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VA benefits helped George heal from his injuries and succeed in his career.

[MUSIC]>>Text: George, Army Veteran,
VA, Disability>>Speaking: Over the course of
my career, I actually was in three different explosions —
each suffering a head injury. So there are periods of years
that I have no memory of, or very little, sketchy memory of.
It changed my personality, changed who I was. The two military-disqualifying
injuries that I was medically retired from the military for
was migraine headaches and one was PTSD. My initial interim
rating was 100 percent service-connected.
‘Service-connected’ means that you have an injury or illness
that is either caused by or aggravated by your service. And
the military owes you that disability. Thus, the VA owes
you that disability. So when I was separated from the
military, my money that I get from the military is not
retirement; it’s disability. And it’s Combat-Related Special
Compensation pay. And so I get both CRSC and my VA pay. And so,
yeah, I am eligible for concurrent receipt. Go to the
VBA. Look it up on the Internet. Find your nearest Veterans
benefits office. Walk in there with your DD Form 214. If you
have medical records, make sure you have those with you. And if
you don’t have them with you, you can request them. Since, I
think, 2004, all medical records in the Army are electronic. So
if you’re post that point you can do a request for all medical
records. And be patient. And that’s not easy if you’re
homeless. It’s not easy if you’re struggling. It’s not easy
if you can’t get a job. It’s not easy if you can’t go outside.
These are not easy things. Look to your community
organizations. Look to your Veterans organizations. Look to
your churches. Look to your other Veterans. Now that I have
gotten through the process, I am so blessed. I am in such a
great place in my life. I can deal with the stresses
that I have to deal with. There’s not added stress on me
anymore. I honestly feel like I am a huge success story.>>Text: Don’t miss out on
benefits you may have earned. Visit

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