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UN: Saudi Arabia must accept responsibility for Khashoggi murder

it's just gone past 11:30 GMT and we're breaking in for more now on our developing story out of Geneva where the UN Special Rapporteurs investigation into the death of Saudi journalist ramalho Shoji Agnes calamar has released a report that paints a very damning picture of Saudi Arabia's role in what karma calls an execution she says the responsibility is clear and an international investigation is needed into the murder of jamal haji the report calls the death inside the Turkish consulate in Istanbul inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul last October an extrajudicial killing for which Saudi Arabia is responsible calamar calls for further investigation of the individual responsibility of Saudi officials at the highest level including conference Mohammed bin Salman the report details taped conversations about body disposals in the moments before cache OGIS arrival at the consulate Agnes calamara says the killing is an international crime with universal jurisdiction and she's urging a criminal inquiry by the United Nations well we're very pleased to now welcome to al-jazeera the United Nations Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial executions Agnes Kannamma live from Geneva thank you so much for taking the time to speak to us given what you have found first in a very straightforward question who is responsible for the murder of Jamal Haji the state of Saudi Arabia is first and foremost responsible for the murder I think it's important to insist that the execution of mr. khashoggi was a killing by the state we have focused extensively on the identity of various individuals that were involved in the commission of the crime but first and foremost we must insist in putting the responsibility of the killing to the state of Saudi Arabia it must bear responsibility for that killing and it must take action as a state to repair the killing did the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman rectly or durga maha siddhis murder I have found no evidence regarding who ordered the killing it doesn't mean that the evidence does not exist it just means that I was not able to to locate it what I would like to highlight as well is the fact that the responsibility for state killings does mean that we need to be more sophisticated in the way we define responsibilities of course who ordered is important but they are range of other responsibilities that are involved in the commission of the crime that are very similar to what we will call a chain of command responsibilities in in a military setting but applying that concept to a civilian setting so is somebody responsible for inciting directly or indirectly did somebody failed to prevent did somebody fail to stop the execution so this is why I have called for the Criminal Investigation right to the execution so that those responsibilities can be identified but but you say Ms Kalama in the report that there is a lot of circumstantial information and you say that a bear at a bare minimum you say this the Saudi Crown Prince condoned this behavior and condone the actions that led to the murder of Jamarcus og absolutely I am pointing out that the collision the execution of the killing of mr. khashoggi was preceded over the year by a range of violations that had been well reported denounced and monitored there is no way the highest level of the the state of Saudi Arabia including the Crown Prince were not aware of those repeated violations therefore for the 12 months at least that preceded the execution of mr. Kashani there were many open Unity's to take step to prevent and stop further violations those steps were not taken the execution of mr. khashoggi falls within that context within campaign directed at people perceived to be undermining or threatening understate the responsibility of those in charge of the state is just engaged so talk us through then the sequence of events from what you have studied to what extent was Gemara Shoji's murder premeditated so based on the information that was made available to me including some some 70 minutes of recording in the days and on the day of his execution there is little doubt in my mind that the killing was premeditated it was planned whether it was planned as the first objective or whether it was planned as a second objective that I could not determine it may be possible that the primary objective was the kidnapping of mr. khashoggi which is also by the way and I'm in wish to insist upon that a violation of international human rights law it is possible that the kidnapping was the first objective and the the killing Azzam as an option if the kidnapping failed but steps were taken before the as part of the preparation of the mission to plan for a possible or an actual execution what steps precisely from what you heard in the audio tapes that was submitted to you because as you know the Saudis have said that this was an operation that went wrong that it was a botched operation what steps did they take prior to Jamaa hachioji entering the Saudi consulate yes absolutely the the team that I have identified as having executed the killing of mr. Khashoggi included a forensic doctor it is very difficult to imagine that you will include a forensic doctor in a team for the purpose of only carrying an abduction that's the first thing second the recording before the executions the recording I have been able to to listen to with my personal interpreter those recordings indicates that an hour before the killing the the dismemberment of mr. Kershaw his body was already discussed by the doctor and and other individuals