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Understanding Concussions – Jumo Health

Mark: All right, sis, are you ready for my
lightening-explosion-mega-kick? Melanie: Yup, just like I was ready for your
ultra super tiger kick, and your unstoppable awesome power kick… Both of which I totally
stopped, by the way. Face it, big brother, you can change the names,
but the results will be the same! Nothing gets past me. Mark: We’ll see about that
Lighting – Explosion – Mega-Kick – GOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Melanie: Super-Regular-Playing-Soccer-And-Schooling-Your-Big-Brother-Block,
GO! AH! Mark: Melanie! Are you okay? Melanie: Ohh, that hurt… And since when
does the grass spin? Two things: 1) I totally blocked you. 2) I
… I think you need to go get mom! Doctor: Well, Melanie, it looks like you have
a concussion. You should be fine, but I’d like you to stay
here a few hours so we can keep an eye on you. Melanie: Okay, but I’m probably going to need
ice cream….all of it. Mark: They want to keep an eye on her? This
must be serious! I mean, it sounds serious! CONCUSSION sounds
like a serious word… even though I don’t actually know what it…Is? Whoa, Axion? Abacus?
What’s going on? Axon: Oh, so many things, I mean, planets
are forming, stars are dying and being reborn. It’s taco Tuesday. So, So, So many things.
But right now, you have questions about concussions, and we have answers! Right abacus? Abacus: Affirmative Axon: Now, a concussion is a brain injury,
so to understand it, we need to understand what goes on inside the brain!
Which means a trip to MEDILAND! Mark: Mediland? You mean the planet that looks
and works just like a person’s body? Abacus: Affirmative. Initiating teleporter
now. Narrator: On the skull… Axon: But before we get to the brain, we need
to talk about the skull! Mark: Whoa, it’s hard as a rock! Axon: The skull is important because it protects…THE
BRAIN Mark: Whoa! I wish Melanie were here to see
this! Axon: The brain is one of the body’s most
powerful organs. Let’s head inside to see what it does! Narrator: Inside the brain… Axon: Your brain does loads of stuff. It helps
you talk, move, feel, see, hear, and even smell the world around you. Brain 1: Ohh, it’s getting kind of hot. Let’s
turn away from the sun a bit. Brain 2: Tummy is rumbling. Activating pizza-ordering
mode! I love pizza! Axon: Your brain take care of almost everything
your body does, including things that you don’t even have to think about, like growing
and breathing. Mark: I’m cool with that! Less things for
me to worry about. Brain 3: Time for a growth spurt! Sorry Mediland
you’re going to have to buy new clothes. Mark: So, the skull protects the brain and
the brain does.. basically everything! Mark: But what does any of this have to do
with a concussion? Abacus: PROXIMITY ALERT! Meteor heading towards
Mediland’s Head! Impact in 3….2….. Axon: I think you are about to find out. BRACE
FOR IMPACT! Abacus: …1! Mark: UGH What was that? Axon: That was Mediland getting a concussion!
See, while your skull protects your brain from minor bumps and bruises, if you get hit
too hard in the head, rapid movement of your brain can cause damage?
That is called a concussion. Brain 2: I’m cancelling that pizza. I HATE
PIZZA Mark: You said you love pizza! Axon, what’s
going on? Axon: It’s the concussion! It affects how
your brain works and can change the way you think and feel. Mark: I don’t see anything wrong. Axon: You can’t see a concussion like you
can see bruises or scrapes on the outside of your body.
But whenever you hurt your head, there is a small chance of bleeding in the brain, which
can be very dangerous. That’s why it’s so important to keep an eye
on Melanie after her hard hit, and for her to be checked out by a doctor. Brain 2: Are you a doctor? You look young
to be a Doctor. Axon: A) Thank you for saying I look young!
B) I’m a genius….I have 7 Doctorates The doctor will be able to tell the difference
between a concussion and bleeding in the brain. The good news is there’s no bleeding in Mediland’s
brain! Brain 2: That sounds like good news, but my
head still aches like bad news! Mark: Will the concussion go away? Abacus: Affirmative, a concussion gets better
with time. The best treatment, for the first few days,
is to let your brain heal by resting and avoiding any activities that could hurt your brain
again. Brain 1: Got it! Entering rest mode. Axon: Let’s head back to HQ and let the brain
relax! Narrator: Back at MK HQ Axon: I know you and your sister love to play,
but going back to sports too soon can be dangerous for her. If she gets hit again, her brain
can get super hurt. Mark: Don’t worry, I’ll make sure she takes
it easy. Buuuuut, we will be able to play again, right? Axon: Of Course! Her doctor will tell her
when its safe for her to get back to her normal activities, like school and sports.
Trust me, She’ll be back to doing what she loves before you know it! Mark: Speaking of, I should probably get back
to check on her! Axon: You got it, but before you go, I want
to give you this! It’s a wrist computer just like mine, with
everything you learned about concussions in it so you can teach others!
You’re an honorary medikid now! Make us proud! Mark: I will! Thanks Axon! Thanks Abacus! Abacus: You are welcome human designated as
Mark. Mark: Whoa, I’m back! I better check on Melanie. Melanie: Hey, Big Brother, where’ve you been?
I’ve been in ice cream paradise! Mark: I was in Mediland with the Medikidz,
learning all about concussions! Melanie: Whoa, really? Tell me everything! Mark: Okay, Well, it all starts with the brain… Narrator: Two days later… Melanie: I could get used to you waiting on
me hand and foot. Mark: Well, don’t! The doctor said you have
to take it easy for now, but once you’re better, it’s back outside where you’ll face my … Ultra-Dragon-Rage-Kick! Melanie: HAH, Bring it on, big brother!

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