD's and 1200 rushing yards. Clearly good
    3) Mendenhall will be solid
    4) McNabb put up excellent numbers with garbage receivers before, and Devin Thomas will have a typical 3rd year breakout
    5) DeAngelo got hurt last year
    6) Cutler is good in fantasy, despite his picks
    7) Benson 2 years ago ended the year with 3 straight 100+ yd games
    8) Start Cadillac over Shonn week 1 (D matchups)
    9) Kolb is trash, Bowe's trash, Foster's huge

  2. I just that the sound continues the last two minutes, great to see those social barriers drop and hear a bit of rough talk. Great little run-down, excited to see more TYT Sports.

  3. @McMarlin13 Slaton…you mean last year's flop who has worse ball carrying issues than Adrian Peterson (well, maybe not THAT bad…). Regardless, Foster has proved to be a better back.

  4. @Letsdoitfortehlulz That's probably true. Desean won't put up the same numbers without a QB with a deep arm. He'll be missing McNabb by week 3

  5. Mike, Tom and Ben's teams will place top 3. Cenk, Kolb is the only reason you're screwed. Bowe can be replaced by Garcon, but you don't have a notable backup QB.

  6. Stella's team is far from the worst team… it's arguably better than Cenk's team
    Steve, and Tom, and both Scotts are the best teams teams.

  7. Seriously.. you guys who do this want to pretend "THIS IS NOTHING LIKE DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS!" but you're basically speaking a foreign language with all those abbreviations and terms and stats, it's no different that talking about armor classes and saving throws. These people are nothing but nerds in denial, who think it's cooler if they roleplay football instead of something else.

  8. Man, I couldn't stand Ben until I learned the name of his friggen fantasy football team. Now I kinda understand where he's coming from… Retardland. Nice job TYT!

  9. @ruin3r i see where you are coming from, but they are at least dealing with REAL THINGS!!!! its not nerdy to watch football… btw, there isnt any role playing

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