those are indication in my view that at the minimum the killing was indeed planned and and prepared for the recordings that you talk about were provided to you by Turkish officials correct yes these are the recording provided to you by Turkish official and what did you learn in these recordings about the way Jamarcus OJ's body was disposed of because his remains have still not been found indeed his remain have not been found and I must highlight the fact that the recordings needs to be interpreted they do not tell a very straightforward story what was done to his body I cannot deduct from the sounds I have heard I can infer from the sound that something was done based on the technical knowledge of the various people I have consulted it is well possible that mr. Kashani was first put that he was first injected with something and then that he was acting as fixated with a plastic bag this is one of the possibility the nature and the extent of the dismemberment of his body this I cannot comment upon it's not possible allow me to add one thing when at least before the recording is concerned that I have heard when mr. Kashani loses consciousness there is no evidence of the people that are there in the room attempting to take care of him attempting to resuscitate him attempting to do something that to me points to the fact that the notion that there is an accident that an accident happened doesn't quite match what I have heard there is no attempt to to do something and there is no scream so any expression of of fear over what's happening do you think that there is anyone today who knows where the remains of Jamaica Shoji are oh yes absolutely and who do you think people that were in the room the people that disposed of the body there there were 15 individuals involved in that mission do you think the Saudi leadership knows where the remains are I don't know I mean you know it will have it will be I will just make a guess there so I really don't want to to suggest this is not something I have tried to determine okay you'll be presenting miss Callum ah this report I understand on June 26 to the UN Human Rights Council which Saudi Arabia is a member of what do you think is going to happen what do you hope will happen now that you've released this report you know my report makes a range of recommendations including to Saudi Arabia as a Special Rapporteur I am committed to establishing detective relationship with the governments that I work with I have attempted to work with Saudi Arabia for the last six months they have not shown any interest in doing so my report includes a range of recommendations including with regard to the ongoing trial including with regard to step that Saudi Arabia should take to demonstrate non-repetition which is a fundamental dimension of their responsibilities given that I have established that the responsibility of the state is involved non-repetition will means among other things too to free all those that are currently imprisoned or arrested for the basis on the basis of the peaceful expression of their opinions and an actual follow-up investigation into the the security services and how such an execution could have been carried out by members of the security services so to me the the obligation of non-repetition is what I am placing a lot of emphasis on and I'm calling on the authorities of Saudi Arabia to take the necessary steps to demonstrate to the international community that they are indeed committed to ensure that these crimes is never repeated do you think they are committed how have the Saudis been forthcoming with information about this trial that that is ongoing in Saudi Arabia as you say of suspects involved in a matter of jamal haji look I'm not going to make it a personal issue the fact that the Saudi Arabian government has not wanted to to work with me does not necessarily mean that they are not committed I think however that there is a fundamental problem with the way the government of Saudi Arabia is approaching the issue they are insisting to treat it only as a domestic questions and they are losing sight of their international obligation under international human rights law first the execution of durka shogi is an international crime the violations are multiple the violation of the right to life the arbitrary depravation of life the violations of the prohibition against enforced disappearance the possible violation of the Convention Against Torture the violations of the Vienna Convention on consular relations the violations on the probation against extraterritorial use of force just to name a few that makes a crime of mr. khashoggi an international issue that requires them to treat it as such at the moment the step they have taken our failing to take stock of the real nature of the crime and of their obligations what about the United Nations role in this I mean I don't think we can the United Nations has somewhat been dragging its feet on whether to launch an investigation into the murder of Jamal Haji they've said that there hasn't been as you know an official request from either Turkey or another countries what would you like the secretary-general the United Nations to do now that you've released this report so first I should I like that I am an independent expert that has been mandated by the United Nation to work on situation of extrajudicial executions so while my inquiry is not a human rights inquiry it is based on a mandate that was given to me by the member states of the United Nation second I am calling on the secretary-general to to establish to appoint a panel of expert who could look into criminal responsibilities I have done the human rights investigation the next step I cannot do is an actual criminal investigations and I hope that the secretary-general will we will do will do just that I do not believe that he needs the in particular to call on such an investigation formally more generally I think the united nation has a major role to play to ensure that it has the effective instruments and tools to prevent and respond to targeted killings and targeted disappearances and in my report I make a range of recommendations including the establishment of a standing instrument for the investigation of targeted killings so that in the future of this kind of problem that we have confronted over who was the role to do what will not be happening you said in the report that this is an international crime with universal jurisdiction if not Turkey what other country do you think could take on this this initiative this push for an international inquiry sure so first I should I like that in my opinion the circumstances of the killing of mr. Khashoggi are so grave in terms of the violations of international law that in my opinion admit the threshold level of seriousness required for universal jurisdiction so that's the first point I am making with regard to the responsibilities of States beside Turkey I am suggesting that the United States as a stake in in the killing mister and in solving and the killing mr. khashoggi was a resident of the United States his was a known and renown member of the press corps in the United States and in many ways in my opinion he embodied a fundamental freedom and principle within the American Constitution which is the First Amendment for those reasons I believe the United States as a stake in pursuing all means at its disposal to ensure that accountability is delivered including a trial but the United States as you know um perhaps I should differentiate here between the US Congress and the Trump administration the administration of the US president has somewhat been reluctant to point the finger of blame at the Saudi leadership over the murder of jamal haji they've wanted to sweep this under the rug how how hopeful are you that what you have said today in this report will lead to more action from the United States and in particular from the Trump administration look I think the United States is a country where the judicial system and the judicial institutions remain independent and impartial if there are proceedings initiated by individuals by plaintiff there I see no no systemic reasons that would prevent those complaints to proceed as for the the American system so mister the President and others may have their own misgivings regarding a trial and regarding criminal or civil investigation but I do not think that this will impact on American institutions including the justice system or indeed on on the the American Congress or Senate to proceed with what they see to be their their key function just coming back to the trial that is ongoing in Saudi Arabia do you think that those aren't trial right now and of course we have very little for me information about what's unfolding inside Saudi Arabia do you think that the the people responsible indeed for the murder of Jamal hachioji are the ones on try right now look based on what I have been able to gather the 11 individuals that are currently on trial include those that were in the room during the killing of mr. khashoggi and in the vicinity of of the room so they were involved in the commission of the crime the question I have of course is about other individuals they include someone that has been often mentioned as having incited and ordered the crime of Saud al Kitani that has been identified by the Saudi prosecutor and was indeed the object of administrative measures since he was supposedly fired from his position but he has not been invited there are a number of other individuals that have not been indicted thus far so this raises a range of a red flag but importantly the proceedings are not transparent the the trial is being held behind closed doors it is their identities is not the identities of those on trial has not been made public by the authorities even though let me insist again even though the execution of mr. khashoggi is an international crime and it is a crime for which the international community as as much interest and as a role to play mr. calamar one last question before we let you go and we do appreciate your time thank you so much you've done this investigation now you've made recommendations to the international community but are you hopeful are you optimistic that they will ever be accountability in the murder of Jamal Hajji I am hopeful because otherwise I will not be working in human rights but I am also realistic and pragmatic I believe that accountability for mr. Kashani can take many forms judicial accountability is of course the highest objective and something that I am hoping will will happen but besides judicial accountability we also need to look for other forms of accountability they can be diplomatic they can be political they can be symbolic in my report I make a range of recommendations such as the establishment of special funds to support press freedom in the Middle East the the creation of or the establishment of different symbolic events conferences anything that would be based on what mr. Kashani stood for at the end of his life so that we ensure that his commitment to democracy commitment to human rights commitment to press freedom do find realization through the actions of individuals States and civil society and the media thank you so very much for speaking to us Agnes calamar is the UN Special Rapporteur and extrajudicial killings joining us there live from Geneva thank you very much for your time

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32 thoughts on “UN: Saudi Arabia must accept responsibility for Khashoggi murder

  1. Saudis, in general, are vile humans! They are racist and have no respect for others. It’s no surprise that their leader would think he can have people kill a journalist in foreign soil. I’m sure he will get away with it because of his allies and oil money! Some scapegoats would be beheaded and they will call it justice! What a sad world we live in!!!

  2. It just shows how corrupt the world is crimes committed in China , Saudi ,Egypt Syria and against Yemen the Philippines the Palestinian and many more countries but it seems as if your in trumps page it's alright

  3. U.N. is American puppet, this is just a merry go round game going nowhere. All know who did it but it'll be forgotten

  4. Sickening to see what goes on when you're in a power position. They controll the world.dangerous times are upon us.

  5. Shows you how backwards the saudis are their embassy was bugged by turkey ,dumb as !have not advanced since they have stopped living in tents and rideing camels.America should be doing a regime change like they want to do in Venezuela, not likely! Not on their agenda!

  6. If the U.S fails to hold Saudi Arabia responsible for the September 11 attacks on the U.S, does anyone think they will lift a finger for the death of Jamal? Please!!

  7. All those so called "powerful people" and murderers and oppressors from all over the world, we are gonna see how powerful they are when they are in the grave. God certainly isn't blind to what they are doing.

  8. LOL

    Their problem is that they do not have 100% proof. All that they have is speculations based on recordings.

    I wish someone give me answers for the following Questions:
    1- How did the Turkish government obtain these recordings?
    2- Was the Turkish government involved in espionage activities on foreign diplomatic missions, based in Turkey?
    3- Did Agnes Callamard check on the source of the recordings?
    4- Did Agnes Callamard check on the credibility and legality of the recordings?
    4- Did Agnes Callamard check on the authenticity of the recordings?

    Agnes Callamard did not come up with new facts. All that she came up with are speculations based on her doubts.

    For me, It is obvious that Agnes Callamard is looking for recognition and fame.

    On the other hand, Qatar is struggling unsuccessfully (through Al Jazeera) to do anything bad for Saudi Arabia. Hence, I say to Qatar, do not play with your masters.

  9. Who cares that they killed one of their own when they commit crimes against humanity daily, killing hundreds every year for trivial things like adultery, these are animals and dogs operating by a 7th century system called sharia law ie islamic law. The USA is united with them. Petrodollar money and weapons sales they can waste on the poor Yemeni people is all that matters.

  10. Saudi Arabia is full of evil people. Crown prince is the king of evil. His sister is the princess of evil who ordered her body guard to torture the servant.

  11. congratulate you on the wedding of the leader of the homosexuals in Turkey, Ardokan, on the spoiled young boy Prince Tamim, where the wedding ceremony was legendary attended by thousands of homosexuals and gays in Turkey
    We congratulate Qatar for this great achievement despite the siege

  12. No it doesn’t deserve resolution by the world at least not by the USA; let Saudi Arabia resolve it. Rather Lets Solve the death of Seth Rich committed on our soil by US citizen? Maybe there is a link between these two deaths

  13. they butchered a man inside an embassy on foreign soil… and they could not find the body? wtf…it was transported in their private jet back to Saudi…. they should have searched the jet disregarding its diplomatic immunity under the suspicion of international crime.

  14. هذا البهيمة مكانه حديقة حيوانات و ليس ارض الحرمين الشريفين.

  15. Saudis headchop crucify people for fake charges so everyone demand MBS be arrested for murder and terrorism. Do same mass twitter outrage like last time a son of Saudi king forced to arrest his son and was executed for murder scared of being overthrown for protecting his own son. Make king either join his MBS son in jail or arrest MBS. Use Islam and justice as excuse like they always use on other criminals

  16. I love Mohammed bin Salman, he stood in front of the whole country of Saudi Arabia and allowed women to drive!

  17. Today whole world has been torn apart because of some few ideas of HOW/WHAT ALL HUMANBEINGS SHOULD BE FOLLOWING, I MEAN VALUES….here are some of them….1 western world wants Democracy ,which has been taken from christen religion and values, 2 Asia is divided in many forms like, communism, atheists, hindutva, Islam, or Judaism , now these other values and western values known in the form of Democracy are all but self centered values and no one should claim or say all humanity should and must follow such and such values, but west has made UN were tactfully to represent its democracy interests/values on the rest of the world by binding all members by signing various documents so as to be able to point a finger and single out any nation which doesn't want to digest Democracy values… other words christens values, how do one make any other nations which have their own values to follow your values and here comes UN and its other members who benefits in the name of aids flowing through UN channels to vote for anything in majority or loose the aid package , oks think its enough said kindly do your own homework maybe I just wrote all this in my dreamwriting….

  18. Turkey might just be paying back for being kicked out of saudia during the ottoman period, so it forced all this maybe to destabilize Saudis hold and weaken the monarchy to be able again in replacing their leader of choice in saudia it seems, this case seems more of leadership interests than the actual disappearance of a journalist….both Turkey and Iran want to control original Arabia known as saudia today…..

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